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  1. Think they've split the region now havn't they? Its now Asia and Oceania. Presume Cairns had rights to Asia-Pacific might just get Oceania next year?
  2. Although come to think of it I think IM Cairns 2016 was complicated with Japanse KQ slots as they had just cancelled IM Japan and slots were transferred from there. I think!
  3. Understanding there would've been a "roll down" but the 2016 slots are here: slot allocation.pdf But guess you know that?
  4. I think you should expect rain at some stage during the day, from what I understand it usual afternoon rain comes over and goes away. last year was for a good amount of the day though.
  5. or:
  6. certainly running your luck. Last time i saw think it said 70.3 was about 95% full
  7. Presume you have all subsequently seen this IM Statement: Following a recent notification by the City of Ballarat to withdraw its event funding budget commitments for the IRONMAN 70.3 Ballarat, it has become necessary to discontinue the event scheduled for 2017. IRONMAN Managing Director, Dave Beeche said that host city support is a key component of attracting an international branded event and without this support we are in an unfortunate position where we cannot move forward with the Ballarat event into the future. “We would like to thank every athlete who has raced with us in Ballarat since our inaugural race in 2014 and especially acknowledge the efforts and support of the city, volunteers, sponsors, and everyone else involved in bringing IRONMAN 70.3 to Ballarat.” “We appreciate the time and dedication of every athlete preparing to race IRONMAN 70.3 Ballarat and we share your disappointment at this news.” Mr Beeche encouraged all athletes affected by this news to reschedule their training and racing programs and consider one of the following IRONMAN events: • IRONMAN Australia Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia • Cairns Airport IRONMAN Asia - Pacific Championship, Cairns, Queensland, Australia • IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast, Mooloolaba, Queensland • IRONMAN 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship, Western Sydney, New South Wales
  8. Raced it last year - great race. Disappointing if it drops of the calendar. Run around the lake was a highlight for sure.
  9. jeez thats unlucky.....whats the plan now? Still committed to Cairns? I signed up yesterday after 4hr tide and 40min run. So all locked in now.
  10. yep +1 for fusion. Tend to run in just normal running gear but the tri-shorts I've had from fusion have been great.
  11. Just waiting for that Endura competition to close to see if I get lucky!! That would be awesome. Save ~$900 or whatever its going to be. If not luck i'll be straight on as think next price rise is next week or something.
  12. haha nice way to count it down. Unsure how many training activities I have left. Yeh hoping for a nice swim, after being promised one of the best at IMNZ it turned out chaotic, and Cairns last year wasn't exactly amazing either. Humidity in Cairns last year also wasn't a massive issue with all the rain so that might be a different experience this year. Oh and a flat run course compared to NZ. Have you picked up a coach for first full?
  13. Nice, I'm a fairly late entry too (havn't paid entry but flights/accom booked). Decided last week, as I can no longer do Busso. IMNZ a couple of months ago was my first full. Did the half in Cairns last year. Coach (Al) has thrown me straight in. Ride/Run is ok but have lost a ridiculous amount of swim strength. What are we 6-7 weeks away?
  14. awesome Turtle! would love not just full race report but trip report!! always interested in hearing the crazy/sad/weird of countries esp. something like NK/DPRK!
  15. I reckon if you contact this guy: That website, if you havn't seen it, is a database of all IM branded races. I'm sure he could tell you with a click of a button.