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  1. TQ still on the popularity campaign. FFS get with the program.
  2. Coffs Pete, excellent post mate. Good to see all that choccy at Easter got your blood sugar up to hypo levels and spurred you into action for yet another great beer mile.
  3. Get the bike guy to do it!
  4. He's living in the car park under your building where you work. Haha
  5. If you're willing to travel you can race all year round. Otherwise, seasons over, put your toys away and relax For a few weeks.
  6. Thanks for that FM. I couldn't remember what moniker Rocket used. Bit of "Old timers disease".
  7. Andrew, the Mercanator and Ricky Martin drew a lot of envy as well.
  8. Last weekend in March is the latest an ultra distance race could be run in Melbourne without running into weather issues like last weekend. they left out a question, " would you mind riding 6 farkn laps of a bike course past all those coffee shops and cafes then run 4 times around a run course dodging Japanese tourists, Hobo's, back packers, grumpy boat owners trying to get to their boat mooring and hundreds of other agro beach users just so we can do a race that's the alleged ironman distance?" Pete, If they pull off an ironman length bike leg with closed road space between Kerford Rd and Mordiallic, you will have to come out of long course retirement and do the race. I'll be in it and I bet Norton will front too.
  9. Few old faces there. From the left on the end is Pete, Dolpys hubby, I think that's Mr Flower third from left, I'm sixth from left, that's Big Kev between the two towel heads and Skels bending Over to her left in the middle of the group.
  10. Pete and Emo, Eastern beach in Geelong or Portarlington are perfect for this type of event. Particularly Portarlington as it sits in a natural armpiheatre setting on the foreshore, fast and sheltered swim course, there's a brilliant criterium circuit with two climbs in it which would be great for the bike leg and race permits aren't too hard to get.
  11. IP, there could be two men and a dog racing and there would still be drafting. Everyone was staying well clear of other riders due to the huge side gusts blowing riders across the lane. Probably some of the most unpredictable strong wind I've seen at a race for a very long time.
  12. How to break up drafting. Order insane windy conditions and some rain. Seemed to work. No ones called it a draft fest yet and from what I saw there wasn't much to complain about. Hopefully SME360 can get to keep the same course configuration next year, find an extra 400 m for the run leg and sort out the timing chip issues (that could have been the rain). On a fine day this is a PB course and more.
  13. Current advice is disks are banned and also recommended that nothing deeper than a 404 on the front wheel. This, I understand, has everything to do with the slip lane road management conditions in place on certain parts of the bike course. The slip lane is in place to allow local residents vehicle access to and from their homes during the race. With a slip lane reducing bike traffic to 1 and a bit lanes of road space over a 30km lap, 1200 odd bikes and a 12 to 20m non drafting zone, what could possibly go wrong?
  14. For once I agree with TC.
  15. FP, you will receive a lot of tips and advice from well meaning people. You need to sort through all the info and work out what's best for you. The advice on head position will vary slightly depending on what method people have learnt and trained by. Total Immersion swimming videos show the head to be lower in the water than a lot of contemporary training videos. Work out what suits your style and technique. Keep it simple. Think about it, the head is only in three positions during swimming. To the front in the water, to the side when breathing and up and forwards when sighting. a few people have posted drills on here which will help you achieve that. Putting all that together and practising is the secret to getting better.