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  1. Can't help but think you're running too fast and too far in training as a brick. Just looked at Shepp from a few years back, went 4.26 (30/2.25/1.30) and I know I wasn't running anything like that pace in training for any significance distance. Lots of hard intervals both on the bike and the run plus strength/endurance work (so 53/11, hill repeats for both bike and run). My bricks in training were no faster than 5min k's and were simply to get the feel of running off the bike (5-8k's max in length). On the day lock in the bike effort and keep to it, eat/drink and control the run, suffer for the last 7k's .
  2. and there's also this way to do it from this thread
  3. Would think a psychiatrists report would also be worthwhile Swimming (456 laps with 25m) Bike course (146 laps with 3.7km) Running course (40 laps with 3.17km)
  4. Low speed crash saw the rear derailleur pushed into the wheel. No problem, replace the hanger and back on the road. Couple of weeks later half way through a ride I'm limited to 53/39-11 only, can't change gear. Tried crash reset with no luck. I can hear the derailleur trying to change but nothing moves. I've now swapped it out for a spare but anyone had any repair work done on the derailleur itself? Hate to throw it away for what they cost.
  5. Double post
  6. Close to kona qual providing your runs 1/2 decent ð
  7. 190w last year, 70kg, 5.40 on a road bike with clip ons. Same power and weight in 2011 for a 5.20 on a tt bike (with race wheels as well).
  8. Done both a few times. Would always pick Taupo ahead of Port by a long way. Yes it can be a bit cold/wet but IMO a better race and location. And the road is like hot mix compared to Port...
  9. Bit of a late adopter here and bought a pair of Bondi's about 5 weeks ago as an experiment. Tried about 6 different models out with a few short runs first. Bit of background; over pronate, have worn orthotics for ~15yrs, typically choose neutral shoes (Brooks Ghost, Mizuno Waverider etc plus a range of trail shoes), go for 8-12mm drop. Running wise I tend to hit 1.33-1.35 for a 1/2 off a hard bike in a HIM, low cadence runner (long legs) and typically around 70kgs. Problem I'm trying to sort out is that I tend to get sore feet after 15-18kms so ok for a 1/2 but never really delivered over a marathon - orthotics are definitely part of it but I thought I might as well try something different. Done the conversion really slowly so lots of 4 and 5k runs, never consecutive days. First few runs noticed some tightness around my ankles as the feet adjusted but nothing else of significance. At the moment I'm definitely a convert - I find them so easy and comfortable to run in and what's surprised me the most is that, despite not being run fit at the moment, I'm running much quicker than I think I should be at this point in training.
  10. On the bluetooth connection on her phone she needs beoth the BT edge 520 and the BLE edge 520 connected at the same time. Once that happens the notifications should come through ok. Btw on my 2nd 520 in 4 months - first just froze and wouldn't do anything, replaced it no problem. 2nd one froze at the weekend but did a hard reset (on button plus lap button) whilst it was connected to the computer via a USB and that sorted it out. Seems like they have a lot of problems with it - when it's working its great though!
  11. Or if a ford dealer charges you $2500 for a new clutch which fails 6 months later and the dealer subsequently has gone bust Ford definitely tells you to get stuffed, none of their concern. Didn't help the original dealer opted to fit a third party clutch without telling us either..... Back on subject, agree Challenge has a moral if not contractual obligation.
  12. Another who didn't know him personally but through here. His passion for the sport was clear to see and it's obvious he will be missed by many. Very sad news. RIP.
  13. Consulting and working for an owner/operator are two very different roles which appeal to different character types. My experience is they don't blend too well so if you were working in the Big 4 and wanted a career role in industry I'd be playing down the consulting part. Similarly the other way around going from industry I'd be highlighting all the project work rather than long term strategic business development. Basically having a highly tailored CV is the way to go - understand the role and make sure you fit. And yes I do have a fair bit of experience in this area
  14. What size are those skis???
  15. Yep - and after ~35 HIMs over the years that's what's happened. Norseman works out at $480 at the current exchange rate.