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  1. obviously they created a "special rule" so were within their rights to ban them.
  2. Brett's FB page
  3. The phrase performance enhancing was uttered ?!? I only ever wear one when the leg is playing up as a preventative measure, so in this case it could be considered performance enhancing - but no more than someone with taped up knees, shoulders etc.
  4. Ryf miscounted the laps. I've done that ! Not feeling such an idiot now :-)
  5. Fronted at the "flagship" TQ sprint race at moreton bay today wearing the sleeve on my dodgy calf to be told that I would be DQ if I wore it as a ruling and announcement had been made that morning. I very politely pointed out to the official that TA does not ban calf sleeves, socks yes, sleeves OK. She responded that no ruling exists to permit them and as such I would not be able to wear it unless I wanted to to be DQ. I asked her that if I pulled the muscle in my calf would I be able to sue TQ (I laughed as I said it) she assured me that if I wanted I could wear it but I'd be carded and I'd have to see the race referee at the end, who was very understanding of these things and it would be OK and I'd most likely be reinstated. ??? I had a look around and wondered why those people wearing tape were allowed to compete without threat of disqualification. Maybe next time I'll just wrap my calf in tape!!! wish TA would act on this and stop the confusion.
  6. take a cold shower!!! evidence for magnesium tends to be low quality - doesn't mean it doesn't work, just means the research has not been done. We occasionally recommend magnesium supplements (Myoplex) and feed back is generally positive. However, if you want something supported by reasonable evidence, then cold water immersion is your option for muscles soreness.
  7. It would go beautifully with her helmet !
  8. you are an evil man Emo.
  9. bottom line is, if money is not an issue then get a new bike. personally, over winter I'd be hitting the gym and track and spend a fraction of the money you would be spending on a new bike by getting a run coach. I don't think your run "sucks big time" but the times you have posted indicate this is where you would get the most time savings.
  10. No Yamba?
  11. doesnt say size or groupset
  12. Just wondering here. Not that I'm averse to the new bike idea, but what do you feel is wrong with your current tt bike (aside from being a giant and clashing with your tri suit :-)) ? Looking at your recent splits, it seems to me that if you are looking at shaving time off your results you would be better focusing on your running. Your swim and bike splits tend to be top 2-4 in category, but you give away a good 4-5 minutes on the run.
  13. I'm vertically challenged - the XS p2 fits a treat. Also I bought the P2 with the intention of upspecking (is that a word) if and when necessary. My bike has 105 group set and the brakes are just as good as the ultegra brakes. I haven't felt the need to upgrade - YET. I was lucky tho, I walked into the bike shop - just to torment myself and they were having a flash sale of 20 per cent off all cervelo so I got the p2 2016 for $3100.
  14. P2 and build from there if you must. The black goes with everything as well. I have the P2 and even though I'm no expert I cant tell the difference between the 105 on it and the ultegra on my road bike.
  15. Born and bred in the area. Yamba is the annual pilgrimage at Christmas. I'm a queenslander now :-)