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  1. Roadie is my commuter, so quite often
  2. Can't wait to hear what you think mate. I am keen to order a set for my roadie, but the rubber battery cover has me concerned for wet weather
  3. Favourite Toy(s): Quarq dzero power meter AirHub Fenix 5x Roka R1 goggles (brilliant!) Waste of money: Kickr (good product, just could have used a basic trainer) Finis arm fulcrums (used once, never again!) Lusting after: Nothing right this second. Will probably change by the time I post this.
  4. I have the MTB kit, (because I have done a few 24hr mtn races) on the road I only use one set, (ie the road kit) they are excellent! Three years going strong now. Would definitely recommend Ay-Ups!
  5. Cheers mate. I had given up on getting these due to Amazon not shipping to Aus. Could buy 3 pairs of these for the price of Normatec. Legend!
  6. Hi Trannies, I have decided to invest in a set of recovery boots for training and racing and narrowed it down to the Recovery Pump and Normatec sets. I can get a hold of the (digital) Recovery Pump set up for roughly the same price as the Normatecs imported into Aus with Taxes and exchange rate etc. Has anyone ordered a set into Australia before? Anything I should be wary of? Timeframe etc? I have found a link on a thread on here saying Crowie was bringing them in to Aus, but the links don't work. Cheers
  7. Haha I know the exact crew you speak of! Well said!
  8. For IMNZ I just declared it. The asked if it had been washed and dried and sent me on my way
  9. The person you described is sighted at 5-10 min intervals on the freeway path in Perth on any given weekend!
  10. Geez mate, that sucks! FWIW a seam letting go like that is definitely a manufacturing issue. You are well within your rights to get your $$$ back
  11. 150 is a bargain mate. I did it myself with park tool routing tool and it took ages (on the current model). Money well spent at the shop!
  12. Don't stress Zed, they aren't fragile like high end wetsuits. The hold up pretty well
  13. Not quite. They both earn the same title of Australian open champion
  14. I have some brand new carbon 3t extensions if you are keen?
  15. I had a guy at IMWA say "thanks for all you help out on the bike today f#$khead" as I run past him. I turned around to see he was on his first lap and i had less than 5k to go. His face was priceless when he realized he got the wrong person !