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  1. A mate of mine went to Panaitan last year and absolutely scored. I assume you're headed there. Enjoy.
  2. Out of interest IP, why the turtle? Any significance there, or you just liked the graphic? FWIW I think it looks great.
  3. Nice mate. My offseasons are spent the same way. Where were those photos taken? This year's offseason has just begun for me post Port Mac IM. Hoping to head to Tavarua this time around, but these are from last year's offseason in G-Land-
  4. Yep. Concentrating on foot strike was what really changed my running style and helped me run more economically. I found that a lot of form corrections happened organically as a consequence of striking midfoot and level with my hips ie cadence increased naturally, body posture straightened, ran taller etc.
  5. If you entered the race within the final 4 weeks as a 'late entry' your name didn't go on the online staters list. No special treatment on that front - everyone was entitled to enter the race right up until the final few days before race day. That's what I did and my name never made the online list.
  6. This is what I was thinking. My fastest 70.3 and IM run splits came from my lowest run volume and lowest intensity run training in a build for 70.3 and IM respectively. They were also both neg splits. Most of my run training was done at slower than my race pace for both those races. I was also much stronger on the bike than I ever had been. I used to run as hard as I could in all my run training, including bricks, with the philosophy that belting myself at or close to threshold will make me stronger for race day. As Rog mentioned, that training actually is not specific and doesn't lend itself to running strong in the back end of an endurance race.
  7. You too mate. Saw you a few times on course and recognised you from that outstanding tash, so had to say hello post-race. Well done for toughing it out when things derailed. Enjoy your break.
  8. Cheers mate, and thanks for all your help with where to ride. Haha well at least it's going to one of the good guys. Great racing Clint.
  9. Bittersweet day for me. Found some feet and had a solid swim (for me anyway) 56min Had a very ordinary ride. Funnily enough I too dropped my chain - coming out of town for the second lap I was having all sorts of trouble with my special needs bag and hit a hill so tried a panicked gear change from big to little dog and it dropped along with my nutrition. First bike incident in a race for me, not a great feeling. 5.17 Big run PB for me which I'm happy about. Managed to completely avoid walking, including aid stations, and ran a big negative split for a 3.12 9.31, 25th overall but 7th in my AG which won't be good enough to punch a ticket to Kona unfortunately. I'll be shattered if 6th gets a roll down - he pipped me by 15 seconds! Oh well, that's the sport I suppose. Well done to everyone who raced. Agree with RBR - that course is just relentless. * All splits rounded down of course
  10. #1162
  11. Thanks heaps mate! Was great to meet you. My quest to become a home bike mechanic now begins. See you at Port in a couple of weeks. Cheers
  12. Mate I'm so sorry, only just logged back on and seen this. Yep I'd love to take it off your hands. Will buzz you tomorrow to organise pick-up. Thanks heaps.
  13. Hi mate. I'd love this. I live in Narrabeen so could pick it up this afternoon. Just one question- is it reasonably compact to store? I'm in a small apartment where storage is limited. Cheers
  14. This. Rolling around a race course at 60% as part of training just never made any sense to me. May as well have saved the time and money and just had a normal training day at home. if you are going to race in a training block, use it as an opportunity for a proper hit-out at race intensity. You will have far greater physical and mental gains from doing this than just rolling around. Recovery from 70.3 is short anyway, so just be a bit smart in the 3 days following the race and you'll be fine. I just see the process as pointless otherwise.
  15. Starting to feel the energy of the race. Still a bit of work to get through but it's always nice when the end is in sight. It's been a long build into this one (for me anyway), so looking forward to toeing the line.