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  1. I'm soft.
  2. Tent
  3. Haters are going to hate
  4. I don't buy smashed avacado on toast
  5. Maybe they are & it's just a scam to get everyone to enter.
  6. Stikman? you seem to be the man in the know in regards to Busselton. Any news on it continuing past this year?
  7. It's not me they need to be worried about. If they get in the way of Ms Bored@work & her margaritas, all hell will break out. Little Miss 13 year old will be running the cartels after a few days.
  8. Nope. My wife & her best friend are having a combined 40th next year in Mexico.I'll be racing Los Cabo's & maybe Argentina. I mentioned Busso but it didn't seem to get much support.
  9. I have been using lenzyne & they seem good value for money
  10. But u can camp for $35 a night.
  11. Have you raced in Kona?
  12. Leave it & walk away, not much to be gained by trying to take it further. If the gym has cancelled the guys membership he won't have to worry about him again. If the gym have it on video & witness statements but don't cancel the gym membership. I would be cancelling my membership & refusing to give the gym another dollar. The guy was probably jacked up of steroids or this pre work out shit they all seem to be taking these days.
  13. It's a half.
  14. Nooooo!!!!! I was going to head back next year to get my 5 x finishers medal.