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  1. The thought has crossed my mind...
  2. Cheers ive packed it now ready for the move instead of chucking it. Ill give it a try
  3. Imagine AP if you had a Hilux ! The women would have tripled ...
  4. Just a quicky my pump had lost its suction , so hence there is no air pressure the kids left it out in the rain a few months back and it seems like grease like substance came out. So is it fixable? Or chuck it? Cheers
  5. I just read her book whilst I was over in indo I found it a good read , very impressive women . I didn't realize Bruzer (bruce thomas) coached her for ironman .I first met bruce back in early 90's what a great man he is great people helping great people can't get better then that.
  6. Whoo hoo went to the pool to jump in for squad thought it started at 7.... doh Got the last 15min in ! Well its a start..lol
  7. Hey goughy im not much chop on technology but the wife loves her music and always has music on over tv. When we built this house she delt with my audio guy that I use on my jobs .She ended up going sonos with Yamaha amplifier The sub is monitor audio as are the out side speakers I assume the ceiling are the same the we ran the top line speaker cables through the ceiling. I must say the sound is unreal and if she wants farrk it goes loud! And as is the way now she can control it from her phone etc. Thats about all I got! Good luck
  8. Nor ... Clare Carney ,Andrew Johns ,Michelle Dillion heck even throw in Paul Amey...lol
  9. Finally some one agrees with me! Lol
  10. Rum
  11. Im sure I read on here once no training and you should still crack 13hrs....lol
  12. Ill echo that.. But the ultimate was score before the race win the race and score after... (Edit to say I never got that combo) lol Did meet my wife though through sport wrote my number on ..lets say her chest..bingo 3 kids later and still think im batting well above .. I actually still check her out everyday! Must be love. ..lol
  13. Yep over in Gods country on a Thursday that was the session of choice , all those great runners new how to run and hurt themselves even the middle of the pack guys could run reasonably quick from the old school sessions. I remember seeing John Andrews do a aquathon 5k run followed by 1k swim at Bundeena ...they sent the search party out for him once he hit the water! Lol
  14. Not sure what training you do skel. But I recommend 1k reps on the track 5 or 6 of them warm up warm down ect Pace them all the same or drop each one by a sec or 2 or keep them all within a second or 2 . Never miss this weekly session and if you want 4min ks in the race run the reps at 3.40ish no slower then 3.45 with 200 float or 400 if your a bit tired Before you know It BANG 19.59 is yours !
  15. Skel my advice / tactics when I used to run in fun runs or track was let every one go at the start (they always go out stupid) you might think your going slow but when you hit the first k it can be to quick .On the track I used to set my watch to beep every 400 to keep it even Then start picking them up one by one. Nothing feels like being fit on the track kicking runners ass and being a triathlete the bragging rights and bagging is massive! Haha I used to run alot with Andrew Lloyd and his gimps...lol I was pretty much the only triathlete they used to bag the shit out of me (loved it) but when you got one up on them (even if they were way past their best) it was gold! Bloody runners....lol