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  1. Agree with TC in regards to FP and IP Leave it as is with the shorter crank FP, looks good. IP shift your pads or elbows forward and down a touch. Quite a high power producing position there, and it works so.....?
  2. Thanks Rog Yes MKC follower. The base aerobic work is what has gotten me here, and as they say "don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water" and keep building and developing "the girl you want to take to the dance". Got a few great ideas from the man, so I will start adding them in gently. Cheers all
  3. I'd leave it. Get a copy of the footage and contact details for the witnesses. Walk away from the situation. Regardless of what you do, ****s like that will do it again elsewhere. NOT WORTH THE STRESS MATE.
  4. Well you are from NSW.... Pure two headed Territory... LOL
  5. Had a neoliberalist once..... Prefer the choc honeycomb one though.....
  6. Sorry, I must have been out of the room when that joke was made....?
  7. Can't wait 😂😂😂😂
  8. Thanks all. Yes I agree that a change of sorts is needed but I don't want to stray too far from basic aerobic development as, in my opinion, that's what under pins long term fitness and eventually speed. Yes, a change to the regular doses of endorphins would definitely be a shock to the system, and I will tread carefully there as morning training is part of my life now, I wake up before the alarm now..... At 3am! LOL *please remember that I start work early. I don't want to get a cut and paste program from TP. Not my kettle of fish. I've read heaps of Friel, Byrn etc. I have a training philosophy, just need to get through this plateau. Thanks very much for everything folks Cheers
  9. Either 4-5km straight swim with paddles and Bouy 8 x 500 with paddles and Bouy 4 x 1km with paddles and Bouy On my child free weekend I do 2km without any gear or with bouy alone. Usually without a watch just focussed on arm turn over and catch. Stopped wearing the watch because looking back at the data made me push too hard the next time which made me swim shit. Aerobic strength. That's the focus. Big paddles! Tired arms not lungs.
  10. I can't comment but PM me if you want
  11. Geez thanks..... LOL
  12. Thanks Coach = money outlay = no can do Program is the same Goughy so maybe that needs adjustment without leaving out the principles of it...? Don't eat Pies Don't do cycle races Don't do trail running Maybe two of these could change. Thanks all
  13. G'day all Been consistently training since August last year. Only missed 30 days in this time, longest consecutive period was 3 days in February '17. The thing that I've noticed is that I have plateaued in the pool and on the bike. Pool fitness is ok, doing what I need to, averaging 8km a week, aerobic strength focused. Maybe stroke correction coaching is the next step?? Bike is where I haven't really gotten any stronger/faster/fitter in the past 6 months. Once again, aerobic strength focus, long periods in the aero position etc. But I am not getting any faster. I ride as much as possible which is around 4-8hrs cycling a week. Not much by IP standards but on the weeks I have my daughter, I can only do so much. So "long" rides are fortnightly. I've been using Trainer Road but I think it is detrimental to my progress as my power measurement is way inaccurate(virtual power) and I don't feel like I am getting stronger like I was when I was riding by feel, and my long ride HR/Speeds confirm this. I consolted a friend who suggested strength intervals and more riding which made perfect sense. So I am looking for experiences with plateaus in fitness and how you got through it and went up a level. I have between 10-17hrs of available training time. 10 when I have my daughter, 17 when I don't. I work Mon-Fri and no weekends. Cheers
  14. That's no good Skel. It was a horrible thing, I have a friend over there who lived nearby.....she was really disturbed by it all. I can't imagine what you are feeling. Hugs to you. FP, take care mate. Gently does it. Recuperate slowly and be kind to yourself. Can't rush the body. Do keep moving though, great for the mental health. 👍
  15. And I just put the cap on to show my daughter and she started laughing.... So I switched to the Visor and she lost it laughing and yelled at me "YOU LOOK LIKE AN OLD PERSON!!"..... LOL I valiantly argued the point but she was laughing too hard to understand.... LOL Ah shit ay.... Kids.... LOL