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  1. Just read the other Tim Don thread - now I dont care how fast or slow he is
  2. Nothin' yesterday or today, some virus or other. Wish I was a man then I could get a bell & claim it ! 😳
  3. Ive been doing some bike racing, Ive noticed that those inexperienced at sitting close, side by side & those that overlap wheels are the ones too watch out for mainly because they overeact instead of staying calm, holding their line. Then theres the constant looking behind or over their shoulder & then drifting. Im happier when the new riders sit at or just off the back. Away from me lol Ive not done a draft legal race, I reckon it could be blast so long as I didnt smash myself & had no legs for the run
  4. Oh Sam, dont know what to say other than take care of you so you can take of her & your daughter. Keep in touch, we're here for you x
  5. Just a thought - invite a couple his mates over for a boys night - get them involved in cooking a barbecue or making pizza or ... anything or their choice. Not take away though. Listen to their chat & see if you can ask a few questions & see how they all respond re homework, stuff they care about etc. Your son might say more & you can get a better picture. He might find talking to someone outside the immediately family useful. Your a good Dad Goughy 'cos you care
  6. Brilliant Ex H 😂😂
  7. Well done, thats a serious trail - I heard is was cold & fog at the start
  8. I read that too - so sad
  9. Get well soon Cranky. Good job its a cold not that Man-Flu Ive been reading about otherwise youll have to drink bundaberg, get a bell, watch tons of telly & die a 1000 deaths.
  10. Feels like Easter minus the chocolate eggs with all this death & resurection. He/she only did #oneinarow - you fellas are killing it
  11. You boys are so funny with ya man-flu. Giving me a good chuckle 😁
  12. Nice choice esp when the LBS are helping with your decision Gotta ask are you a 'foodie' ? Will you be the first trannie on one of those cooking gigs on telly? 😉
  13. So what did order ?
  14. Hows the recovery Turts?