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  1. Word on the street is after a decree by Kim Jong un North Korea now runs clockwise around the track, has always run clockwise around the track and will run clockwise at Tokyo 2020
  2. It's not winter yet. My frangipani trees still have leaves n flowers. Mighty soft one this year.
  3. Should i take it further part 3... Standing at the wrong part of the range. Now i was at the shooting range the other end of the day and i must admit i'm a bit of a muppet in general and a novice to shooting. It wasnt a particularly busy day at this range because there was a protest on near by protesting electric cars and fighting for our right to burn gasoline. There were maybe 6 or 7 other people shooting. now being a novice and all my shooting is not very good so i thought it wise to make it a little bit easier so that i hit the targets a little more so i decided to get a little bit closer to the targets. It made perfect sense to me and I didnt really see a problem with it as i'd be more likely to hit the targets (I have a Richard Di Natale target) however this very rude and agro man with a whistle started blowing his whistle very loudly and shouting at me to get back behind the line ranting that i was crazy and questioning whether i had a death wish. Are all shooters this narrow minded that they cant understand as a novice that i should stand closer to the target on the range even if it is in front of the line to increase my chances of hitting the target? should i just except that i will hit less targets and stand back behind the line rather than close to the targets?
  4. That or next time he is in on the bench press count the number of reps on his first set, then when he is on the second and he gets to 9 out of 10 reps push the bar back down over his neck and give him a near death experience. Choke him till he turns rather blue. Have a few cold words prepared and maybe a Bible verse(watch pulp fiction is you need more info). A replica hand gun too pointed/jammed into his testicles helps too.
  5. Prize money earnings only and not appearance money or sponsorship factored in. Makes a pretty substantial difference to incomes for some. For others it's subsidized working holiday stuff.
  6. never would have been a problem in the old days when AP was doing his first few hell of the wests at Gundy, In those days pneumatic tyres were yet to be invented so it was pretty hard to let down a solid tyre.
  7. Michael is pretty good. I struggled to get my giant right for a couple of years and over 90minutes he had it 90% there and with a short follow up a few weeks later after by new extension s arrived he got it 100% dialed in. FP it's just a shame about his annoying accent...
  8. shoot me a PM and i have a couple of fast mates from bendigo i can introduce you too. they should know who to talk to depending on where you are at.
  9. Much better execution. Good work. I agree with others on the 1km reps. However I think they are suggesting way too fast given current form. Train for the stimulus not just the number you are fixated with. Looking at your splits maybe 4:06-4:12 per km on 60 secs rec between intervals. 5 reps. When you own that then drop the times. Another one that is gold is 10-20x400m. For your pace of go on a 2:15 cycle aiming at coming in 1:32-1:38. Start at 10 reps. Build to to 15 then drop times.
  10. Greatest race since Seoul 88 100m? Carl Lewis doesn't win... 🇬🇧🇨🇦
  11. sounds like you havent really done enough racing lately to get hugely caught up on paces. paces are usefull if you have the data to put together accurate paces. in this case your sample size is way too small. the 21:50 is helpful but i wouldnt base everything off it. The negative split strategy can work ok but appart from the last km its not really going to vary by more than 2-5seconds per km. the 15 second range zed has is way too wide. Given the recent park run and the goal of around 21 minutes I think paul every's advice is much better. 50 seconds is a huge lift but may be doable when you are coming back into things and rapidly getting fitter or more used to racing. like Paul has said start out with a 50/51second 200m (5000m starts at the 200m mark remember) and then see how you feel knocking off 1:41 laps. dont get caught up on the pace, if you feel really good go faster otherwise you risk under performing. if it feels to hard dial it back 2 seconds a lap. early in the season your intuition and pacing should play a huge roll. running 5km and 5000m races myself i find if i'm going to have a good one I have to pace close to evenly, and start off with a strong intent with a reasonable level of aggression. nothing stupid but enough to say this is serious. it is always another level above training. one of the beauties with a 5000m is if you stuff it up and blow a little you lose 20-40 seconds from 3-5km and its over quick enough, you can recover and try again in a week or two. At the moment with running 5km i'm trying to find my own form again. 3 weeks ago i ran 16:16 @ 79.2kg which was the best i've run in a long time. This was the kick start i needed to get the diet under control not just the training. Less rum and shit foot and down to 75.2kg now and still need it to come down a little further. Have the 10km at noosa tomorrow so that will be a good test. hopefully within the next month its back in the 15minutes bracket.
  12. bad journalism about the 2nd at the world championships really but mute point when she might be a paraplegic. hopefully she makes a good recovery and if not adjusts well to the deficets she is left with.
  13. they from kenya? WADA is liking that lot at the moment a lot haha
  14. I reckon there would probably be a slower run time under 10 hours total time from adam conquest, luke bell, clayton fetell, luke mckenzie, or one of those types. i'd look at austria, roth, ironman florida, ironman WA, texas or the ones with quick bike times, someone who has swam 50 and rode 4:15-20 will have an entry with a really slow run,
  15. cleanest event was prob the womens 800m... was no need for those first three girls on the podium to have taken any extra testosterone