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  1. The best description i could give is it was a little fresh when i stripped off the west suit afterwards and had a lazy 10 minute splash around with the kids. If i wasn't wearing a wet suit in Cairns next week i wouldn't have worn it for this swim. Possibly in the range of 23-25, but thats just a very wild guess. Nothing quite like the cold water at lake Taupo in NZ at xmas time though haha
  2. Did a nice open water swim on Saturday, really happy with it, although im a slow swimmer im tracking well for my goal time of between 1:10 and 1:15 in Cairns next weekend. We have a great little place to OWS here in Karratha called Hearsons Cove.
  3. I'm doing that run this Saturday - last long one before cairns also
  4. Is there a point at some stage after being coached for so long that you could coach yourself, or is there something a coach provides you with that you cannot yourself? Im just curious - I had a coach for 1 year when i started out a couple of years ago ( i had zero idea of what to do and expect), but after that I finished up with him and have managed myself with the help of a training plan i got of TP and have modified to suit my lifestyle. Im not after podiums or Kona slots, so self coaching works for me, motivation is at an all time high - just in it for the enjoyment and personal satisfaction of a healthy life, so probably very different to your situation if i read correctly re; top 20's and podiums etc. Would be interested to know why you need / want a coach. in regards to emailing for termination your agreement - Not chicken shit at all, its how it is these days, you needed to say it over email so, so be it.
  5. 80 minute ride 5km run all before 5am, no traffic, just me and the kangaroos
  6. i know this feeling well, my 50m and 25m pool are in the same complex and if i walk there it takes me no more than 2 minutes to cross the road and be getting my goggles on
  7. Do all your pools close full time over winter or something? seems odd. My swimming is going ok, not doing anything other than what my training plan for Cairns has me down to do at the moment
  8. Just one more long run to do before the day! my long run on Saturday turned into a disaster with my sitting on the side of the road dizzy and vomiting! the wheels well and truly came off at just the 15km mark, very disappointing, but something to learn from, was a long walk home after that.
  9. A fairl light week in the pool for me this week, think ill round out at about 1hr 45 min for the week, maybe 5km tops all up.
  10. I've seen it quite a bit, they tend to take it off after one or two laps when the thing keeps sliding down their torso. I also see the same people mucking about with their flash new watch they have no idea how to work.
  11. wow, some great responses here, thanks so much, I'm going to try the Steigen, a friend of mine tonight has also given them a glowing review, he never mentioned the shrinking issue and I am positive he is a larger foot than 10 US, i'm 10.5 and going to give them a try. He also mentioned he runs in Ronde socks as well, i think they are more known to be a cyclist sock, but whose to say you cant run in them
  12. What running socks do you wear? I've always used lightfeet ankle socks since i began running, they do a job but im not sure if i can continue justifying the cost of them, I've also had a few quality issues with a couple of the pairs I've had So what do you use, I'd like to try some that are slightly longer than the standard ankle sock. While im asking questions - bar tape for my aero bars, I have a fluro yellow tape that the bike shop used when i bought the bike but im now in need of replacing it (they cant recall the brand they used), so im also after some recommendations for this. Cheers
  13. whos the fella that was running in the budgy smugglers? if he ran 84km in them then he deserves a second medal, i cant run 1 lap around my bedroom with out chaffing in them
  14. can anyone put up a ride map from strava or similiar of the 2016 ride course for full ironman please
  15. Another vote for e-go, they are owned by hunter transport, I have sent multiple 14ft Carbon stand up paddle boards all over the country with them and I've never had a problem, always well looked after, I'd certainly have no problem sending a bike with them. Pricing is very good, Last board i sent was Brisbane to Townsville and I paid $145, Bargain when considering the Awkward size of them.