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  1. Yeah MASSIVE thanks to Turtle! Awesome wettie. Couple of small rips but FFS it works fine. Did a 1.5km open water swim this arvo at Sorrento and it rocked!! NO CHAFFING at all compared to my sleeveless Blue Seventy. And Turts, you'll be pleased to know that we are now pee buddies...LOL And the suit smells of stale turtle pee!! LOLOLOLOL Great to meet Zed too, great of him to drop it off at my place, he's looking fit as **** and ready for Busso. Have a great race bloke. Cheers Having ****ing Garmin 910 issues so I can't upload the swim Take care all. Peace out.
  2. I could. But I won't. Stung at the beginning of my round. Phoned it in as per procedure. Sort first aid from the Mullaloo SLSC. Treated. Finished the round. Be in again tomorrow. Problem with this?
  3. No lunchtime swim. Got stung by a bee on my round. In the neck. Not allergic but it swelled up like buggery. ARGH, no training today.....
  4. No training this morning. Life stress big enough. Lunchtime swim planned.
  5. And he now has two belly buttons.... LOL
  6. Yeah FP HUUB big boy up against the family jewellery and early catch and push like TC says 👍 Edit: HUUB big boy is a friggin massive pull bouy
  7. Great news. Take care of yourselves.
  8. You're a bloody machine. It is flat as f@ck up there.
  9. They'd still towel you up 😂
  10. 9.1km run
  11. Rattie would have some pro level tips! LOL
  12. 4050m swim in the 25m pool. 2x600 paddles/bouy - 1:46per 100m 2km bouy - 39:10 850 paddles/bouy - easy easy effort 1:52 avg for the whole swim
  13. The other day I looked at the very beginning of this thread by accident..... You were chomping down donuts back then 😂😂😂😂😂😂👍 Like C@Triathlon says..... Consistency wins 😂👍
  14. Don't know.... 2009 was my last one....
  15. Bloody brilliant idea. #likethekonacoffeeboatbutozzie