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  1. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    Yeah should be a blast
  2. The Warmfront

    If you get one, would be great if you do a review & post here. This is the modern take on a sheet of newspaper down the front of your jersey which works 100% unless it rains
  3. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    Ive just been looking for accom in Huskisson, lots of choices & nearly signed up for one on Stayz.com but they want 50% booking fee if we cancel. So I didnt take it 😕 Organising accommodation sucks esp after a long day at work. I need 'people' to do this cr#p for me lol
  4. Season 2017/18

    Is is time for a LCW thread?
  5. The Politics Thread

    I thought, that to get a job in the Australian public service you have to be an Australian citizen. So how come these people 'forgot' about their other citizenship? I find it all very 'odd' to say the least
  6. Another AG race controversy

    Your Mum?
  7. Tenby Long Course Weekend is here....

    Ive checked the LCW details, seems the swim & run start in the same spot but the bike is a different location. Anyone have suggestions on the most convenient location for accomodation.
  8. Facebook, I dont like it!

    Yep same here & probably many others too.The thought of going for a job interview & they'd seen on FB my weekend antics when I was too young to know better & too arrogant to care .. sheeesh it would be awful!
  9. The ol' retail therapy can fix an awful lot of problems. Quite amazing really
  10. Tenby Long Course Weekend is here....

    Same & same !
  11. Tenby Long Course Weekend is here....

    Yep, agree. Well done Skinny FP, looks like a great weekend. Any flare up with your back??
  12. What training did you do today?

    Well glad youre ok & hope the results of the scan are good too. Re spaner in tge works .... take care on slippery surfaces ! 😅
  13. In the news thread.

    Pell is making the headlines this morning
  14. Heart Issues

    All the best Prince for the op & recovery. Keep us posted x
  15. The good news thread

    Wow Goughy ..thats amazing stuff