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  1. Yes you need to be able to swim .but if your in the second pack and they are organized its possible to catch up. They definitely need to separate the age groups though. I did a draft race last year and wasn't swimming that good at the time I still lead my age out in the water but they sent 45 years and under all together .After the initial made scramble in the first 200 of bashing and pushing for feet with 16 _20 year olds memories started flooding back ..lol But I got a unfair advantage because of swim ability compared to other guys in the category then you have the younger ones pushing the pace on the bike as well again a bit unfair I think. So I would hope they break the racing down into categories .but I guess you need the numbers to do this , tough one ?
  2. Why the negative thoughts on drafting for sprint? Its just a different format that now has been around for years , it can be bloody hard racing with tactics if you can get organized. If I race I don't care either way it goes , drafting would suit me better . You also find the same guys that win non drafting would win drafting as well in my opinion. Time will tell i guess.
  3. The sparky on site opened it said it was coke .I wouldn't know never touched it or anything in my life except grog. I hate even taking panadol unless im desperate. He said he could make a call and I could get some $$ ! I tip it all in the skip bin , the clients were in shock and were embarrassed saying 100% not theirs. It was in behind a full nailed off section haha
  4. Our last building job found this little number in behind a window pelmet ... I made a profit on this job....hahaha
  5. My good old ute rag.. not sure of the vintage but I think 97...
  6. Just go further south Fatpom to Namibia ... skeleton bay ! Goofy heaven..
  7. Goofy's do it better....lol Mate its in Nth Sumatra on the big island of Simelue not bad up there lot of coast to explore if your young and have time! We did 2 weeks .its a dry island though sharia law . The last 9 years we have been trying to go somewhere different each time to get away from crowds but its getting harder ! We had some good trips in the Mentawi in early 2000 last trip we did in 08 I said never again frickin land camps everywhere and bloody brazos being pest as always! We did Sumbawa the trip before last saw one guy the whole trip and had swell the whole time .The memo just went out with the boys for west java next trip ... Time to earn my brownie points again. .lol
  8. My off season started in the first of January last race was the Nowra Sprint havent laced on a shoe since... But this has been my off season....yeewww!! Think i might find it hard to start up again but ive got gold coast in the back of my head if i do,time will tell
  9. Yer mate countdown is on we get the keys on the 29th june ! We are renting it of them for a week before just to start taking down a lot of stuff ,boards bikes building equipment etc. Removilist will take everything else although the people that bought our joint bought most of the furniture and fridges ,tvs dining table etc . The bride is big on healthy eating and is chomping at the bit to grow our own stuff she pretty much only buys organic now or at least no sprays no chemicals. She wants me to build a big enclosure to grow everything! Im farrking trying to down tools!! Haha. My city is the beach to have land and be close to the best spots on the east coast is a dream and still only 2.30 hrs to sydney if I have too .im still pinching my self a bit that we had the balls as a family to do it . Also funnily enough I was Google a few weeks back how to grow citrus ! Look at me go.... haha
  10. Hey mate yer its still sparkling ! He seems like a good old genuine guy So im sure its good .not sure on the hp though im down in 5 weeks ill get a couple of pics and guidance on how to start it! Haha
  11. Mate it was outa my league ! Ill have a crack at most things last trip I did sumbawa a place called millers right we got it at a solid 10ft but it was kinda easy to surf it in my backhand and had an easy out when you got hammered. This place at 15ft with no out... fark that! Even on my front side I dont think I would have surfed it if I did I would have been very picky on wave selection. Give me 6ft every day of the week would be my ultimate! Way easier than putting on lycra getting abused...lol
  12. A spot called Tea bags little island of nth Sumatra . The size of this day still dosn't show the heat of the situation with the exposed reef and the exit situation before it locks you in . I cracked my ribs on day 2 in 6ft different spot still hurts to sneeze and laugh ! Ive never taken so much voltaren in my life...haha bloody 40 + year old body
  13. 41 and a bit now. I will never in my life get a pb again, don't really care love just seeing how I go when I put my mind to a bit of consistency. . Just did a surf trip for a belated 40th present to my self the difference from when I was 20 is how many surfs a day reduced ..how much farking voltaren we were all taking and well the size of my balls shrinking and the tightness of my sphincter. ..lol Few of the boys took this on I hid behind the outboard. .lol
  14. Drive to airport... 2 weeks in nth Sumatra !! Im off the airwaves see you all in 2 weeks.. Yeewwwww!
  15. Thats my Helicopter pad Roxii....lol Plus my home made Track .... no more sylvania ..very sad..lol