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  1. This reminds of a Trump election policy, very light on details...
  2. Great photos CN. My neighbour growing up on the next farm flew the Lancasters in WW2 (as well some time in the Hawker Hunters fighters earlier in the war, he volunteered very early and went straight into flight training), he used to tell me stories of his time there during the war and interestingly he was in the back up group for the Dambusters. They had 2 lots of air crews trained for that mission and there were quite a few Australian crews in the second squad. The mission was if the first crew failed on the first night, the second crew was to go in the very next night and take the dams out, no doubt under heavier fire once the AA crews knew they had attempted it. As history shows though the first crew got the job done. Might be worth doing some research if your Grandfathers crew might have been in that position as well. My neighbour was Frank Hancock, he never mentioned what rank he was but had a very good education so suspect from that and his mannerisms he would have been some sort of officer
  3. Let's see, short version: Less than 6 months after publicly backing sharia law being introduced to our society (as you are not here at the moment, look at her comments on Q&A through google, you'll get the idea), she then goes and pulls this stunt to highlight the "suffering of these people", most of whom are fleeing countries with, you guess it, some form of sharia law, and then does it on ANZAC day Let's see if you can connect the dots why people might have had enough of her publicly funded crap...
  4. Unless the person saying stupid stuff is a certain left leaning commentator with Fairfax and the ABC, in which case using #killallmen is okay and if you dare criticise that person you deserve to lose your job, or be publicly outed as sexist, or be made fun of publicly due to your disabilities. But let's not let that deflect from the current conversation, even though that same person is leading the defence of Yasmin in the name of the sisterhood because it's only white redneck, beer swilling, wolf-whistling males that could possibly find Yasmin's comments offensive.... You're right, it can't be taken both ways, both extremes need to wake up to that fact and pull their heads in.
  5. Re potholes, get yourself an old railway line or the like and get someone to weld some schackles on it at each end so you can D clamp a heavy chain from it to your mower (assuming it has the power) in a triangular fashion. Use it like a sled then going back and forth over the road, filling in the divots before you go to get them filled in and compacted. Failing the railway line, get a really heavy sleeper to drag along - make sure you have the turning space at each end of your road. Do it enough times and it will fill them in as good as a grader
  6. Does he slip your bills into the top of your boxers Chuck?
  7. I agree Goughy, especially when considering her role on the Federal ANZAC Centenary Commeration youth working group for which she was meant to be bringing inclusion. The excuse of she didn't recognise the signifigance of it shows her inadequacies in that role, and I would have to question all of her other roles being funded by the public purse. It also isn't great for the ABC after their controversy around attempting to sack a newsreader for missing a cue less than a fortnight before to then turn around and say this is fine - double standards anyone?
  8. Rappstarr needs to get with the program; lawyer up son and counter-sue for unsafe provisions endangering life and pump it up to $500K - Watch the settlement offer roll in quicker than a fat kid on B@W's donut box
  9. It's Turtally awesome (you just read that in the voice of a teenager didn't you)
  10. I'm neither a tea or a coffee drinker, weaned myself off of hot chocolate a few years ago. I don't have a problem with the smell of coffee though, but I do get funny comments from people that they can't believe I drink neither tea or coffee
  11. So is anyone able to explain why Bernadi didn't just defect to Family First and then get their name changed rather than going through the whole process of registering yet another new party? He still would have had his "it's all about me" moment either way
  12. If this type of things happens a bit, google leaky gut symptoms and see if that fits at all. Had that up until a few years ago, saw a naturopath, handed over my body weight in money and got it all fixed up
  13. You see, if you had to sit the new immigration tests, this answer right here would see you kicked out...
  14. Working through Madam Secretary season 1 with final ep ready for this evening. Never been a fan for Tea Leoni's acting, but she seems to have managed to make her craft passable in this one. Not a bad series but overall makes me wish that West Wing had kept going, I rate it a West Wing Lite Hope Monkey still gets the re-dubbing to keep it authentic. Read recently that the guy who played Manuel in Fawlty Towers was the voice guy for the English versions of one of the characters in the original series
  15. Had a member of my former team on a spousal 457 visa, trying hard as anything for PR. She was in admin role, he was a mechanical engineer. Unfortunately for them they came out as they both turned 50 and is zero chance of getting PR with those roles (once you get too far past 40 you have to basically be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to make up for the short earning timeline compared to you potential for vast pension liability), shame for them as they sold up in England before coming out thinking they would be able to get it. Hasn't stopped their migration agents taking their money for 5 times to put in new applications "that will work this time"