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  1. I've got a legitimate reason for using the visor, I promise! My position on the bike is such that when I'm looking up at the road ahead, I'm peering over the top of a normal pair of sunnies (even big ones like the Jawbreaker), so I don't get any sun protection. That's all sorted with a visor.
  2. I've got one. It fits well, but the visor attachment isn't the greatest. The plastic tabs can break if you're not careful. This happened to me at port in 2015 and the visor fell off 10km into the bike leg. They may have improved this over the last 2 years though.
  3. Isn't it about time for the annual "bull sharks in the Hastings" report?
  4. Nice. I'm staying at the Waters Edge so its an even shorter walk to transition. Any idea where the 90km turnaround will actually be?
  5. I've just had an email saying they've made some alterations to the course, but no detail. Anyone have any inside info?
  6. #509 for me
  7. New and interesting the regatta centre?!
  8. 4 weeks to go. So skinny, so cold, so tired and so over it.
  9. Women's 10,000m is one big positive result waiting to happen. The previous world record, set in 1993 by Wang Junxia, a known doper was 22 seconds faster than the next fastest ever recorded time. No one even comes close to that time for 23 years then all of a sudden the record gets smashed by 14 seconds and half a dozen people get close to it. Add to that, the Kenyan coach getting sent home for posing as an athlete during a dope test.
  10. Those age groupers in every race that fly past up every hill and then when they reach the top, sit up, stop pedalling, have a drink and roll down the other side while I have to brake in order to get out out the back of their draft zone before I can overtake.
  11. These are apparently gaining popularity with the ladies...
  12. Boco gear technical trucker hats are the business.
  13. Shit. He's going to get the shock of his life. Could be worse though. Could be living in Bradford.
  14. 20 watts out is good! Mine is consistently 20% out according to best bike split.
  15. The missus and some others did it and reported that it was a bit brown near the shore, but perfectly pleasant further out.