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  1. I'll admit I know nothing about bikes. I just get on and ride. But for those that know stuff, I'm after a set of wheels for day to day but also use for crits. Something like theses. Clinchers under $1500 would prefer alloy braking surface. good bang for buck. No custom wheel. Help
  2. GUILTY. If he had nothing to hide ......
  3. There are 6 other guys I'd believe should break that WR and Tim wasn't in the list. I see lots of people calling for the Power Data to see how real his time was. And I haven't even looked at Twits. Just FB. Averaging over 44km/hr for 180k and then running a 2:45 off the bike is "IMPRESSIVE"
  4. My understanding and I am happy to be corrected is that if they came to your door and rang the door bell, They also try and call your mobile and other contact numbers. If you had missed calls or they could prove they let it ring for 30 seconds and left a voicemail after ringing the doorbell, then they have tried. It's once again ONE HOUR. Update your blog. Read FB. Watch TV. Just have your phone next to you. Missing one, I totally understand. Missing 3 in 18 months especially when some Pro Ironman athletes say they haven't been tested in over a year, is bullshit. It should be longer than 3 months for 3 missed. Maybe they need to leave cards like australia post do if they have missed each other and you have 4 hours to call them before recording a miss. BTW I still think Tim Don having an improvement of over 25 minutes is "IMPRESSIVE". Especially breaking the Ironman World Record.
  5. Totally agree.
  6. hang on. You only have to tell them 1hr a day where you will be. Macca once said to me, as a Pro, he never trained in the dark. So he just put his time down from 6-7am I think. Could have been 7-8am. And if he was going to be traveling he just made an edit. 99.999% of other professionals can do it right, yet poor old Tim Don farked it up 3 times? Okay fark it up once. Even twice. But 3 times? I didn't buy it then and wouldn;t now. They are professionals. It's their job. I know I never miss putting in an invoice.
  7. Listening to a podcast this morning and they mentioned that Tim Don went 8:04 (I think) last year. So a 25 minute PB. Last years winner did 7:46 This year a 7:40. A nice improvement from Tim.
  8. The people running the sport are trying to get family into new idea and woman's weekly. Too busy to respond
  9. Found it. 3 month ban for not being able to use a computer. Or pretending to not know. some blast from the past names posting.
  10. I think he is suggesting drug assistance. Tim don served a ban back n 2006 or 07. Not a long one. 6 months I think. Im sure the search function on here will bring up several threads.
  11. He just didn't want you to go faster than him.
  12. I've done the race in Kona. Or should I say it did me. I never plan to go back.
  13. Actually he is getting more disliked daily. If I was the producer of "The Project" aka NEWS for dumb people I'd drop him fast. He will damage the show beyond repair.
  14. I'm too shit to dope.
  15. Ill wait for tim donald to ratify this time at kona. Surely the best ever.
  16. Loved reading this on sbs page the bloke had time to take a shit, make a coffee, read the paper ..... and still won the race by 30 seconds. "Hey Quintana, remember that time I won the Giro and I took a shit and Nibali and yourself attacked me but I still won the race? Yeah I remember that."
  17. Btw. The guy who has developed the tongue swab for peds is John young. Uni of Newcastle.
  18. Some people need to win at all costs. I see it most Saturdays. Go to an auction in a popular area with 2 alpha male dads are trying to buy a villa or small house for their daughter. Those guys blow thru their planned budget every time.
  19. Here's a tip. Take the seat post out. Spray with hairspray. Put back in and tighten. Just as per recommended number. The hairspray drys tight. You can break the seal with no damage to the post later. It just takes some effort. But it stops posts slipping.
  20. You should actually talk to your dr about it and the long term side effects on your body. Basically it's good now but you need to stay on it for life as it screws your long term T levels. You just can't stop and go back to normal. Not that most people care at the time. Like smokers. They all think they'll be the ones that don't get a smoking related disease.
  21. Journalists agonise about their collapsing credibility. Then they cover Schapelle Corby like the Second Coming of Christ. Hopeless.
  22. Ran 19.5k. Too lazy to run 500mtrs. The other boys did.
  23. Haha. You crack me up. Swimming in qld and saying its cold. Hahaha
  24. Its already in the works. There is a guy in Newcastle thats developed it. Basically you cross the line and they do a tongue swab and if it turns blue you are positive for something but they then take you away for blood and urine for legal banning. Ill find his name. Might do a new thread.