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  1. Interestingly data shows that the more cyclists there are the safer it is for them as people are looking out for them automatically... That doesn't take into account people being deliberate tossers though.
  2. Does this matter? Really? The girl is paralyzed! I'm sure you appreciate that but on first reading it seems a petty point to make
  3. I'm in... although the first month is mainly going to be spent in the UK where it's harder to swim!
  4. For the newbies amongst us... what's the challenge?
  5. Hi all, I wrote a blog today in my real world life. It's about password sharing and personal cyber security. It's amusing and has a photo of me looking like death at km 88 of 90... I hope it gives you half a giggle and you might learn something (or might not, comments below :p) Monkie
  6. And thank you!
  7. I'll run it it if you do and promise not to be too slow... I'm a small so it makes me look hench
  8. It sounds like a stomach bug to me!
  9. My brick running pace was similar to yours, and I found I was struggling to get down below 4:25 on my last (only) 70.3. That could be due to lack of experience of the distance of course... Edit to add: I'm also a crap cyclist so that might be why I was so knackered!
  10. Might not be of interest but I have bought a new helmet (more aero y'know) and so my old one is available... it's a totally basic shell but only 14 months old and not been bashed or 'owt (I manage to land on my hips). Only worth about $60 so not going to post it but if anybody wants it from Chatswood, Chippendale or anywhere in between I'm more than happy to drop off.
  11. Is this not like "mark grubbing" at school! I have now liked it though! Gutted... I'm already in my colleague's team.. Teama Turner. So we win on the name but no shirt for me :-(
  12. If they are being like that then the only option would be small claims... which will cost you more than $50 and will be a load of hassle. :'(
  13. That's very odd! When I raised a complaint about some fake microphones I bought off Ebay they took a couple of weeks to decide. I would first of all (and I'm sure you have done this) make absolutely sure all of these emails are from eBay. Check the sender addresses carefully as it could be a scam. Then raise a seperate support ticket / complaint to them about the transaction including all the information above, all your photos etc. Include any statements from anybody else who saw the wetsuit undamaged.
  14. Liquid brunch suits me...
  15. So I imagine a lot of us are running C2S... Any appetite for organising a bit of a brunch afterwards near the beach?