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  1. Jumped on the turbo yesterday to watch the lions match... cramped up after 35 mins so decided to give it a rest. On the way to the pool now!
  2. When I did my blue light driving training in the UK the first thing I was told was "If an accident happens within sight of you on the bell then you will automatically be considered to be at fault unless you can prove otherwise." Very sobering. It's how I drive and ride at all times now. Everybody should think the same way.
  3. We're on the same page. It's like my dad always said to me you can't argue with St Peter about whether the traffic light was red or not. BUT to have a go at a cyclist because they were put in danger by somebody else seems a little back to front to me. He perhaps could have done more but the blame is firmly and squarely with the driver who was breaking the law. She got what she deserved.
  4. He probably could have done but this is back to victim blaming. I spend my whole time riding defensively and exercising road craft, that doesn't give drivers the right to NOT do the same.
  5. I'm using them as part of a plan to build up to Sydney marathon. In the past I have used Mongetti Fartleks and fancied a change. I like the specificity of the target time and pace on them... only be doing them for a couple of weeks. Started at 4x and building up to 10x for a couple of weeks before bringing it back down. The proof will be in the pudding and I'll keep an eye on my Garmin estimated VO2 max over the period and see what happens!
  6. I would report it to the police even though there's very little chance they'll do anything it all helps build up a picture of people. If he's like that in the gym what's he like at home? It's a faff, it takes time, it can be stressful but without wanting to sound like a pompous prick it's kind of our duty as decent citizens otherwise the bullies get away with it and we all end up worse off.
  7. Finally back into a proper rhythm! Yasso 800s today, pool tomorrow, long run Saturday and then two hours on the turbo on Sunday. God I've missed it!
  8. In my experience trying to explain anything in a civil manner to a driver tends to end up with getting flipped the bird and them carrying out a deliberate close pass as they leave... Yeah, he could have reacted better. Of course he could. It's never a strong look to lose it in public. But seeing as she had come within seconds of causing him a serious injury by her criminal acts I don't think she has a leg to stand on.
  9. Age has nothing to do with it. She broke the law and could have seriously hurt someone. I imagine she will check more carefully in the future.
  10. Mainly so that drivers can yell at you for not cycling in it when you've decided it's too dangerous to do so... If a car passes me close enough to me for me to reach it, I'll often give it a whack. Never intending to cause damage but if I accidentally did then I wouldn't feel at all sorry. Being given the privilege of being in control of a potentially lethal weapon comes with responsibilities. One of those is driving safely around ALL road users, especially vulnerable ones. The guy could have handled it better but maybe that was his third close call of the ride, maybe one of his mates has been killed / maimed / just hurt a bit recently. If I'm being honest, the rest of those d*ckwads getting involved might have sent me over the edge.
  11. I'm on the other side of this fence. If somebody comes close to killing you through criminality that I reckon a robust response is legit. She'll check for cyclists in the future!
  12. I'm missing something here. Turbo trainers are great for power specific training and for the winter but surely if you want to practice on hills... you can go and find some hills??
  13. If anybody is booking regular hotels for work then (Which I think is part of the same group) are great. Never had any issues with it and I or my team book about 100 hotel nights a year. The best thing is if you sign up for an account then every ten nights you stay around the world you get a free night valued at the average cost of the ten nights.
  14. Surely in individual endurance sports as soon as you realise you ain't gonna podium then you throw in the towel? You see it in Formula 1 all the time. No point in trashing yourself if you ain't gonna win. I think he's been smart. And yeah, both of them are heroes as far as I am concerned. On top of being fantastic athletes and nice guys (I've met them on finish lines volunteering a couple of times) they are now doing great things for triathlon in the UK with their foundation.
  15. *Sends Money Home Quickly*