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  1. I bit the bullet and bought new Cadens 49/81 and had them fitted yesterday Ben recommended to just leave them on there as they don't wear as much as they used to due to better materials. He also said that they brake just as well as allu now as the braking surface is flat and the water doesnt get trapped(?) Haven't had a chance to try them out yet though so can't review them, but Ben seems to know his stuff. Anyone know what I can do with the rims I took off the bike? Who would want them?
  2. Oh lord! I think I’m more confused now than when I started! So many differing opinions and options - sometimes it’s easier to simply choose between A and B! A few questions came up… I have been riding for a few years now and do Olys and may end up doing some HIM distances in the future, but it’s not on the cards straight away. I am a lighter, smaller rider, so the deep rims / disk may be an issue, but I’ve never done a tri in cross winds. I understand that training wheels are exactly that - to train on, but I also think, why have good wheels and not use them. When I changed the training wheels on my roadie a couple of years ago (well the other half got me a present), I noticed a huge difference, mainly in accelerating off from lights etc. I was able to keep up with better riders rather than having to chase the pack down at every set of lights! So the enjoyment of the ride increased. BUT, TT riding will be on my own so that’s a moot point now I guess. Maybe I should keep the wheels and just rent race wheels when I need them? Too much to think about
  3. Caden? Please explain? Sorry, but I'm not interested in second hand as I really have no clue and could be sold a lemon/worn out wheels - I have no idea what to look for in practice... Zipp - just looked at reviews. Looks interesting. Mentioned inertia as weight is on outer rim. Not an issue due to Trisha being flat and not start/stop? Lew, is, em, out of my price range. Totally. Looking at the Aero wheels, ie deeper rims, is there a speed where it becomes beneficial and a speed where there is no point? Just read an article spruiking benefits at 40km/hr. I'm not riding at that pace!
  4. Hi guys and gals. Looking for some advice on wheels and what to buy. I have just bought my first tri bike (P2) which came with the usual training wheels which I'm looking to replace. Do I keep the wheels to train on and buy race wheels? Are "race wheels" heavier but more aero? Disk? Do I buy a compromise - lighter better aluminium wheel? Do I go carbon? I've heard they brake badly in the wet? If I go carbon, would they be considered racing wheels or everyday use? I would really appreciate some advice on this as I dont have a clue! So much to learn! Thanks!