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  1. I think that Rover lawn mowers have a good reputation ?
  2. Obviously, your attitude to 'finer things' is very much dependant on your financial position at the time. I've never been extravagant or purchased things 'for myself' but also never paid much attention to my day-to-day expenses. However, I recently lost my long-time business partner, which has caused the collapse of the business, has taken everything I had with it, and left me with a mountain of personal debt. At my age, it's going to be a very difficult position to come back from, and I am suddenly discovering how every cent counts when you find yourself on new-start, and how impossible it is to even survive on it. If it were not for family, I'd currently be sleeping on the street.
  3. The Chinese know how to build an effective nuclear ICBM, and recovered Nth Korean rockets have revealed current-tech Chinese components being used. The west has no exclusivity of intelligent people, it's only resource access that's limiting them. Whilst ever China continues to allow trade with Nth Korea and allows state-owned business to exchange technology, Nth Korea will get there soon enough on both missile and warhead fronts. This is why it's critical for the USA to get China more involved, than trying to police it themselves.
  4. Sorry, that wasn't intended to be about my regrets, and for the record, I've tried 'to get back on the horse' a few times over the years, but it's never worked out - so perhaps I'm just really shit at relationships, and my input should be ignored. But FWIW, it was simply intended to be about how totally wrong I got it, in believing that I could make such a decision alone, and thinking that I wouldn't be able to trust her choice. It turns out that she was able to be happy without kids (I'm not saying that she chose or prefers it) whereas I now wish I had kids - both the opposite of how I saw it at the time. If I'd been more of a partner in a relationship, given her the opportunity she deserved, and trusted her as I should have, rather than making a unilateral decision to justify my own selfishness, things might have worked out very differently. Of course I have no idea what might have been, she might have told me to f* off, it might have been all days of wine & roses, or it might have just been a disaster of a different type, but the point is that I wouldn't be left wondering 'what if', and recalling her words (while very angry with me) of how I'd end up a lonely old man.
  5. I had a wonderful partner I'd been living with for 15 years, and I loved her dearly. However, I also knew that she was desperate to have children. It's what she'd wanted since she was a young girl, and had planned names, schools, house, the whole deal. She would have made a fantastic mum, but I'd been resisting it because I was convinced and afraid that I'd make a really crap father who would have likely just managed to parent f*-up kids. After going through a difficult period, partly because of it, I decided that it was unacceptably selfish of me to continue the relationship while not agreeing to her desire for a family, and ended it with her best interest in mind. It was a horrible decision to make, which I handled really badly and which hurt both of us very much. Understandably, she never forgave me, and I never forgave myself for the way I did it and the pain I caused her. She eventually found someone else and people tell me she is now happy, but she never had kids. I never found anyone else (she was the one) and these days my biggest regret is not having kids. It never occurred to me at the time, that the decision was not mine to make, and looking back it's obvious now that it was just as selfish of me to deny her the opportunity to know my thoughts, feelings and fears, and make her own choice or perhaps even change my position. I guess the thing I perhaps learnt the hard way is that you don't make decisions like this based on what you think is in someone else's best interest, but can only do it via honest conversation where both parties have the opportunity to understand the other's thoughts & feelings, and then make their own choices, which the other needs to accept and trust, because that's what relationships are about.
  6. I think it used to be labeled BBCode Mode, and was the first button on the editor controlbar, that toggled between WYSIWYG and plain-text with the square-bracket BBS-commands. e.g. quote, image, link, list, etc etc, that were short-cuts for more complex html, but wouldn't break the page rendering if you got it wrong.
  7. I never noticed it on the previous version of IPB, but now just hovering over a poster's avatar give you quick access to blocking a user... think I might smite a few... LOL. I couldn't upload an avatar with the previous version, and couldn't post with IE11 - now I can. On the down-side, the BBS mode button seems to be missing, and I use that quite a bit for multiple quotes and fixing formatting issues. As for the theme, I doubt that IPS will reinstate that, as the previous skin is likely incompatible. This is obviously the default IPB skin, and you'll need to apply mods (or an entire skin) to restore the previous appearance. Same goes with the avatars, they are probably accessible to the admin, but the broken link image suggests that need to be moved to the correct site-folder of this version, so that the internal route can find them.
  8. "I've been reading about things," Trump said. He said that after noticing an article in The New York Times and commentary by Fox anchor Bret Baier, Trump said he told himself, "Wait a minute, there's a lot of wiretapping being talked about.'" This is basically the "I read it on the internet, so it must be true" defence. The sad part is that his followers won't even blink at this.
  9. Certainly the Aspartame FDA approval was based on research that was later shown to be sloppy (in terms of integrity) but a review of the trials by impartial assessment teams, and further research, concluded that the results were still valid. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aspartame_controversy
  10. Hmmm, friction burns are the worst...
  11. Pesonally, I don't buy any of the "destroy's your braincells" conspiracies surrounding artificial sweeteners, but I do accept that everyone responds differently to almost everything we eat, and that some people might react adversely to foods and additives that are just fine for other people. Sucralose (e.g. Splenda) in an interesting artificial sweetener. It's essentially made by swapping out a few hydroxyl molecules on sucrose, with chlorine molecules. This makes it indigestible while retaining most of the original sweetness. They market it as "tastes like sugar, because it's made from sugar". Of course, this pisses off the various sugar lobbies no end, who do a big song & dance about it not being 'natural' - which is correct enough - and insinuating that it's nasty and poisonous - which it's not.
  12. So, yet another private tertiary training group goes to the wall, leaving students unqualified and yet still expected to pay. I've forgotten what the reasoning for migrating education from TAFE to the private sector was... but so far it's working out well.
  13. Too late for coffee? What... you mean dead?
  14. It's my understanding that this should actually work (presumably where there is a common 'Y' neutral - although a 'Delta' supply would probably also work) but you'd probably need a fairly recent device as these seem to handle the 1/3 cycle phase-shift better than older ones which suffered performance loss. Of course, if there is a point where the phases are conveniently adjacent, you could perhaps also consider jumping between them using a pair of adpaters and a mini-switch or maybe even just a X-Over cable.