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  1. Ninja Warrior

    Isn't everything
  2. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    Don't make me post that nude photo of you and berkel again
  3. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    So it's start on Friday at 4:30pm And again on Sat and Sun at 4:30pm (AEST) See it here https://superleaguetriathlon.com/ or on Foxsports in australia here for other TV times https://superleaguetriathlon.com/?post_id=124
  4. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    Female models earn more than male models. But I'm okay with that.
  5. Negative Trainees

    5 years? Im guessing they are bored.
  6. Ninja Warrior

    http://www.ninjaparc.com.au/ open your own franchise
  7. IM branded cycling jerseys - L/XL - unworn

    Rocking the kswiss. Collectors item.
  8. Ironman Whistler

    Bucket listers and softcock need not enter races like this. Stick to busso or the yank flat tracks.
  9. Trump is the President

    So is he basically the Republicans selection now?
  10. Trump is the President

    Spicer out. Took longer than I thought it would. From 35 seconds.
  11. Seriously. Loving the trash talk
  12. conor mcgregor vs floyd mayweather

    This fight should actually go until someone is knocked out. 100 million each. Mind you Floyd seems to be doing okay.
  13. Ninja Warrior

    How do Cross Fit get away with it then?
  14. Lances Tour Podcast.

    I highly doubt the sport would be as popular in USA and Australia is it wasn't for Lance. I think he was a cock by the way he treated people. Not for taking the drugs.
  15. http://instagram.com/puckmoonen
  16. Given they can only go to Kona, this is right up their alley. http://konafive.com/
  17. Tour de France Commentary

    Gotta love twitter
  18. Ninja Warrior

    I think there would be a market for it to run its own competitions like the local tri clubs do. Everything doesn't need to be on TV.
  19. Housing Bubble thread.

    as someone in the industry I agree. Sell before spring. Supply is way short everywhere in Melbourne. Once the AFL grand-final is over, their will be so much more out there. As for spending $$ I also agree. People in Melbourne want to move into a property without a paint brush, screw driver and a hammer. They are for the older generation. People want in and be able to invite people over to show off their house immediately. Not to have to replace carpets first and put in a new bathroom. I see it every weekend. Either that or they want a bargain where everything needs to be fixed. You'll get a few offers but have a number in mind that if someone came with an early offer you'd accept. for example if the agent and you honestly believe at auction youd get, 900K and someone offered you 950k, be prepared to go for it there and then. Only dickhead losers low ball early offers. Also once the first open house is done, make the agent call you EACH and EVERY day with an update on your property. You are paying them 1.5% I assume which is a lot of $$ to you. So make them work for it.
  20. Lances Tour Podcast.

    Do you not have a dog? Ride a turbo? Catch public transport? I think you are right. There are some great ones out there.
  21. Tour de France Commentary

    Robbie was having fun last night with some comments. "Shake and Bake" was on my bingo card. First time he has used it this tour.
  22. Lances Tour Podcast.

    I like the podcast too but am also surprised by how little he knows about the sport. Like you say, no idea about the sprinters or how things work out of the top 3-5 guys and the number 1 team. Then again I know people who go to Kona or do Ironman after investing so much $$$ and have no idea how to change a puncture.
  23. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    Greipel still for the final stage for my money. Last night winner previous sporting life.
  24. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    Yeah now.