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  1. So this race is the American Championships and 7 days out you can still enter. What the? I wonder if any good athletes are doing this?
  2. Shit problem. Never had this issue. Lucky I guess. Usually people just get the shits with me.
  3. They have. Austria.
  4. I'd actually question TQ over this. TA rules should over ride the states. its their sport
  5. Guessing getaway.
  6. You know his policy. No race more than once. He isn't one of the boring sheep that do Port Mac 10 years in a row and never another course. (Replace Port with Busso or IMNZ)
  7. I'd be finding out who the RR was and send them this to tell all of their TO's. particularly the one you were dealing with.
  8. I ran 17k this morning. Even I'm shocked.
  9. I would have just said. DQ me and walked off. Its not like it matters unless you are going to win overall
  10. Sorry why are they banned? Crime against fashion or does it somehow put you in danger as far as TQ is concerned? Basically whats the official reason why they are banned?
  11. Really? Where's this? I honestly thought she would be paid to show not to win.
  12. A 50 min PB I think. Super impressive. I should have bet him our usual $1000 to break 11hours. We both forgot to bet. Oops for me
  13. Clearly on target for a sub 4 marathon. This is excellent Go boy.
  14. Sub 11 or don't come home
  15. Just noticed starky rode a 4:02. Fark it's got a fast bike course. Thats a new record for ironman
  16. He seems to be on fire. Big pb if he keeps going like this. By almost an hours half way thru the run go son.
  17. Found it
  18. Interesting he went challenge and not Wtc
  19. Usually vegans too.
  20. Boardman. I only know that because I was surprised he wasn't on a specialised like he should have been
  21. Yeah he is a tool. Anyone with a wetsuit over 12 months has one of those. I sold or tried to sell a bike box. Great nick. No issues. The guy says he will buy it for $100. A total bargain really. Anyway he comes and looks at it. Then questions if he can fit a 54cm road bike in it. I ride a 56cm TT bike. I tell him it fits. He then says he wants to come back and pack his bike. I tell him it's $100. Take it and if he can't fit his bike. Bring it back. He goes no he wants to get his bike. I then told him to just **** off. Then he got upset. Gezzz. Btw. Hard case.
  22. Looks great. Garmin fb page