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    Pranks sometimes go wrong. Oh well. All you can do is say sorry and not do it again.

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  1. Wow. A triathlete making it all about him. Never seen that before. But I agree. John needs to **** off and let deb be the hero.
  2. He could go 9.xx if he did busso
  3. You sign a 5yr contract for the $$$$$ You do what they want. I can't believe people are backing him with $$$$
  4. I remember when Britney Spears was being paid 1million dollars to drink Pepsi but got caught drinking coke. Jordan was happy to take their money for a 5 year deal to help his family. He needed to suck it up. He will lose is all now. Mind you some rich dick will bail him out.
  5. TJ is way cooler than rapp i hope TJ wins.
  6. He should just do what crowie did when he was riding the black frame when contracted to another company. Just buy a cervelo and paint it black and put diamond on it until the contract runs out
  7. How much are they suing rapp for? 25k ??
  8. Wow Chris. Great article. But they will still trap heaps of people and get those details even if it's legit.
  9. He was probabily in medical whilst Bored@ was already at the donut shop
  10. My small club race abandoned numbers on arms 5 years ago
  11. Bored@ almost out ran him. 4 minutes in it.
  12. With rolling starts this no longer applies
  13. Once again. Why do you need numbers? you have a number on your bike and helmet to record numbers if you are done for drafting. you have a run belt (and bike not that I ever wear that either) for anything on the run. Mostly emergency contact. you have a timing chip on your ankle for official timing. There is ZERO point to numbers written on your arms / legs etc... It's old school numbering before we had stickers and belts (that used to be banned at Ironman by King ken and IMG.)
  14. Gotta say loving travelers on NETFLIX