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  1. I thought sensible comments weren't allowed here? I'll pretend I didn't read those!
  2. I'll have to admit that I'm scared. I used to love rides but won't be going on any more for quite a while I think! Anyway, is much rather spend my money on a race entry. A lot more fun, safer and healthier for me!
  3. Won't be long now!
  4. Thanks. Have tried all of those except the gel so will go and buy myself some of that before forking out for a new strap. Thanks!
  5. Yes. I use a 920XT! Thanks, I'll go searching!!
  6. My Polar Heart Rate strap has died. Well, I'm thinking that's what the problem is. I've replaced the battery and it hasn't helped. Readings are still crazy (of course it could be my heart, but last time this happened I replaced the strap and all was good for another 12-18 months). I've found Polar on ebay. but I'm a bit weary of ebay ones. I've been on the Polar and theirs are $50 Last time I bought one off the net (not the Polar site), but I can't remember where. I can find Garmin ones at Pushy's for $40 Is this the best option?
  7. First hilly run in a while. No plan. Just run. It was nice to do a different route for a change.
  8. This is very very very likely
  9. I like this but it won't let me like it. I haven't given out 20 likes today. I haven't even been on here long enough to give 20 likes. What's going on? !
  10. 2 hr ride Park Run (PB!) Easy 7km ride home
  11. Go for it. Money is there to spend. ... not everyone agrees with me! But we work to live, not live to work!
  12. Touche I was going to like this but I'm out of likes for the day
  13. Not totally. It's not like we needed it to buy food. Just cashing in on money that was gathering dust in the corner. One squillionth of a poofteenth of a second could make all the difference. And what's this "only racing in age group" rubbish? In my next life I'm going to be a pro. I need to practice now! Because what else would they be able to put shit on me about? ! Ha ha!
  14. Don't you talk about my children like that I've been told that I'm a bit of a moron
  15. You're shitting me! We just paid for our accommodation at Ski Rider a couple of weeks ago!