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  1. Just a gentle reminder that nomination for commonwealth games tickets opens tomorrow. I'm not sure if you are all as pumped up as me about this but I know there are plenty of fans of the world outside of tri on here and will want to be part of this. What events are you looking forward to? Me: 1500m, 5000m, 10000m, Netball and then standing on the side of the road screaming at the road race.
  2. I'm on the hunt for a place to get a few custom bidons/bottles made. A simple design of pink writing on a black bottle with a pink lid (or something similar). The thing is I don't need 5000 of them, only looking for 5 or so. Anyone know of a place or website I can get a small order like this? Heck, I'll even take suggestions on places I can get a plain bidon from and I'll get a few blacks and pinks and mix the lids up and whack a sticker on them. Thanks in advance
  3. Yeah I saw these links in the other thread. Much appreciated!
  4. Thread revival: Anyone have any info or experience on the STAC Zero trainer? Uses magnets but not as a mag trainer and is meant to be silent (except for your drivetrain). I'm in a similar position to the original poster: apartment living and don't want to wake up the baby at 5am, so noise is my biggest concern. Thinking of either the STAC Zero or a fluid trainer (cycleops fluid 2 maybe?), any input would be appreciated.
  5. Interested to see a map or vague directions iFoz. I'm new to the area and most roads into the hinterland that I've seen seem a little on the risky side. I'm yet to figure out where all these cyclists that go through the beachfront at Currumbin head to. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Brisbane, most of us anyway.
  7. Thanks for the great ideas snowboarding is what I've been pushing but yet to get it over the line. Regardless of what comes up you'll be sure to know that we will still keep to a few of the 'traditions' that make up a bucks party. 😉
  8. G'day team, Looking for a few ideas out there to help with planning an upcoming bucks weekend for a mate. The criteria is pretty brief: a weekend (or thereabouts) with a purpose, not just a piss up with strippers. The idea of going away and learning a new skill for the weekend is appealing to him (e.g. Scuba diving course). All able blokes in their late 20-early 30's. Just thought I'd throw it out to the trannies to see if you've had any great/memorable bucks parties or any suggestions for us. Thanks
  9. Very keen to see this. Looked at the course maps and the multi-lap bike will be very technical. The descent towards the marina is short but steep, only just manageable in a golf buggy one-handed while nursing a xxxx. Interested to see how far they push things in the race.
  10. I couldn't see any bike course maps on the website? Still in negotiation perhaps. What was the old course like in comparison to the WC 70.3 course they had?
  11. Got a few pairs from aliexpress recently. For cycling I got something like this: The shop that I bought mine from has gone (concerning?) but the quality was pretty good. I've compared them to the originals and there are minor differences in fit but otherwise you'd swear they were the real thing with all the oakley labelling and cards and info material that came in the packaging. Are they UV resistant? I'm not sure. They certainly are polarised (one lens is), and from what i've heard its quite hard to get polycarbonate that isn't UV resistant.
  12. Sad news. Really sucks to hear things like this. Going back maybe a year, there was a bloke killed not far from there on McCarrs Creek Rd. P plater was very much in the wrong it seemed. Anyone know the outcome of his trial/investigations? I know it's all a little too late and throwing someone in goal won't make s loved one appear, but just curious as to the punishment dished out.
  13. Different airlines may be different, not 100%. But my experiences with Jetstar has been as long as it fits within your luggage allowance it ok. Eg I book 20kg of luggage. I rock up to the airport with carry on bag and my bike bag. Go through check in, they will tag the bike bag, then you walk it over to oversize and it goes through there. There is only the initial cost of paying for luggage (non specific to the bike, everyone pays for the luggage with Jetstar), you shouldn't have to pay anything at the airport if you stay under weight.
  14. Yeah I got worded up about my zipper being to far down on the run. In my defence though it's was a hot day! Swam a full 5 mins slower than previous times there (30mins this year compared with 25 in previous) I'd love to blame a long course for that, though I suspect a few minutes of that are my own fault for neglecting swim training. Still a great day! Didn't see any drafting on the bike when I was on course (8-9am). Actually had a lot of room out there for the most part.
  15. I'll be moving up end of this year as well. I spend a bit of time up there now and it seems like the community is really growing on the sth end of the coast. No idea about bunches sorry. See you up there!