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  1. It will become a Challenge race.
  2. Long shot, John Daley the golfer drank and gambled away a cool 20 mil.
  3. Sure this is great for Geelong, Daekin and the team involved. Glad they have been cautious. BRW's appraisal of doing business with Lemond and any of his businesses is described as, "a double edged sword." Mention is also made of Lemonds drive to rebuild his fortune that was lost in the GFC and his decades long addiction to alcohol, plus the famous Lemond temper, which all doesn't paint a very appealing picture. Greg admits to drinking away most of his cycling fortune and is sober these days. But wow, would you put your signature on a contract with him?
  4. John Cena riding the bike looks a lot like Martin Vinnacombe back in the day.
  5. You know nothing!
  6. Pass
  7. It's all happening in the female age group Ranks isn't it! Letting tyres down, cutting the run course, getting your twin to sub for part of the race, spiking drink bottles and the list goes on.
  8. I enjoyed the commentary by Sherwin and PHIL, but I think they knew last year that their time was up. It's good that there is an option to replace them. Keenan has done well during the races he has covered and partnered well with McKenzie and McEwan. For mine, I would rather the three of them be given the role to cover the tour. Robbins good but he's not a facts and figures man like Keenan and McKenzie is a mix of both. Not sure what McKenzie is up to for the tour. Anybody know?
  9. Yep. It only requires a little imagination and some lateral thinking. Gotta look past the dollar signs to see the light.
  10. The sad part of this is ironman are reluctant to use the "paid" volunteer model as it detracts from the bottom line and any profit margin. It works for other races.
  11. Troublemaker! Me? Never, lol. i think Ricky Martin and the Mercanator pushed the boundaries well and truly of the young interwebby forum. I know that Nick, being a Kenny Everett fan, loved the idea of a "Rev Doctor Feelgood" aid station on the run course, that was suggested in one of those mad conversations. He really did have his hands full moderating, but he told me a while back that he was laughing right along with us.
  12. Sad news. Nick was in his late 60s. A great guy, great race director and a man who gave time to people in the sport. I met Nick in 1990 when he was working for Nissan and still writing for auto action magazine. He had a passion for the sport that I always admired. I spoke to him last week about cars of all the hints. He fleet of old Rover cars was about to be expanded and he was excited about the find. i will miss him, our chats about cars, motor bikes, young veterans support and our recent habit of doing coffee the day before a weetbix kids race in Melbourne, Geelong and Bendigo. Everyone has a story to tell about Nick and fond memories of him. I think that is the measure of the man. RIP old mate.
  13. Yeah, I think Freddie Van Liedre felt good wearing his compression calf tights the year he won Kona.
  14. I've seen all fads come and go over 30 years in the sports. Fortunately I'm not someone who needs to have the latest trendy Tri gear. Favourite toy is my Kurt Kinetic bike trainer. It works well for me. Close second is my custom built Kennedy bike. Even though I have a TT bike and a roadie, the Kennedy is my go to bike for most training rides. I will still be riding it in 20 years time, lol. waste of time. 2005 model Nike air Pegasus running shoe. lust. Don't want for nothing. If hell froze over and John Kennedy ever believed in full carbon frames, I may change this answer.
  15. Nike should have kept that to themselves. How many more shoes have they sold since people around the world have donned some compression active wear and joined what ever fitness craze took their fancy. Metafit, cross fit, running, tri's, cycling, footy, tennis, trail running, park run and the list goes on. Some of those didn't exist a decade ago but all have booming numbers because people believe compression gear works for them. Honestly, someone needs to read Nike the bed time story about killing the goose that laid the golden egg, FFS!