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  1. Haha - forums are great for advice too... as everyone is a qualified coach 😜 check out Matt Fitzgerald training programs on training peaks or some other coaches on there - buy the program and subscribe to training peaks and follow them. Annual cost $100 training peaks , program $50 - a lot cheaper for self motivated folks If you like reading check out Joe Friel triathlon training bible on kindle
  2. Get a coach
  3. Apple TV 4 will support Zwift native soon - but yeah a cheap pc build with a decent graphics card will run it easily and cheaper than a new iPad
  4. Most important plenty of air from a couple of fans to keep cool Shane miller on YouTube has plenty of tips
  5. The speed / cadence with Zwift you mean? doesnt the kickr also do cadence ? zwift smart tv = no Laptop to tv yes if it has hdmi out on laptop Ant + to phone = no without an ant+ phone dongle Zwift can be run to a to tv via laptop , to Apple TV from apple phone , to tv from iPad/iPhone with audio visual adapter i use use a laptop with ant + dongle and hdmi cable to tv check out shane miller on YouTube for all things Zwift
  6. There is a canyon speedmax cf slx 8 on triathlon Marketplace for $7300 , I got him down to $6,300 (I am not buying it but thought I would see what price I could get to and post here) - size medium
  7. If you have Garmin 520 or 820 and a smart trainer u can load the gpx course in and ride it apps s that can do gpx and or your own video with gpx Bkoool Tacx - uses google street view with the gpx file kinomap cyclops virtual training Some of the above have high def camera ironman/ tri course bike courses as part of the subscription , they also have the big major rides like alps de huez , Tour de France etc most offer a free trial period - bkool has a free 12 month subscription for Aussies but the interface is crap so didn't haven't used it. you can load a course into Zwift by using best bike split (it's a convulated process so I didn't bother)
  8. Couple of options then - Set it up directly in Garmin connect workouts or use an indoor trainer software (asumimng u have a trainer) that supports training peaks workout exports (Zwift works with training peaks)
  9. Thinking out loud what is the device ftp settings in Garmin connect mobile ?
  10. If you got Bupa health then you get 20% off Garmin products from ordering direct from Garmin website. Good deal when they first come out as the shops charge full rrp
  11. Yes barefoot podiatry - Michael Nitschke is a gun runner and very passionate about running , no affiliation just a satisfied customer
  12. The chick with the 6 pack??
  13. They put in a feature if you are not in a race you don't see the people racing and vice versa from memory
  14. Mine is permanently in an apple wall plug - no issues charging the 935
  15. Yep - just an hour ride during the week, in terms of social there is a shit load of racing on there if you want to race, different categories etc if you want an easy race and all with usual aussie banter. Zwift Oz on facebook. Do workout specific stuff closer to start of season, just low intensity during winter for an old bloke.