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  1. Didn't know that. Pity, was a great magazine. Fell more in love with cycling due to it as a teenager. But oh well, times change.
  2. The one time a year I buy Ride magazine. And then plan my late nights.
  3. Totally agree, all road users should be paying attention, but it's naive to think that because a cyclist is in the right by law, we are protected from harm. The legal system may be on our side, but the hospital system doesn't care whose fault it was. Victim blaming is a nice buzz word. Should we all be free to travel in safety wherever we want to go- yes. Is this the reality - unfortunately no.
  4. Was there anyway the cyclist could have avoided getting in that position in the first place? Judging from his reaction he's pretty self righteous. Drivers don't just floor it out of a park, generally move slowly, maybe reverse a bit. This can be seen by other users from 10s of metres back. Not condoning drivers using phones, but poor ol victim cyclist surely could have been a bit more aware of the surroundings. Like when people get car doored - you can see through back window if there's a driver in there about to get out. Or side swiped on multi lanes cause you weren't seen in someone's blind spot. 'Oh there didn't shoulder check blahblahblah'. Don't put yourself there, turns out you don't contribute to an accident that way.
  5. Favourite toy - hmmm hard to choose. Probably kickr. Great improvement when actually used. Or maybe the p1 speed concept. Pretty. Waste - rollers. Lust - endless pool would be kickass.
  6. Wow. That's horrible. From what the doc said there's nothing to do except rest. I really don't have the energy to do anything much at the moment but the danger probably comes when I start feeling better. I hardly ever go to the doc but glad I did. Didn't even know this sort of thing was possible.
  7. I thought I'd dodged a bullet with my fight against Man Flu. The real flu symptoms only lasted for a couple of days. Unfortunately it turned into shortness of breath and chest tightness. Doctor has said it's myocarditis. Viral heart infection. So no cairns half for me. If the Man Flu didn't take down Jesus, he probably went and ran some intervals while having this when he thought he was better.
  8. Both goofy. How about that
  9. 7 year tranny switch?
  10. Interesting one. I've had 2 different run coaches go with different definitions of this. One said imagine a rope attached to the top of your head, pulling you up. The other said to concentrate on hips being high. With a slight bend / forward lean, brings glutes and calves into action. I feel I went to the same coach as rbr, as the barbed wire (electric fence in my case) analogy was used. This was to keep the pelvis level so I wasn't 'collapsing' with each stride. I trusted the second advice more that the first, but there's so much out there and hard to know what's specific to you. I think the best advice would be to get someone to look at your form, and if you make any changes, do it gradually. I went from running 2hrs to 1min run/30sec walk, and was still getting some calf niggles. Now they're used to working though, they're massive....
  11. Very downhill. I did it the first year and swam about 28 minutes. Was close to last out of the water. Edit to add it's a decent calendar for living in Brisbane
  12. Struggled big time this afternoon. Fear I'm getting the sickness that is going around. Was swimming pretty well, then, BAM! could hardly lift the arms out of the water. Happened over about 25 meters. Had a rest once I barely made it to then end, tried again but had nothing. Called it a day and feel exhausted. See how tomorrow goes.... Also, what's with people wearing HRMs in the pool? Never seen anyone done it and tonight there were 2 different blokes wearing them.
  13. Rightio, give us go then.
  14. I can't look away. Looks like he'll just miss at this point, only about 3.5km to go. He's got 10 minutes to do it. Kilometres down scroll under the little timer.
  15. Yep, Yamba is a great spot. Accomodation booked, race distance tbc