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  1. Transitions was down this morning due to an upgrade that was just sprung on me. Cheers Bernie
  2. -- a cuppa, shut the hell up! Hope everyone's well QB
  3. Ugh... this is the worst sort of news! Big hug to you Skel.
  4. Good luck to all age groupers and pro's this weeknd!
  5. I haven't read this whole thread of post but I do know about anxiety. I had a major bout of anxiety when I suddenly stopped training. So While I'm a total advocate for having breaks, if you're prone to anxiety and training keeps it at bay.... listen to your mind.
  6. PS I'm in Indonesia at the moment... I talk in third person
  7. So what do you want? What should I want? I do the google advert campaign like I have before, it's no problem. I could do a full campaign... do you guys seriously care? Opinions please!
  8. Laser hair removal is the only way to go! Goodbye ingrowns. Bernie
  9. Beautiful... I love it! Thanks Kerry & Royce!
  10. Thanks so much guys! Luckily I have a deep pool (I designed it with this in mind actually) so will be able to blast some tunes and annoy the neighbours The belt will be arriving this week. CEM & Andrew, thanks for these links... will give it a go and I'll keep you as backup Mr Blonde. Bernie
  11. Good to hear you're on your way to getting it sussed out... they are not a nice feeling! And if it makes you feel better, I'm on day 2 of 'no caffeine' due to skin allergies... headache... blah! Keep the ibuprofen handy.
  12. Thanks Yarraga!
  13. I discovered TriNewbies when I started in triathlon and found it to be fantastic to get you started! I used one of their plans as well. There are a heap of seriously knowledgable members here who will help with advice... it sounds like you've been bitten by the tri-bug. Welcome aboard transitions and have fun! Bernie
  14. Does anybody do any water running in training and if so what techniques do you adopt to build up strength minus the impact? I'm getting myself a floatation belt this week but have never actually used one before. Clueless! Bernie
  15. The first thing that came to my mind was dehydration or your salt levels at the 3 hour mark... the heart beat irregularity, I haven't experienced. I do have a minor heart murmur which is typical in a huge % of the population and sometimes I'll feel a sudden shift/jolt... but I haven't ever noticed it when training. Hopefully tomorrow your doc will tell you that you're not ****ed... fingers crossed anyway Bernie