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  1. What training did you do today?

    20min easy run and weight set. First back after being sick for the last 10 days!
  2. Season 2017/18

    Looks like it's not on. The interest was not there, which is a shame as it was a nice location, we stayed back for dinner after the presentation and also got into some country and western music in the main bar later. I like injecting cash into places like that, Forbes has had a hard run over the years.
  3. Season 2017/18

    Hills dates through to December are sorted. October 15, November 18 and December 17. Word has it that dates for 2018 are yet to be given out.
  4. Season 2017/18

    Plans are in the works...in addition to Hills club races Ultimate Forster (first go at the distance) Nepean Cadbury Half Mara NSW Club Champs Port 70.3 Still deciding on Mooloolaba, Wyong, Canberra.
  5. What training did you do today?

    Yesterday was the usual 90min indoor session and parkrun. Nothing today, I'm sick. I think I have picked up the cold from work or the train.
  6. Running Hydration Packs/ Vests

    Have a few, some have failed and sit there gathering dust..... Fuel belt - my very first purchase, was happy with it, until I misplaced a bottle and could not get a replacement. Had little toggle things to hold the tops of the bottles in. Nathan - bought when the fuel belt could no longer be used, but its a failure, a combo of my running style and hips means the bottles bounce out! Denali - 1.5L pack, cheapie from Anaconda, good for supported races like the knapsack lap race and road runs where you don't need much more than a phone, car keys and a credit card. Camelback - ultra 10 - managed to score this on a hefty discount from the local bike shop. Can fit all mandatory kit for the UTA22. Not sure about the 50km or 100km. 2L capacity, plus more than enough space for all the other crap. Flip belt - carries 500ml in a belt. Can carry up to 800ml I plan to mostly use it as a gel keeper for races where water and electrolyte are available.
  7. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    Sagans DQd now. http://www.news.com.au/sport/cycling/tour-de-france-boils-over-as-world-champ-booted-for-causing-crash/news-story/35a023b84f8fbe5804e6b501030b5519
  8. Wireless headphones

    BlueAnt - well for a while, but they do not hold charge all that well. Bought a $40 pair from Kmart but the audio quality sucks. Better than accidentally pulling the phone off the treadmill shelf. As for my gym, they play doof doof. Not ideal for me. As for being anti-social
  9. What training did you do today?

    Yesterday: 90min indoor trainer session (5x8min threshold efforts) + parkrun Today: 40k very easy coffee ride with the ladies, took a newbie out for her 2nd road ride, some of the others are easing back in - much laughs and chatter
  10. Changes to Race Comp.Rules

    I posted on Facebook... I'll copy it here.... 1. Looks like calf sleeves are out. The way I read it is that the lower half from hip to ankle is one continuous garment. Also that if you are going to the ankle on the bottom, then you go to the wrist on the top. TA should clarify that one.*shrug* I don't use them, but I would expect a lot more k-tape on legs. 2. A competitor cannot be accompanied by any non-competing person in the finish chute (unless an exception has been issued by the use of a special rule approved by the sanctioning officer or Technical Delegate). *shrug* again, I don't have kids, so I won't be doing that anyway. 3. Ruling on disc brakes still stands. No disc brakes in draft legal races. *mild rage* yeah this annoys me, but they are still only under test by the UCI anyway aren't they?
  11. Booking.com, Booking F#$k No

    A friend had an issue. Booked Pinnacle apartments on the GC for the mara. Called up to pay (as it was pay on arrival) phones all disconnected, could not get through. Called the apartments folk and was told that the block is permanent residents only. She called Booking.com to tell them and then found another place to stay. The problem is I can still see a listing for them, you would think they would have taken it down if it was dodgy. If the price is right I use them, but I will now do the searching and see if I can find a website first.
  12. track pump .

    Give the pump to the kids to fix if not fixed, throw out both!
  13. Power meter for shiv

    Yeah mine was purchased here, costs more, but less pain.
  14. Power meter for shiv

    I have the DZero on my Shiv.
  15. In the news thread.

    I've just checked in with my London-based mates, all ok. Facebooks marked safe thing is a great invention!