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  1. She is smashing all of us.
  2. C'mon mate. I can barely run "Aid Station" to "Aid Station" as it is......and now you want them to be 5 km apart. Geez, I'd have to do some training to meet those standards.
  3. Do over-70's get a discount? ( No Active Fee ? )
  4. Ayto, take heart mate. It could always be worse. For the first 7 years post-separation, the CSA was calculating my Child Support based on the information provided by my ex-, that I had zero contact with my daughter. At that stage, it was in fact alternate weekends and a couple of hours on a Tuesday afternoon. Once I discovered I'd probably "overpaid" around $20k aftertax dollars, I asked the CSA if there was anything I could do about re-adjusting the balance? Of course, if I had "underpaid" they would have insisted I made up the shortfall, however, they said there was nothing I could do about paying too much. LOL. Don't give up hope that someday things may get better. Miss 12yo cut me off in 2011, and wouldn't have any form of communication with me for a bit over 5 years. Then, out of the blue I got a phone call from her in Port Mac last year, and we speak on the phone and Facebook every week or so, and catch up for lunch every month or so. I was a bitter, angry man ( internally, at least) for a long time and my lovely, new wife couldn't ever get me talk about my feelings with regard to my daughter. Eventually, I just managed to stop letting it hurt me so much, and got on with "Living in the Moment". The next stage will be trying to re-integrate my daughter with my "new" family and my parents ( she is the only granddaughter). One day at a time. Keep up the good fight. If nothing else,always be true to yourself.
  5. So with the M65-69 rolling to 4th, can we presume AP had already qualified, or is he not going this year? ( surprised if so).
  6. So did anyone go to the Awards gathering or did people just rock up for the Very Famous Beer Mile? Whilst I wouldn't say either gathering was anything to get too excited about, not going to either a Carbo or Awards "night" just leaves me feeling a little disconnected from the event this year. At least I got to see a few familiar faces at the Legends Lunch on Friday. S&^t, WTC would have saved themselves a stack of money, as I didn't even redeem the $30 meals coupon. So was the Awards a success that will be repeated next year? I presume a lot of Clubs may have turned up for that part of the proceedings? Anyone go?
  7. I picked Gianluca Brambilla, but later when I reviewed my team on the Transitions League page he had an "x" next to his name as a non-starter. As I can't find him listed on the Velogames list of available riders I presume he was a late withdrawal. Still worthwhile checking your team prior to the gun going off. Usually you need every rider you can get.
  8. Chapeau.
  9. And one non starter already. I've had to change the whole balance of my team. This is not going to be pretty. BTW only 7 teams in the League up to this point. C'mon folks, get onboard .
  10. In !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Sorry folks. RBR is correct. Turnaround still in town. I can only blame old age and senility. Better wear my glasses on the day.
  12. Supposed to be around the transition tent, so two identical 90k loops
  13. Bike "Entry and Exit " is now next to the RSL in Buller St. (Used to be 500m around the corner in Park St next to the marina), and subsequently the 90k turnaround point is no longer in town.
  14. 13-266 for me. See you there.
  15. As a matter of interest, I have looked at my GC data usage. 17th March to 3rd April. 7Mb. That includes about 18 hours of Live Tracker which I have switched on for all my long rides for safety reasons.