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  1. 2016 TCR (slime green color, but upgraded to Durace all over). Don't think the septets can be reversed, I'' have to have a look. Sounds like get some clip ons, and just adjust the seat accordingly.
  2. Seeking some thoughts as to what needs to be tweaked. I'm heading over to ride Pyrenees before Roth then off to the Alps post Roth. I'm only taking my Giant TCR and starting to look at clip ons and what else I may need to do to adjust setup for TT. I have both my roadie & trinity professionally fitted so have all the settings, but keen to get some thoughts on what to adjust. Thoughts appreciated, thanks. Stephen
  3. I would like to think it has been well thought through as in previous years we had issues on the bike with the cross over between both the half and the full and it was not good. I would prefer that the IM guys go off as early as possible. If they are using a single lap of the IM course there will definitely be overlap. I quite enjoy being on the run and having people that are doing the half still going (gives the impression that there are lots of competitors).
  4. I guess everyone finds something that makes it the preferred place. I just did Taupo last weekend and a lovely spot for the race, everything was easy in and around the town and very well organised. The swim on a nice day would be awesome, the crowd support on the run to T1 was awesome. The ride was much smoother than port, however was absolutely boring ride course. Whilst there were spectators in town and on the first hill, Port has more spectators on its main hill, and supporters throughout all the towns as well as DJ's and commentators. The runs are very similar from a support perspective (perhaps Port has a few more across the run), and similar in scenery, with Taupo perhaps a little lumpier. Fence sitting now officially over, my preference would prefer to race Port again over Taupo, however if a group of mates was heading to Taupo, I would join them. Stephen
  5. Trav is Temme from Trispecify is in, have fun Trav. Tim will have to drag his but out and get you through the winter sessions.
  6. I beg to disagree, I would love to see you on the bike in crits / road races. You would be awesome and give some of the blokes a run for there money.
  7. Hi - Just wondering if anyone has seen this in action. I was out riding on Saturday and this guy was riding a Cervelo TT bike and had 3 bottles on the back (1 was for tools / tube). He said it was a "hydration station" but I have never seen this before. I can't see anything online wondering if anyone else has. Stephen
  8. I'm in for my first NZ IM, along with a bunch of 4 others. Looking forward to it, training all going reasonable well.
  9. I bought one and find it extremely useful, especially when riding on a TT bike, as it picks cars up a long way back and provides time for you to ensure you are as far left as you can be, without having to make adjustments at the last minute. When passing other riders (especially when in a bunch), it gives you an early warning as to the ability to pass, or hold back until the vehicle has gone. Again there can be some messy bunch riders out there. Whilst I still can't trust it 100% (I still have a look), it makes life very easy. Another advantage is when having to turn right, if your on a single lane road and cars are coming, it lets you know each cars position and you can slow up accordingly without having to look around and check whether its safe, until you have the all clear then you can have a look before driving. Many riders I see as soon as their heads turn so does there bike, so this takes that problem away. Anyway - I'm impressed but perhaps just a little to pricey and the battery only lasts around 5 hours. Stephen
  10. Yep, I ventured out, and successfully managed to blow up, limping home up Donna Buang going "I think I can, I think I can". Certainly a great event and the weather was superb, well organised, just was a little lonely going up the gravel section, got dropped by a small group just prior, and then chuckled as I past them in the last km. Now turning my eyes to the Tour of Bright this weekend. Stephen
  11. Fair point, I guess that was when we didn't have both Shep and Ballarat on the calendar. In similar circumstances many people did Challenge Melb or Geelong 70.3 as a tune up for IM Melb (it was either 3 or 4 weeks out depending on your choice of races). I guess we have are now spoilt for choices of halves on the calendar and with the spiralling costs, people do choose wisely. For me the timing of shep has always been good, Ballarat was just to close to xmas and to many functions on.
  12. Not sure the decline but having done probably 12 shep races, I think the new course is awesome in comparison, great for all, it would be interesting to see how the lake holds up to having 700+ competitors, but I will keep coming back. As for the lead into Busso, it is absolutely ideal, 3 weeks, have a solid hitout, doesn't have to full pace, and you get to trial your race strategy, fuelling strategy under race conditions. Again absolutely perfect timing pre taper. Stephen
  13. I felt the race was smaller than last year, and was expecting it to be bigger, would love to see it back to the size it used to be from a competitor perspective. That said, our group had an excellent weekend, with many collegues on the podium and all enjoying the race. A tough day out there and I think for both the supporters and volunteers it would have been miserable in the cold and wet. From my perspective race was fantastic, but got headbutted in the swim. Someone was miles off course, they were heading to the left hand far marker (of the M) and I was heading to the middle point of the M and we went skull to skull. Nice headache for the remainder of the race. Out on the bike just rode a nice even power split (best ever pacing by myself) and got back into transition only to find that I was a lot colder than I thought and like others unable to get the helmet off and the socks / shoes on. I still use laces and it was tough to tie them in loops, the fingers didnt want to work. First lap of the run was great, but struggled for the rest as my hamstrings and glutes locked up. Still managed a PB again but still 3 mins off my goal of 4:45. I will have to come back again next year. Stephen
  14. Shep 70.3 Tour of Bright IM NZ Challenge Melb 70.3 IM Port Mac Roth TDF Kona??? will need a little luck with this one (but after Port mac I will be in the legacy program)
  15. I'll be there. Never had a problem with it being cold (I wasn't there a couple of years ago in the wet/wind), but I'm from melb so used to a cool ride.