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  1. Yep had an SRM on my P5 and worked absolutely fine. I know you replace the battery yourself but I send mine off which was a pain when it was NZ but it's now Adelaide so should be a lot easier timewise.
  2. I followed it a bit yesterday and he was nailing sub 5 min kms - looking at the results today for some bizarre reason they've converted everything to miles which just looks odd
  3. What kind of k's are you getting? Done around 650kms in mine so far and the front of the shoe is just starting to wear but the rest looks fine. Main race is in around 8 weeks and will replace them before but just thinking of timing.
  4. So Busso up from 40 to 65 and Cairns from 75 to 80. Assuming no change at Port. Select IRONMAN Races to Offer Increased Kona Slots Regional Championships, IRONMAN Wales, and IRONMAN Western Australia to receive additional IRONMAN World Championship qualifying slots. Getting to the IRONMAN World Championship takes hard work and determination. To give more of our dedicated athletes the chance to participate in the iconic race in Hawai'i, we have allotted additional Kona slots to a selection of races from our global portfolio. For 2017, the following two races will offer 65 slots to the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship. IRONMAN Wales has been delighting athletes since 2011. It starts on Tenby's North Beach, which provides one of the most spectacular swim locations on the European race circuit. Along a spectacular course that takes in stunning beaches and medieval fortresses, athletes are treated to some of the most vocal and enthusiastic spectators in endurance sports. → Placed in the Overall Swim, Overall Bike, Overall Run, Best Race Venue, Best Host City Experience, Best Post-Race Celebration, Will Attend Next Year, and Will Recommend to a Friend categories in the 2016 IRONMAN Athletes' Choice Awards SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia has been a stalwart of the Asia-Pacific triathlon scene since 2004. It takes place in the scenic town of Busselton in the south-west region of the vast state of Western Australia. The even is renowned worldwide for being the place to go for a personal best, with the bike and run courses amongst the flattest on the global IRONMAN circuit. → Placed in the Overall Swim, Best Host City Experience, and the Will Attend Next Year categories in the 2016 IRONMAN Athletes' Choice Awards. In addition, each of the regional championship races for 2018 will offer 80 slots to the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship, including: The Memorial Hermann IRONMAN North American Championship, Texas; the Standard Bank IRONMAN African Championship, South Africa; the Cairns Airport IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship, Cairns; and the Mainova IRONMAN European Championship, Frankfurt. Originally from:
  5. The Japanese guy in 55-59 did well - ~30mins behind Kevin Ferguson at the start of the run and put down a 3.17 to win the AG by a minute or so.
  6. Just trying to think of another sport where this doesn't happen at an elite level? Triathletes have a very limited time span in terms of earning $$'s at the top of their sport - it's not like golf where you can play for years, earn heaps of $$'s and never win anything. He has to commit to a race well in advance and if something's not right on the day then pull the plug and move on.
  7. Small world - Bruce and Angela frequent the same cafe as I do post bike ride. Nice guys, lead a pretty busy life and been involved in the sport for a long time. AP also makes the occasional royal appearance. Congrats on the race as well!
  8. There's already quite a few around - I've got one which goes from flashing to steady and brighter red when the light sensing I'm slowing/stopping. Seems to work ok.
  9. I was looking at the home page for the Brisbane city to south(?) run that's on tomorrow. This is their front page - lot's of serious faces and then there's the....
  10. Love it! Particularly the '8hrs a day of training' that's required!
  11. Couple of things; If you train with a watch (always looking at pace) on the road, forget it for the trails - it will only demotivate you how much slower you will be going. Doing one of my first trail runs I'm thinking it will only be 90 mins or so - finished in 3hrs and not because I was walking The shoes you use on the road may be useless on trails depending on the type of trail it is, particularly if it's wet and/or steep As cottoneyes said, be more self sufficient, doesn't mean you need to take everything with you but having stuff like band aids/paw paw cream for blisters etc can be useful when there's no servos or short cuts home Oh and at some point you'll trip over a rock and plant yourself face first
  12. Noticed a couple of guys I know and follow on strava from the UK do a lot of evening rides - sitting in Brisbane it's easy to forget not everywhere is dark by 6pm!
  13. Will you be going for a warm up lap first, do the race and then do another lap for cool down?
  14. Probably not on your way but loads of squads to pick from at UQ (claim the largest number in Brisbane). Start from 4.30 M/W/F and go every hour until 7.30 I think. Then there's lunchtime and evening squads. There's some very quick swimmers there and the second pool should be opening shortly if you like 25m pools.
  15. Yep no towel at the finish line and no medal, just a bottle of local beer. You do get a t shirt though if that helps?