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  1. The race day bike hire guys are currently renting Scott bikes but are moving to Canyon.
  2. I borrowed my mates, he lives in the Woodlands Texas. It's been nice traveling with out a bike. If I do Chattanooga I'll use his other P5. He will just tri bike transport it to thr race fo me.
  3. Give Roka a go. Their gear is awesome. Easily the best products I have ever used.
  4. I rode a P5 @ Ironman Texas. No bike fit just adjusted the seat height by feel & loved it. After using the straight TT bars for years. No matter what bike I get next I'm going back to ski pole TT bars.
  5. Thanks. Chattanooga is looking more & more likely. It lines up with School holidays & it's a part of the USA we haven't visited. Plonka. Let me get a sub 11 first. & for the record I have no desire to chase a sub 10. That would require squad swimming, training with a group & doing Busso again. I have no desire to do any of those things. My fastest times 1:07 swim 5:30 bike 4:02 run i just need to put it all together on race day. I also think I can take another 20min off my run time.
  6. No it was from a volunteer, so all good.
  7. Do pros have to register at a race like Age Groupers? If so he would have been forced to walk past the Diamonds bike stand at the expo.
  8. U wait for permission?
  9. Anyone still looking for accommodation ?
  10. A cool story fro Saturdays race. A guy discovered a tear in his run gear bag in T2 & only had one shoe. A volunteer lent him a shoe & he ran the marathon with two different shoes. Came third in his age group & got a Kona spot.
  11. Mmm donuts.
  12. NBA

    That was a great experience & well worth the money. Mills turned it.
  13. Even if the bike was short this was still an awesome race. The crowds around the river section of the course were nuts. On the first & second loop of the run it was like a mountain stage of the TDF. It was out of control & by the time I got there for the 3rd lap they had several police officers keeping the crowd back.
  14. My wife didn't forget & reminded me of it yesterday as I put the credit card down to by her new hand bag. "Well you would have lost $1000 to Peter anyway. At least I get something out of this"
  15. I want to go cat fish noodling while we are in the USA but my wife is against it. Damm women is always holding me back.