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  1. yeah that's sad, always liked their music when i was younger
  2. Well, I've kept it, BUT like others have said, a lot of the clubs, events etc are only actively advertised on FB, so I have kept it for that reason only, The friends list has been deleted to show zero friends because I really dont care what you are doing or where you have just been or had for dinner. Life's good!
  3. I find listening to pod casts about as exciting as listening to my wife talk about housework......the few podcasts I have tuned into I honestly fell asleep, and couldn't remember much of what they had said anyway.
  4. Yep! I got some stuff from Europe landed in Perth in about 3 or 4 days from memory...then 7 days from Perth to Karratha with Aus post......currently waiting on some swimming gear ordered from the UK on the 8th July, still cant track it down yet apart form left UK then will be on forwarded to Aus Post..
  5. The friend requests form people at school etc annoys me big time, I was teased & harassed big time at school, literally had no friends and spent most of my time hiding out around the special ed area's talking with those kids. Then all of a sudden as an adult i get requests from numerous people who teased me etc, i had great pleasure in firing off a PM to them politely asking why they would have any interest in me when they were not a decent enough human being towards me as a teenager. never got a responses from any of them. I think this happens a heck of a lot, it makes sense to do so, the whole recruitment process is never a cheap one (in Oil and gas anyway) so it definitely is a worthwhile thing to check. I want to get back to this, maybe im being silly with how everything is these days and its wishful thinking but hey why not give it a shot, im sure i will survive. last night after i got home from my run and sat down and had dinner with the wife and kids, i put the kids to bed etc, then i came out to settle in for a couple of hours watching the the TDF and my wife was sat on the couch on her phone, she said to me, so i see you have cancelled your FB account again and rolled her eyes at me, i said yeah, dont intend on getting it back either, to which she called me old fashioned......I said maybe you should try it for a while.......rolled her eyes at me again!
  6. Wow, i thought it would have been a slower process than that to see a significant change in average pace. this is fantastic, hope the marra goes well for you
  7. Some great info here in your responses! Cheers. I went for my first trot tonight since I posted and I ran with the deliberate intent of going slow and below 145 bpm, I did 6.5km @6:33 average pace and 142 bpm average. Had my watch showing nothing but H/R. So I'll see where this goes from here.
  8. This is one downside to not having it, the same with my tri clubs, local events, everyone uses the social media platform these days, I'm sure ill be ok, im at that point in my life where i dont actually want it, Ill go back in and save all my photos and put them somewhere safe on a external hard drive. I do have my instagram page but, i find it a great way of storing my pics with an inividualized hashtag i made up. This is amazing Pete, Im stoked for you that you found info about your dad, that is priceless for you, and that is one of the amazing things about our social media world these days, so many links to the past and it has made finding out info a whole lot easier. For me i wish i had never joined FB, at this stage in my life i dont use it for anything other than wasting time scrolling though page after page of crap, im not on any group pages of any worth to me, nor do i have family members etc that i need or want to find out info about. Im about to become very withdrawn from it all.
  9. I've had Facebook since 2007 on and off, I wouldn't call it a love hate thing, but it can be useful, to be honest most people have it. But i just dont like it. Over the years I've found myself sitting on the couch scrolling through FB, the wife at the other end of the couch doing the same thing - I hate that, so i would delete it, but then a week or so later id be back on doing the same thing - Weak as piss- It has its good points, lots of stuff is sold on it these days, both house hold and Tri stuff, I've never actually bought anything off it, but i have sold some stuff, it reaches a far greater audience than gumtree or Ebay etc. But its just that i would always find myself on it, and i dont like that, so clearly im lacking self discipline, possibly a screen addiction ( i doubt that but its a possibility), its more self discipline in my opinion. I really dont need it, i have fark all friends, if i was really honest about things i would say on my FB friends list which is only 50 something there are maybe 2 friends, the rest are family who I have nothing to do with, but because they are family i accepted the request, and some other people from my triathlon club, not really friends. Im not an outgoing person so struggle with the friends thing (I'm OK with that, its my personality). So i currently have my FB account de activated, with the intent of closing it down, I literally dont care what others are up to and never go to their individual pages (how many really do?) I dont really know why i wrote this, I'm just having a rant, Im having a shit week, life goes on........
  10. AP, is my max heart rate for running going to be different from cycling?
  11. Thanks guys, some great info here. Im planning on racing Busso in December if everything falls into place A good mate of mine did this last year and to start off with he was at 6;30 pace in Z2, then within two months he was low 5 min pace. Zed, since Cairns, I've just been running with no real idea, just throw the shoes on and run, done a few 5-7 km runs in low 5 min pace, a couple 10km with just a plan of doing it under an hour (which is no problem), no change in intensity during the runs etc, the head wind has been the biggest challenge. I cant do high volume, my body wont allow me to, 3 runs is about it for me a week, 2 mid week x 1 hr each or less and one long weekend run 1.5 to 2 he is the plan I've only ran 2 marathons, one stand alone in Townsville running festival last year where i did a 4.47, this run was part of a three day iron distance event (Fri Swim, Sat Ride, Sun Run), my legs stopped working at 34 km for a bit, got them back 1 km later and shuffled home, and then at Cairns IM this year I did 5.04 ( i slowed my run down due to the blood issue i had) but i feel as though i could have run 4.40 this day. Id love to get down to a between 4 and 4.30 for my next one, i think that is realistic. Dropping weight is a thing that's ongoing, im down close to 30 kg from when i started and currently hover between 88 and 90, the goal is somewhere in the low 80's so a bit of work to go.
  12. Great thanks guys, RBR, I live in Karratha mate, no hills here at all haha. So throw out the cadence theory all together?
  13. I ran a PB 10km on Sunday night of 54:35 (yes its slow compared to a lot of you), but its an improvement none the less. I've been doing lots of reading, and im just having a play around with trying to run at my MAF heart rate which calculates to 145 bpm, but im also wanting to quicken my cadence to 180, normally around 172-174. On Sunday I set my watch to beep on a 180 metronome, and after the 1st km i had settled down and got into the right rhythm and felt comfortable. Average pace for the 10km was 5:27 km, the average cadence balanced out at 177 (the first km would have bought this down from 180) my H/R avg was 154. So how do i get quicker pace and bring the HR down?
  14. I've been biking about 130km a week sometimes up to 150 2 x roadie rides 1 x TT, still running but not as far, 10km has been my maximum not because i dont want to run further but because im doing a lot more family stuff, playing on my 4wd and cooking dinner more than ever before, swimming started back last week after a 2 week hiatus. so still ticking along and maintaining fitness, but the best thing I've done is joining my wife on her 3 x a week run, She wants to run 5km at some stage this year so I'm supporting her with that on Mon Wed & Fri, we take off after work for 30 mins and let the kids ride off on their bikes, she is doing the C25K app, so its structured and not just me yelling at her to slow down. Doing this with her has been great and the kids using their bikes more often is great too, even dragged the old Labrador along last week (though she just aint into walks or running most of the time). So Im doing ok - not feeling lost anymore. Learnt to cook chicken spaghetti for the kids, banana cake and am perfecting my bacon and eggs with spinach dish each Sunday for the family to have brekkie in bed.
  15. Sigh.....ill never qualify!