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  1. 2 articles caught my attention this morning - from 1 July any cyclist using a phone while riding (including selfies) - on the spot $476 fine to bring them in line with car drivers Second thing, this vision is forgotten about when it comes to hating cyclists, when you have the peak cyclist body pushing to 30km/hr speed limits in the cbd to make things easier for cycling. I'm guessing cyclists will get fines then just the same as cars for speeding
  2. I heard it reported as saying Victorian judges were soft on terrorism related charges, so took it as being related to previous cases. Still question if the judiciary is soft (or harsh) then someone must be able to tell them to pull up their socks
  3. that's the requirements to probably be the winner, however to want to give it a go and have applied there has to be a certain amount of alpha about you which covers more than a few triathletes
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if Nine puts the Ninja program on constant ad repeat up against it this year, no doubt there will be more than 1 triathlete in that
  5. Serious question, if our pollies can't question the punishments handed out by the courts than who can? The public sentiment on seriously slack punishments and lack of deterents is growing, so how are they supposed to be changed if the judges are beyond reproach? Hopefully someone with a bit of law experience can explain this one I understand the whole independence and impartiality of the roles, but if something isn't done the potential for more vigilanties increases which helps no one
  6. So sounds like some of the responses, we're going back to the wild west days: "You sir have insulted me and I demand satisfaction - see you at dawn with pistols at 20 paces" Cyclists have a reputation for being arrogant and smug in the wider community, when some of them start acting like judge, jury and executioner in their attitudes, it's hard to argue against that. Proportionate responses people
  7. The gym isn't owned by a bikie gang is it? If so consider going elsewhere
  8. NBA

    Looks like the Spurs are also offering Marcus LaAldrige for a top 5 pick as well
  9. NBA

    I had not heard of the Porzingis rumour, I'd be happy to take him for draft pick 4, it could save the Suns from drafting another frigging point guard at least
  10. NBA

    Almost draft day, loving this time of year with the trades, free agent signings etc. Hearing that D'Andre Jordan is possibly heading to Phoenix in a trade to send Bledsloe back to the Clippers. Howard being traded by the Hawks was an interesting one, must be the first time it hasn't been him choosing which team he was taking "Superman" to
  11. If Bauer Media had any brains, they would be seeking to settle out of court for the amount and pay it directly to the charities so they at least get a tax write off. At least then they might have some small grain to start to build public relations on again
  12. He should have said that when I was still working in the city. The video footage of my commute would have been enough to pave the streets in gold
  13. It's Brunswick, everyone is a "cyclist" there, except those who are just pedestrians. Surprised the motorist was allowed into the suburb at all. Maybe the women made the real crime of not having a vegan coffee in a non-reusable cup
  14. Surprisingly they do, ignore the screams, remove a limb or two....
  15. Did Park Run on Saturday, despite no training from Feb to start of May, am just under my pb set last year - lose another 1.30 and I'll be there. Aiming to do it in the next 3 weeks