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  1. Methodically increasing cadence might help form and it's so easy to implement, 920xt metronome every 4 foot strikes or an app on your phone. Run tall. You may not be able to improve form if you have a poorly developed core so make that a priority. Have no idea how to ensure my foot is landing under my hip but hitting the right cadence with metronome is easy. Anyone true lumo? They might be useful for form feedback.
  2. I think I will go faster than the sim too, could be something with the elevation and file uploaded. However, I show 6hrs @ 165w 83kg cda 0.269.
  3. Check out best bike split, the Cairns courses are there and it allows you to optimise power output for a given %FTP or time goal. It simulates a few minutes over FTP but and maybe 4 or 5 mins 20-30w over average power.
  4. Using the vdot ironman pace chart and the one data point of a sprint tri run at 20:30 gives vdot 50.5. That gives open half time 1:30:48 and a 70.3 target range 1:34:30 to 1:39:30. That doesn't mean run slightly faster than 1:34:30 and try to bank a few extra seconds! Test out the range in training with 2-2.5hr at goal bike pace and up to 14km runs. Early in the build try 20min intervals with 3-4 mins recovery at goal paces, as you approach a race shorten rest to a minute or two, if you are fit and recover well do 80-90k bike and 14k run all at race pace.
  5. Google images vdot ironman, its a good starting point for pacing the run, I like doing a flat 5k park run for benchmarking my fitness. Similarly Google ftp pacing for ironman or 70.3. Then test how well these predictors work for you in training and make adjustments. I find it takes a few pacing failures to get fired up, but hopefully not in my upcoming IM because it's too long between drinks to poorly execute an I'M.
  6. I used best bike split to create a workout that optimises my effort on the Cairns IM course. Copied it to zwift workout folder and rode it with ergo turned off. Needed to stand and take a few breaks as circulation is an issue when on the trainer that long. I have never raced on zwift but you can definitely get an extra mental boost by doing so. Plenty of pros about, Lionel Sanders, Jesse Thomas. Structured sessions are good, sweet spot is best but you shouldn't ignore other zones.
  7. Draft but don't get boxed in on last lap, elbows are okay but fists are out.
  8. I will have to get some. Ask Dan which brew pairs best with Mastodon's new Scorpion Breath track with Scott Kelly of Neurosis on vocals, it's phenomenal, IMHO perfect for VO2 sets.
  9. Very sad news and condolences to those near and dear to Mike Hall. The riders have certainly opened minds and shown that normal people can achieve the seemingly impossible given a positive mind set. As with climbing Everest such extreme sports have risks, but heck, anytime you ride on roads or swim in oceans there are risks. Tomorrow's 4.5hr ride will be done on the trainer and it will seem so easy. RIP.
  10. Some additional charts with stopped time and distance etc
  11. Often two incomes are to support a faster path to home ownership, or a bigger car, fancier bikes etc I agree whether this is for the greater good of the family is a personal choice but either way I try not to negatively judge others, particularly those I don't know well. From what I can gather their infant son is nearby and often accompanies them in a stroller or picnic stop. It is not uncommon in some cultures that children are raised by their Grandparents for their first few years, given that outside of this challenge they are not working they are quite possibly more engaged with parenting than the average family. Maybe they made good decisions earlier in life to not have to work. Maybe they are vain and bad parents, I don't know, maybe its just a Kiwi trait to be more reserved and less judgemental.
  12. In Sydney it is rare to find a family where both parents do not work, in this case they have family helping out, do you judge all people in this manner or is this bigotry a momentary lapse of your better self?
  13. 2014 on a Cervelo S2 58cm with clip ons and stages pm @<74kg: Lap 1 (Strava segment) 183w 2:52:28 Lap 2 163w 3:06:21. Wind picked up on 2nd lap plus my power dropped. I was not overly aero, when switching to a p3 56cm I was estimate my gains were about 5mins faster on a 70.3. Last year when I switched from stages to a power tap I recorded both simultaneously, PT average power for 20mins was ~15w higher, ~5%. Add 5% to your stages FTP if simulating on best bike split, it should be closer to the truth but also realise that your cda or aerodynamics is a very large part of the equation as is the wind on the day of the race. It is a great site, especially for analysing the impact of weight and equipment changes.
  14. New Balance 150 v3 might be worth a trial; 230g (8.1oz), 6m heel to toe drop, 3mm more stack height than the Fastwitch 7 so possibly a touch more cushioning. The new Fastwitch 8 has shaved off 20g, down from 204g to 184g. I think I will just do a few extra toe curls and calf raises and use Fastwitch 8 at Cairns. I do not think the Hoka tracer has stability which would probably rule me out, I have tried the KInvaras on a few occasions and without a touch of stability I was a broken man.
  15. I have a pair of Hoka Infinite (9.7oz) in my line-up. My primary and still preferred shoe for the past 18 months has been the Saucony Fastwitch (5.9oz). When I tested the Hoka in June 2016 I found the transition from a shoe with lots of ground feel to one so built up very unnatural. I wanted to test a shoe with more cushioning for when the legs are tired and as EVA weighs a lot less now than 10 years ago I was attracted to the Hoka. I chose the infinite as it was a tempo shoe with a similar heel-top drop and it provided some stability for late stage over pronation, something I experience as my leg swings laterally due to various bio-mechanical issues. I recently began testing other shoes (Newton Motion, Asic DS Racer, Saucony Guide) along with the Hoka. I doubt I would race in the Inifinte due to the weight penalty, at this stage it is a toss up between the Infinite and the Guide as to my preferred choice of heavy duty trainer for tired legs.