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  1. Keep some base, coffee rides 3-4 hours, 90m long run. Go heavy at the gym, work on your weaknesses.
  2. I'm intrigued by how you emulate Trumpism diversionary tactics but nonetheless I'm still confused by them.
  3. He was 2nd at IMNZ which I'm sure does more for his coaching brand and sponsorship than whatever you're suggesting, don't quit your day job.
  4. I didn't think drafting was too bad. I went from 476th place to 195th so I had a good sample of the field. There was one group I passed later on where I almost felt the need to call them a bunch a funkin cheaters but instead I Just out the hammer down and hoped karma would sort them out, not a lot of TOs to rely on.
  5. Swim was much like last year. Bike was probably faster with no rain and the wind was not too bad except the last 15km or so. Wasn't too hot on the run, cools down a bit before 5pm, so good for most AGers. I think last year's times had more people targeting the race this year, at least that's what my analysis of 40-44 suggested.
  6. He might think you should quit the sport until you are as fast as he is.
  7. Well done Burgs, would have said hello at IronKids finish but got DQd for running barefoot, lol.
  8. Nice meeting you and your mates Stu, have a good trip back and let me know when your visiting the Pac and we will do pints.
  9. Cap for me please.
  10. The Aussie Hump Day Ride is the most popular down under organised ride. It's on every Wed @ 7pm, I used to do the Pro4mance ride and that is also good, I have been in specific prep for awhile and have stuck to my own structured workouts for awhile.
  11. I had no problems riding last year but maybe because I'm used to Sydney cycling and was lucky on the day. Happy to yield to the consesnus view, must book the bus for myself now.
  12. It's a 30km ride which is a bit more than ideal but there will be a tail wind and the highway has enough shoulder for cyclists.
  13. Correct, 9 slots for 45-59 based on the current start list and it's pretty much bang on a whole number which means late registration changes are unlikely to affect this allocation. 40-44 also has 9 slots, I'm hoping for a modest roll down so I can get this thing done and move on with my life.
  14. That site is useful but the last qualifier's time after roll down is not available, it's made pretty clear on the website.