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  1. Awesome! This is my attitude. I'm scared if I stop, I'll lose fitness and I worked too damn hard to lose it by enjoying some time off. I think it would be harder on me, mentally, having to get my fitness back up than the enjoyment of having some time off. Won't make sense to a lot of people, but it does to me. I don't want to go for a run one day and then beat myself up because I used to be able to run an IM marathon and now I can't even run 5km! BUT ... if you can handle the rest ... they say it's good for you!
  2. Cry. That's what I did!
  3. What? ? Me too!
  4. How many Trannies hats will be on course that day? I'm doing the bike in a team with my swim squad. Can't wear the cap but I have a sticker on my helmet!
  5. Geeze. Who's idea was this? !? You're doing nothing but running to and from the PO!
  6. Thanks, Roxii!
  7. Na. I like watching the transitions and they bike and run through transition anyway, don't they?
  8. I got to tickets. Yay!
  9. That's different. That's fun and games.
  10. This! We stayed a 10min drive out of Kona but if it was all about me (which I'm told it always is...) I would've paid to stay at the KK. Keep in mind you poetically won't have a kitchen though? ?? We had a family of 6 so really,we needed one.
  11. Sticker or the back a touch. Don't know what my angle is but looking at it right now, it's a bit bigger than 90°. Very technical comments, I know!
  12. This is what I used. Some charge a fee. Some don't.
  13. I have a friend who is selling her son's bike and she has someone in Sydney who is interested in it. She is in Brisbane. What's the best way to get it from Brisbane to Sydney? Do you think it is worth it or is there a risk of damage? Is she better off just waiting for a buyer in Brisbane?
  14. Some good ideas here thanks but, porridge with egg???
  15. I can see them on my mobile