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  1. Thanks, yeah first time its happened, did go before i left so not sure, not too worried, 165km ride today and run off the bike, no dramas at all. another long run next saturday, will see how it goes, need to be confident ill be ok as Cairns IM is only 7 weeks away and i plan on wearing a 1 piece...seeing me trying to get out of it in a hurry is a comedy show.....
  2. Thanks for that, we are very conscious of the food here in our house and standards etc with our son being Coeliac, have a run off the bike tomorrow so not anticipating any dramas there...especially after 5.5 hours of riding.
  3. good pllan having a toilet sussed out, none of them here until i hit approx the 8km mark after sussing it out today.
  4. it does indeed
  5. never have tried tea or coffee in my life, so no dramas there with that. have no problem getting it moving in the morning either.
  6. nope, got that stuff all sorted. am aware of people not being used to it having dramas when first starting on it, I've been using it for over 1 year now.
  7. Hi, Sorry for the sh!t topic, but wondering if i can tap into some of the knowledge base here from the more experienced. This morning I had a 2hr run in zone 1/2 Heart rate, all was going well until i hit the 10km mark. my bowels started to make me a bit uncomfy where i was to afraid to have a fart in case i literally shat myself, not knowing where the public toilets are here i decided to slow right down and basically shuffle / walk the 4 km home so i could use the toilet. Im trying to figure out what may have caused this as I cant say this particular situation has happened before. I have had some gut cramping before which brought on a hurried toilet stop after i took on a gel (V Fuel), I've since moved on from them and make my own gels at home which is the same as my bike fuel which work fine for me, today there was no cramping, just the over whelming need to go for #2's. I emptied my bowels before i went for the run so didn't think this would happen, could it be maybe effects from yesterdays diet, fluid intake, lack of electrolytes yesterday maybe, yesterday i just did an easy hour on the road bike in the AM, honestly didn't take in enough water during the day, bacon eggs for brekkie, lunch was just a salad, dinner home made pizzas with home made gluten free bases and standard gluten free toppings with chicken breast (we have a coeliac in the house hence we live GF lifestyle) This mornings run was fasted which is normal, took on one of my home made gels at 5 km (raspberries, Himalayan salt, lemon juice, MCT oil, Rice Malt Syrup) So really confused as to what bought this on today suddenly - any suggestions Thanks
  8. 2km wetsuit swim, 45 min run drills
  9. 45 min swim nice and easy, followed by a 45 min run at half marra pace. on the weekend i was up in Broome and did a nice 90 minute beach run on cable beach and a 90km ride around Broome and surrounds.
  10. Having it as a mandatory requirement is a great idea, I've worked with very large international engineering and construction companies my whole career to date and it has always been on the radar however not as a requirement. Thankyou, will certainly do that. Very dissapointing to hear your work was like that, thats a really ignorant attitude by them. It's true that others will always notice first, I totally agree yes the impact on those close can be severe thats for sure, this is the 3rd time I've had a friend or work colleague take their life, its absolutely horrendous to think that tehy are suffering that much that they think this is the only way out of it, i seriously wish they would have just called me, i would have been their absolutely as soon as i can. All my companies have also offered an EAP service offering Councillors etc, I have used them plenty of times over the years. ell done for keeping in the loop with your employees well being, such a shame the one who took their life didn't.
  11. Check up on your friends and family, work colleagues, open the discussion up at work, at home, anywhere anytime, I lost a former colleague yesterday who decided to take his life. We knew he suffered, we tried to talk, he never wanted to, maybe we didn't try hard enough with him, maybe we did. will never know why, he will never get to meet his unborn child. Devastated. *as a side point, i have been here in my new job for 6 months and I've not once heard anything about mental health and well being, I opened the discussion in our prestart today* Please Never ever think you are alone
  12. Yesterday i did a 40 minute tempo run and felt really good, followed up with a 2km swim all 100's with 10 sec recovery between each. This morning a nice easy 1hr ride for 30km
  13. Smoothie - 1x banana, 2x medjool dates, 2 eggs, teaspoon of cinnamon, teaspoon of chia seeds, teaspoon cacao powder, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1x tray of ice.
  14. great, thanks for that Kieran
  15. Cranky, Am i too late to get one of each?