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  1. An hour on the bike in the freezing drizzle - felt like sleet/snow. Ran over a broken bottle the local arsehats smash on the road most weekends, thought I'd got away with it but 10mins later the rear went soft. Dug a chunk of glass out of a decent hole with hands too cold to work right, then bunged a Slime Scab on the tube. It would only hold about 40psi, but more or less got done what I wanted. It was a balmy 15 deg and sunny in Glen Innes when I went cod fishing y'day.....though getting in the river in Speedos 3 times to extract snagged flies was hypothermic within 60 secs.
  2. Fraid so TC. One was not a true physical threat. One was.
  3. The epic 80's Remember cruising around Malua Bay with Flick & Fanny, this blasting out of the 72 Corolla. Halcyon Days
  4. Damn right. Watched a beautiful young lady step onto the road doing exactly this yesterday. All I could think of was the band 'Died Pretty'.
  5. Nah, I'd say he's more likely to be the Jihad Johnny type at 0:59 in that vid. He'd be far more likely to actually injure a person. In fact if there hadn't been two cops there, I'd put my house on it he would have attacked Mr Angry Brunswick cyclist, and then kicked him when he was down. A far more dangerous proposition, just like the f*cktard in the gym who headbutted Andrew. Mate, I tend to agree with the leave to the gym manager to deal with approach (as hard as I'd find that to do - if some c*ckhead did that to me in the gym, I'd be hard pressed not to start an impromptu speedball session - but I'm old and grumpy and sick of people like that, and you are smarter and did the right thing). Def get a copy of the vid if you can. At the very least, you can hand it over to The Project when this arse kills someone while out on bail to show he has a history. In my gym everyone is civil, polite and sharing....only ever seen one incident where a guy who sounds similar to your dickhead jumped in on one of the young gym-attendants bits of equipment he was using then got a bit shirty & lippy when the attendant said he was still using it.
  6. This
  7. Nearly doors another one at 0:59 - she's on fire! TBH, I can understand why he lost it, though cycling in capital cities, you've got to expect to nearly be taken out every 10mins or so. Cars and bikes in areas with large traffic volumes don't seem to work here in Oz. Takes me 7mins to drive to work out here in Bumble Fork Missouri, and every morning without fail I see someone using their phone while driving, 90% females.
  8. The Barefoot Investor says you can retire comfortably on $250K super + the pension + a little part-time work. Need to avoid that no-mans land of too much super to get any pension, but not enough to retire well. I'm planning on still working when we 'retire' - just guiding 1-2 days/week. Not really work, but nearly as lucrative.
  9. Fallujah? Love the contrast between Voice of Reason @ 0:34 and Jihad Johnny @ 1:08. Cyclist should'a called in an airstrike.
  10. Being a guide, unless my fishing companions are as skilled or more skilled than me, I tend to be a hermit & fish alone. Otherwise I get the guilts if they are not catching fish and spend most of my time trying to help them I'll be a hermit for the next 10 days - shame it's not fishing season. The Mrs is going to Nauru for work (talk about exotic work destinations ). My girls get quite interesting work destinations relatively speaking. The youngest will have 3 weeks in Turkmenistan soon, the oldest goes to Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane..... I get Moree, Inverell, Tenterfield & Uralla Still, with Tenterfield I can drop in to chase Murray Cod on the way home.
  11. Similar - but I'm dreaming of 2x2 weeks on the South Island in Nov & April watching big boof golden brown trout heads pop out to devour mayflies. My 2006 P3 will see me through till I'm 90 for racing. Sold the $4k Cervelo Soloist training bike, now getting around on my daughters $800 SubZero, can't really tell the difference
  12. Sweet
  13. How safe would it be to ride the first part of the Port Bike course outside of race day (probably just half an hour out and then back starting from the Rydges) on a Saturday morning? Might make it to the bottom of MFD and see if I can still make it back up...and if the Mrs can make it on first attempt.
  14. We use them a lot, including OS (does Kiwi-land count as OS?) No dramas so far.