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  1. Now is the time to paint that room. Clean the car do the jobs you put off for the last 15 weeks then in a month or so start training for busso.
  2. Really? rich won 100k from maccas circus. So i think someones data is out. Given rich has 4 races to his name. He has done way more than 4 races Itu challenge. Macca. Others.
  3. No point. The cops wont do anything unless you have video of it. You are wasting your time.
  4. Rich murray will make about 500K this year. He is doing okay. jan is prob on the same money
  5. I have the 3 as well. I am not upgrading. Chromecast works without an issues at all.
  6. The mayor of Melbourne has just come out and said if car drivers are on phones whilst a car is turned on, everyone should video them and send the video with the licence plate to the police. Name and shame he said. He also said the cyclist went too far and should have just stopped in front of the car and called the police and made a citizens arrest. The woman was on the car so I hope she does get a fine. And if there was damage to the car I hope the cyclist has to pay for it
  7. The guy was a dick. But the the amount of people driving on phones is scary. In this guys head he would have been okay to have been cut off but on the phone pushed him over the edge the cops in melbourne don't even bother busting people on phones anymore. I blame the woman on the phone. The guy on the bike. And the police. Put cops on 20% commission for catching people on phones to boost their Christmas pay and we will see the use of phones whilst driving drop.
  8. Never had an issue capital city to city. Sending stuff to the country is slow. 4-5 days as opposed to overnight from Sydney to Melbourne.
  9. At our club race SH1 who posts on here filled one of my bike shoes with sand before the start. Luckily I'm faster than him and I filled both his running shoes and hat with sand at T2. I took the title that day. Having said that, I'd be pissed at a half or a full with someone doing that. WTC should ban that chick from their races for 5 years.
  10. That's an apple TV issue. I gave up on mine and now use googlechrome to watch TV. AppleTV was always farking up. Re running ZWIFT I used it when I got my Kickr but found my old laptop struggled to run it. Just got a new laptop and it runs fine now. But whats with the daily updates? Fark everytime I start ZWIFT it spends a few minutes updating software AGAIN. I wish they would just save them for monthly
  11. I noticed last night that you can ride 25k a week without being a member. Clearly after I signed up I noticed.
  12. Ant + to phone = no without an ant+ phone dongle Dude you have this. Its the black one your bought ages ago from Harvey Norman for $7
  13. Nothing good comes on before 7pm and you'd be in bed by then most evenings with the night live around Bright. I also rarely watch free to air TV. Just Netflix, catchup TV or download. I do a fair bit of youtube compared to what I used to watch. Having said all that the UNI degree on the side keeps me busy too.
  14. You clearly have hills near you. But yes this unit clearly has an issue with atop speed of 30km/hr