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  1. This
  2. Yep. I bought a second hand wireless SRM Dura Ace 7800 for $500 a couple of years ago and it has worked flawlessly. Despite the fact that it's a dated model, I'm much more confident in the accuracy and consistency of the numbers my SRM gives me than the previous PM I owned.
  3. Not sure where you're based, but it's becoming widely accepted that Ryan Williams from 3D Bike Fit in Western Sydney is the preeminent fitter in the country for beginners to pros.
  4. The ITU boys have been taught a lesson here. Looks like the 20m draft zone has really allowed the long course boys to make the most of their bike strength. Murray et al aren't anywhere near it.
  5. I was just thinking that.
  6. Epic showdown playing out on the run! Kienle and Sanders have just dropped Brownlee.
  7. Cracking field! There's chat about sub 2 hour bike splits.
  8. A mate of mine went to Panaitan last year and absolutely scored. I assume you're headed there. Enjoy.
  9. Out of interest IP, why the turtle? Any significance there, or you just liked the graphic? FWIW I think it looks great.
  10. Nice mate. My offseasons are spent the same way. Where were those photos taken? This year's offseason has just begun for me post Port Mac IM. Hoping to head to Tavarua this time around, but these are from last year's offseason in G-Land-
  11. Yep. Concentrating on foot strike was what really changed my running style and helped me run more economically. I found that a lot of form corrections happened organically as a consequence of striking midfoot and level with my hips ie cadence increased naturally, body posture straightened, ran taller etc.
  12. If you entered the race within the final 4 weeks as a 'late entry' your name didn't go on the online staters list. No special treatment on that front - everyone was entitled to enter the race right up until the final few days before race day. That's what I did and my name never made the online list.
  13. This is what I was thinking. My fastest 70.3 and IM run splits came from my lowest run volume and lowest intensity run training in a build for 70.3 and IM respectively. They were also both neg splits. Most of my run training was done at slower than my race pace for both those races. I was also much stronger on the bike than I ever had been. I used to run as hard as I could in all my run training, including bricks, with the philosophy that belting myself at or close to threshold will make me stronger for race day. As Rog mentioned, that training actually is not specific and doesn't lend itself to running strong in the back end of an endurance race.
  14. You too mate. Saw you a few times on course and recognised you from that outstanding tash, so had to say hello post-race. Well done for toughing it out when things derailed. Enjoy your break.
  15. Cheers mate, and thanks for all your help with where to ride. Haha well at least it's going to one of the good guys. Great racing Clint.