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  1. What's next lightest ? Much weight difference to canyon ?
  2. What bikes weigh similiar to these machines in similiar bracket, the canyon look nice.
  3. Biomechanically in terms of long term health get form sorted first then worry about cadence - do some video analysis of yourself see where you may have issues or get a good run coach. cadence first to me is like driving a sports car fast on shit suspension
  4. Depends on gravity
  5. depends on what they did to increase their cadence - I'd hate to increase cadence and still be over striding and having twice the impact through the knee and hip areas
  6. I think running form is first thing to look at , cadence is dependent on pace. being able to maintain running form at any pace is more imortant than a focus on pace.
  7. Yes IP is our chuck Norris
  8. Focus on my weakest (swim) , strength twice a week (4x6) compound exercises, one long run and one long ride on the mountain bike a week. Fat reduction
  9. How about how to stop chafing with pics too?
  10. Yeah it's quite small compared to original Fenix 3 but I like it. i got 20% off direct from Garmin with my bupa health insurance.
  11. His times are close to last year
  12. I'm sure he will win it running backwards
  13. Lezyne USB rechargeable on front - I add a led lenser running headlamp on my helmet for MTB , cheaper than ayup kit and dual purpose without the weight
  14. Heaps of videos on the effortless swimming YouTube channel to look at , if someone can film you under water then you could compare to these. They also offer $220 a year and you upload your swim vids and they give you drills to do. Good value if you don't have access to a swim coach