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  1. The Coolum round?
  2. Goofy as well. I was doing that Wednesday arvo last week. Had a break in renos on one property, so ducked over to the beach house and grabbed the board and headed out. Best part of the off season. My surfing can be best described as entertainment for other surfers and terror for the Japanese tourist,
  3. Last year it was on the last Sunday in May on 7 mate.
  4. IP, Go hard or go home mate, lol. Have a good one tomorrow.
  5. Fark, is it 10 years! I remember the Green machine and I remember GSP racing Lanzorote with a pic and f the Greem machine on her s Tri suit in honour of the man.
  6. Hey CP, you gave it a shake mate. These 17 hour cut offs are bullshit. They let you get away with murder! (Well not real murder! Just a figure of speech for the young viewers). In the good old days the cut off was 15 and a half hours. So I will hang on to the title for another year. Now there's going to be some young whizz kid punching numbers in to his power metre or Fitbit trying to work out how I came last but finished an hour and twenty mins faster than you. It's gonna freak their brains out. Should we also tell them was races before the Internet? Could they handle that? Well done on another finish. Here's to number 16.
  7. I'm tipping you to run 6:12
  8. Well looking at the mail out and post on he Busso 70.3 webpage about lack of volunteers causing changes to the aid station layout for his weekends race, I just wonder if he goose has been cooked on another race. Anybody know what the back story is to this? Usually it's a situation that has occurred because volunteers weren't looked after during a previous race or the locals are jacking up about something to do with the race and how it's affecting the community.
  9. Hang in there Jess. The Geelong council is deconflicting event scheduling at present. There are two additional sailing events proposed for Corio bay next summer, a few more car & bike shows at eastern beach and another mass participation bike ride. My motorbike club has a request in for a bike show for February 2018 and we've been told there's too many requests already for February.
  10. Well look on the positive side, now there's no excuse not to go to Kangaroo Island for the Sufferfest races. Cue an add from Pippen.
  11. Tri seasons over, must be time to get back in the gym.
  12. Something had to give. Sad news if the race disappears however, The cycling championships brings in 10 times the money than what the 70.3 race does. Simple economics. Note that Ballarat is part of the Victorian rural consortium that is bidding for the Commonwealth games so my guess is the 70.3 money could be going there. come and race at Challenge Shepparton.
  13. TQ still on the popularity campaign. FFS get with the program.
  14. Coffs Pete, excellent post mate. Good to see all that choccy at Easter got your blood sugar up to hypo levels and spurred you into action for yet another great beer mile.
  15. Get the bike guy to do it!