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  1. Thats my Helicopter pad Roxii....lol Plus my home made Track .... no more sylvania ..very sad..lol
  2. I met Laurie many years ago I reckon your going to loose the bet..
  3. Ha not sure on letter box haha. Yep 4k out from milton. Hey I foz did you ever mtb with they guy that owns the local bike shop when your down that way? I once rode with him years ago and a guy from northern beaches that looks like your photo?
  4. Well its a bit more recreational than training but early this morning after dawn service my little girl asked me to go for a surf! It bought a tear to my eye couldn't believe it! So today training was a group surf with my eldest and daughter ,didn't catch any real waves together but geez it was fun. I fly to Nth Sumatra on friday thats when my real training starts!!!!!
  5. Nothing.... Again... Tuesday swim with the young fella has been kaput. .lol
  6. Not sure id have motivation to swim on the spot!
  7. Here is part of the new plot. its an old photo From 2015 I found on the net. The grass on the top right section is now looking really good the guy has looked after it .all the grass is unreal the whole acreage is clean grass . Cant wait to get down there and embrace the new chapter of life and mowing...lol
  8. "The man who never walks now has fire in his eyes" NBC Coverage Mark Allen v Dave scott .. Tougher back in the day...lol
  9. Stop it Pete your taking or my fun away with putting shit on em! Haha
  10. Guess I was a bit out... So 60hrs give or take for 40 odd k Not bad hey.... lol guess they have overheads to pay for like a BMW and a office and coffee machine a suit and tie ... (I am taking the piss) As I said good on em thats the industry. I reckon they should just have a flat fee they shouldn't get paid more for doing the same work if the are selling a unit or a mansion I cant see the reason for it. Has any one looked into that purple brick site?
  11. Yes the whole industry is built on a chess game of bullshit and poker face! And they make a shit load for doing about 20hrs work all up.per sale ! But thats the game and good on em The good ones have respect and decency towards other people . The guy tried to ring me this afternoon .i let it go .he left no msg... Think ill just move on and enjoy my new place and mower! Lol
  12. Price was very close land size smaller obviously talking shit to his clients etc. So first thing this morning I went down to their office and confronted him . Laid it out and said its just wrong mate its private and non disclosed for a reason. He back pedal real quick and said he would pull it straight away. I asked how he got the information because know one knows he told me another agent I guessed that pricks name in two ! It was the same bloke who was asking my neighbour during the sale period what offers we had in his Driveway! Farrking over them absolute grubs .I know it gets let out soon on rp data but show some respect for peoples wishes until that time thats why I have a bee in my bonnet. We are no looking into see if there is a board of ethics for the industry they will be getting a call to see if they can give a written warning or something so other people can have their wishes respected.
  13. Cheers yep it is a 48 ,EX And his got the trailer thing for it as well I think fir the price and convenience of it being there ready to go ill take it. His lawns /my lawns haha do look good so I guess his into it .
  14. We got close to 2 acres to mow I guess . He wants 5k for it ive Google them on e bay etc it does seem a good price other ones on there are selling for 6 _8k second hand with 2000 odd hrs on them. Its got all the safety measures in place etc
  15. So can I have thoughts on the Gravely ride on mower zero turn circle with the kawasaki motor. .. I can purchase a second hand one with 140hrs on it does any body have an idea on it as I have NFI...lol Ironpo ? You cut grass dont you? And have a lawn mowing business. ..haha