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  1. I did mine yesterday in a bucket with laundry detergent. I pulled the inner soles out and let them soak for 15mins. I then washed the shoes out with the detergent and gave them a good scrub. They smell ok today but mine are only stinky from sweat!
  2. Ride out to Cleveland, Wellington pt, Wynnum and did Wynnum park run with a very large crew. Then I skolled a cappuccino from the mobile coffee van and rode home via Indooroopilly. Made a hundred k in the bike, which was the goal. Nice conditions ie a little cooler and a slight breeze. A big tree had fallen on one of the shelter sheds at Wynnum in the cyclone remnants and literally crushed it.
  3. Some windtrainer work while watching Alien Outpost. Got kicked out of work due to flooding.
  4. Mt Coot-tha front 3peat for lunch today. It's been a while, 3 mins off my best.
  5. 90mins on the windtrainer watching Deepwater Horizon this morning.
  6. Easy 2.1k swim this morning. I saw a strange thing today, I shared my lane with a guy who was using a pull buoy but still kicking quite hard, then on alternate laps he'd put a band on as well. He was quite slow on the pull buoy only laps and then dead slow on the laps with the band, I guess because he wasn't kicking. He must get nasty chafing kicking with the pull buoy between his legs. I didn't say anything to him because I am a slow swimmer. Maybe I would have if I was Leisel Thorpe-O'Neil or one of those good swimmists.
  7. Got out on the TT bike on the corso this morning. We both got a wash. Rolled into work and ran over the last few bumps on the dodgy access road and realised I had a flat. It's better to get one now than mid ride in the rain.
  8. Rode down to Redcliffe, got belted by the rain
  9. I raced today, it was a good event as always. My run was a run/walk due to Achilles issues but I enjoyed it anyway. I'll be back, it's more accessible, less expensive and the run course is nicer than Noosa.
  10. 80k on the cycle this morning. Many Strava cups later I had the good old cramp in my quad and hamstring at the same time. Nasty because my leg was locked straight by the quad muscle. Fortunately I felt it coming so got off the bike in time.
  11. 3k swim last night, 2.5k swim this morning = dead arms
  12. Just shy of 100k on the tt bike this morning, with about 1800m of ascending and descending. Legs are tired now !
  13. Strength and core at lunchtime. 25mins.
  14. 70/30 to the roadbike for me. Although on the TT my intensity is usually more targeted than on the roadie.