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  1. Sounds good to me. see you there. FM
  2. Small world. FM
  3. Nice one Ayto. A good starting weight in life. Be very proud. FM
  4. Speaking of the Hastings, we usually have a Trannie catch-up swim on the Friday morning @ 9amish. I will be there (as well as Greenpeace to roll me back in). Anyone else ? FM
  5. They are just on their way up from Fingal Bay. FM https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/35141968/shark-feeding-frenzy-in-fingal-bay-captured-by-drone/#page1
  6. So rather than today, I just put in a couple of sessions over the past 5 days: Swim - 3.3 & 2 kms; Ride- 85 & 41 kms; run - 18, 6 & 4. Gym - 45 mins. 1 brick this morning 41 & 4. It would have been longer only they opened up Centennial Park @ 5.30am instead of 5am. I will post the week after next so hopefully I can put in there, "swam 1.9 kms; rode 90 kms & ran 21.1 kms plus ran 1.6 kms with a few beers". FM
  7. I was out @ Centennial Park early this morning until 8am. It was rather cold. Not too sure what time they start but I was looking for them. FM
  8. Roxii, you may have to pin this for 10 days. Ta FM
  9. Trifun, with thos weird assortment of results, do you have the 1989 Sydney Corporate Triathlon. This was my 1st race and I would love to know what I did. It was 500/15/5. Ta FM
  10. Brian Barr was a freak. Was he in his 40s then ? FM
  11. My dream car too. Congrats. FM
  12. Sunday dinner FM
  13. Cup of tea as soon as I get up gets the rear end into gear immediately. I never run less than 30 mins after waking. It just goes. FM
  14. I picked up 8 while my son did 12. Kingie was .5 cm too short. Snapper wasn't. Great day. fM