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  1. Can someone from Brisbane grab mine please? One of each.
  2. Nothing. I've got a cold.
  3. 2.5km.swim squad and actually held some really good 100m times (for me) after 3 days off. Thinking I should incorporate more rest days into my schedule. I think I'm burning myself out (not just the training, but with work and parenting as well). But I'm scared if I rest too much I'll lose some speed/fitness. I'm sure it is a fine line and a bit of a balancing act. Would be interested to hear how many rest days others have ..... time for a new thread ?!
  4. Unfortunately I was leading the chaser pack so had to pull myself the whole way! !
  5. I don't know. I just fell freer without it. Turns out I like it now. Great swim pace, for me. Lol!!
  6. Thanks. Great riding out there! ! It was a bit scary going down the hill and not being able to see the quality of the road due to the rain. I just held on and hoped for the best! I wondered why last year's times were so fast Overall? As if! ! I liked the 4 lap run. Makes it easier on the head. The bike was rough in spots and beautiful in others. Only one really bad spot. See above Missed this. Sorry. I didn't do a warm up. Never do. I'm too lazy. But swam really well! Shock horror. 2nd in the swim (will not ever second guess wearing it now!), 3rd on the bike and 4th on the run (all in my age group of course). Damn run! !!!! Saw Cat Lady. She had a great day out (says her result!) Thanks all for the advice ... AGAIN! ! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, team.
  7. Course is a bit hilly in spots too. Just drove it. Oh, that might be after you turn though
  8. A sheep station Wetsuit it is. Suckin it up
  9. It's a salt water swim I swim 1500m in about 27:30 IN A 50m POOL. I am able to get it off pretty quick. I think I'm going to wear it
  12. I hate swimming in my wetsuit and this morning it has been declared wetsuit optional at Byron Bay for age groupers. Am I really going to save any time by swimming in a wetsuit? I would much prefer everybody just leave theirs at home! Lol I don't know what the temperature is though. If it's freezing cold then I would probably wear it somebody tell me what to do! I start at 1:13pm
  13. Yep, if it works with the family, I'm in.