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  1. How did you go?
  2. Welcome back ! There are a couple of 54 cm cervelo p2 and p3 for sale over in triathlon marketplace on Facebook. It's a closed group, but if you ask to join you will see them there. Good luck
  3. these are the results: Times for Port
  4. Someone asked on the Facebook page and they said they were awaiting a decision from itu
  5. Think Mooloolaba might be a sell out next year. Age Group qualifier for Olympic Distance.
  6. how about some shmick new wheels?
  7. I heard there were a couple in hospital and one guy I saw finishing was displaying the latest in gravel rash fashion - double ouch. glad I race sprints because I had a lovely dry bike, complimented by the fact that we got to turn around before the worst of the hill and pot holes. Running in the rain sux tho. i do like Byron bay triathlon, but having to wait two hours to get my bike was stretching the friendship when you are cold, tired and wet.
  8. Good luck today cranky. That wind should make the bike interesting!
  9. Not wearing mine - hate em, then again I'm doing the sprint and don't think there is as much time saving. More importantly I'm not racing for a podium and prefer to extract every bit of enjoyment from the event. In this weather could be a challenge. should have bought my road bike.
  10. is that an ouch for Hoffy?
  11. Mrs IP made 1st in her AG, so presume she will be off to Kona as well?
  12. not top 5 AG or ex-pro, which leaves the last for me
  13. Word direct from horses dooziwacker: In response to this post: ............ F$&@ it, I'll probably get blasted for this, but....I don't feel one bit sorry. You know why? Because of shit like this from you: I've owned three Dimonds. All have been great bikes. Like ABSOLUTELY EVERY BIKE I've ever owned, there are things I would change about them. What's great about working with Dimond is how fast many of those things HAVE been changed in the two years I've been working with them. And none of the things I desire to change are (or were) things that I think should keep someone from buying a Dimond. Lots of folks, myself included, asked your opinions of the Dimond in very recent months, including via PM's, and you lied your ass off. You never spoke of any major issues. Now you want people to fund a defence for you. Piss off. .......... he said this: You will not hear a peep of criticism from me on this. I have had to think about that every single day for quite some time. And I will have to continue to think about this for quite some time. I did not write that believing it was a lie. I wrote that wanting myself to have it be true. I don't offer that as a defense of any sort. Simply a statement. I do not expect it to change your feelings. It was the posts like yours that I knew would come. And which I knew would hit me the hardest.
  14. Yes, I believe he intimated that it is something he has to think about deeply..... and will continue to think about..... obviously keeping him up at nights. No apology tho.