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  1. No, they're odd. FM
  2. I found doing a craplaod of hill riding changed my cycling times. As others have said, mix it up. One other thing that changed my times was core work. Getting the whole body held together by your middle is paramount to all disciplines. FM
  3. Hey Monkie, I haven't done Yassos for about 15+ years. How much and what type of benefit do you see in them ? cheers FM
  4. Watched it last night. A lot on AG special stories. Great to see Paul Every finally interviewed after completing his 30th IMOZ. FM
  5. You look like a cyclist now. FM PS: in a time trial
  6. Hopefully fishing will take up 10% of my time. The whole family loves it as well. When I say retire, I mean claim my benefits from my current employer of just on 42 years then do what I want. I have been paying the most super I can for 40 years so no pension for me. I will still have my hand in a bit of work (maybe 4 weeks s year) but I have plenty of other things lined up for the rest of the time. FM
  7. I will miss both of them. FM
  8. So after seeing the Financial Planner yesterday, it looks like mid 2020 and not mid 2019 for retirement. A bit disappointed. Felt depressed for a couple of hours. I gave myself an uppercut this morning and now time to move on. FM
  9. We got speaker stands, front and sub with the tv as a package 8 years ago. It does make a difference but it's a bit like a $2k bike to a $4k bike. Unless you try both you don't really know the diff. I like it but the missus doesn't. Listening to a movie (eg Pearl Harbour), the bullets and planes sound like they are all around you. A bit like being at the movies. I can't remember the make but both to and gear are all the same. FM
  10. 1 only use. I cancelled within the timeframe. I am still waiting for my refund which is now promised for this Friday, which is 3 weeks late than previously promised. I also had to send a copy of the receipt that quoted a no fee refund (they wanted to charge). On a semi positive note, they contacted me to say they hadn't refunded me from This April cancellation, which I forgot to check. That will pay for our drinks bill on our recent cruise 😀 FM
  11. And I thought my missus was ugly. FM
  12. Just got back in Oz after 2 weeks away and offline. A huge loss to Triathlon and all of us. Reality is bitch. FM
  13. Just waiting to cast off around 4pm. The missus is celebrating her birthday so she is currently upgrading our drinks package while I wait. See you in 12 days. Lukim yu behain taem FM
  14. Open you mouth just to change your feet. FM
  15. And Mooloolaba on at 10.30 Sunday night - Fox 515. Not sure what year though 😀 FM