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  1. I love how they think that if Cyclists had a number plate they could be reported for breaking the road rules. Ive tried to report cars breaking the rules by ringing the police with a number plate. Police response = . Unless they see it, not interested.
  2. Springfield Duo

    Loved the new run section. although the pinch on the run which I hadn't noticed the first 4 times around, definitely made me regret doing the Olympic distance . I'm going to have to learn how to descend on my time trial bike. Actually, I probably need to learn how to descend on my road bike as well . Found it interesting how many cyclists were grinding up the hill in the big gear. Their legs would have been totally trashed.
  3. Season 2017/18

    I'm up for the OD as well this weekend, have no idea why at this stage - usually do the sprint - but will definitely be using the road bike.
  4. Sour Grapes or worth calling the Champ out?

    According to her Facebook comment, (ryf) , all the commitments and appearances challenge required of her are set down weeks in advance and she met everyone of them. It appears the parties she "didn't attend" were not part of her contract. She indicated that when she had finished her career she will be more than happy to "party".
  5. death on beach rd

    i read on FB - from a woman who was on the scene shortly afterwards, that he lost control descending and slid under a car. so terrible
  6. Tenby Long Course Weekend is here....

    super effort skinny pom! or should that be crazy pom?
  7. Tenby Long Course Weekend is here....

    Definitely going to have to change your name !!! Have fun out there
  8. Disc brakes on road and TT/TRI bikes

    I thought you couldn't have disk brakes under triathlon Australia rules? edit to add, sorry that's just for draft legal racing
  9. End of the financial year today

    no party tonight for my accountant - he said he'd still be on the phone to panicing clients whose bank transfers haven't gone through etc etc. he parties tomorrow!
  10. Gold Coast, running festival this weekend

    you might surprise yourself how fast you can run, when you haven't swum and cycled before hand! as for tapering, just don't run any half marathons between now and saturday and you will be fine..... Enjoy!
  11. Gold Coast, running festival this weekend

    Just had a read of the start zones - Did you put yourself in start zone A?
  12. Gold Coast, running festival this weekend

    When I ran the 10km a few years ago the start was seeded. the elites were right at the front then it went I think 40-50 min 50-60. I found myself right near the front (ran 46) when the gun went off they all bolted off and I was running free and clear from the get go. It was like that for the entire race but I did notice when we ran back past the start line people were still shuffling through. So place yourself at the front and go for it - - lovely flat and fast course have fun
  13. What training did you do today?

    I asked what a yassos was but then googled and found this : http://www.bartyasso.com/800s
  14. What training did you do today?

    Not to worry - Google was my friend
  15. What training did you do today?

    What is a yassos?