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  1. Thats great news, good for him & thanks for sharing
  2. Where's FFF - Sam? It feels like ages since he's been here Hey Sam, all ok??
  3. Wow! Cant wait for synchro shifting/pedaling .. lol
  4. Coffs Pete - thats a sensational post. Luv it
  5. Good luck with your recovery. Atrophy always amazes me especially how quickly it occurs. I used an alterG, was just great to feel like I was running again. Just a tip for when you put the shorts on - make sure any seams, creased fabric etc all sorted out before they pump in the air. Eewwww ouch !!! 😲
  6. Willie - when is the grand opening.?
  7. So sorry to hear this KR - be sure to look after yourself as well while you get your head around whats happened x
  8. Exciting times - congrats 😊
  9. Well done & thanks for the report. I luv reading these
  10. Are you expecting it to be this year, next year or the one after?
  11. As someone said earlier on another thread, Im getting used to the new look & the new avatars are very cool - esp Skel's Still finding it a bit slow
  12. I luv this pic. Brilliant. Maybe you should put in the 'buying art thread' 😆
  13. C'mon Roxii - its not always about lookin' good 😉
  14. Thats a great pic ☺
  15. What I was trying to say here is that by making it a male & female event would have been the smarter choice. Of course profit is the aim & I dont have an issue with that I think the concept is great, well done to Macca & the rest for all the work they did to get this on telly & raise the profile. I hope they can keep it going & it becomes an annual event