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  1. AUS AG doping bust

  2. AUS AG doping bust

    Alcohol is a recreational drug. Only difference is that it is legal. And therefire collect taxes on it.
  3. ITB Release

    What causes plantar fasciitis? What causes the ITB to rub? They don't really know. My guess that for me it was weak glute med & min and overstriding. No, if you have fascia rubbing over something it will thicken - scar tissue? Then when thicker, it rubs more. By the time I strengthened everything it was too late (maybe?). I was very stable. Single leg squats with no wobble etc, but still had pain. The op fixed the pain. Stopped the rubbing. Last option.
  4. ITB Release

    Because of the constant rubbing across the bone (lateral femoral consume). That's what causes the pain... That is what ITBFS is...
  5. ITB Release

    They were lucky. Doesn't work for everyone AP. I had old fashioned (bad?) advice to start. When I eventually got good advice it was too late and the ITB was thickened at the boney area on the knee and no amount of physio / exercises could have fixed it. One solution does not fit all.
  6. ITB Release

    Re tissue tightness, studies (a few years ago now - haven't looked at any recent research) have shown that ITB "tightness" does not correlate to ITB friction Syndrome. Lots of runners without ITBFS have ITBs just as tight as those without. (Ober's test). I know FB didn't mention ITB tightness, just thought it was interesting. I agree with loosening the TFL - rolling the TFL on a tennis ball a month after surgery was bliss and relieved a feeling of tightness I had post surgery (never had before) But... No amount of stretching, strength and stability work helped me. It's definitely the first step that should be worked on, while NOT doing anything to inflame the area more, but unfortunately this did not help me. The op did. -H-, can I ask what op you had? Z cut or slit? How were 2 cuts done on the same ITB? Hope second op was free at least! The way it was explained to me (by a few health care professionals) was that it would be impossible for the ITB to flick/rub over the bone, causing the outer knee ITB pain, if it was split so that one part sat in front, and the other behind. So if the slit op didn't work, then the issue was never ITBFS. Anyway, sorry for the rambling post. Just wanted to clarify some points.
  7. ITB Release

    If you had ITB release surgery and it didnt work, then your issue probably wasn't ITBFS, or there was something else going on too. I had the op done about 5 years ago after spending 6 months trying to fix the problem under the guidance of a physio, 2 years of giving up and doing nothing including no running, and a further 6 months trying to fix the problem, under a different physio. I decided to get the op done when walking started to hurt. Mine was not done with a Z cut but a simple slit. One part of the ITB sits to the front of the knee, the rest sits behind so nothing rubs over the protruding part of the bone. Worked a treat. 4- 7 days on crutches I think. Started running again 2 months after the op and retrained myself how to run (I was on over-strider) starting with 15secs running 2 mins walking. I still get a tight TFL and glutes on that side but I can manage that with various rolling techniques. I keep up my strength and stability work and I believe the fact that I was strong and stable helped my recovery.
  8. 2017 age group world champs

    Elitism me thinks
  9. 2017 age group world champs

    Surely top 20 AG? Or am I missing something?
  10. Time for a new bike!

    Thanks for posting Roger. I've spent the last day doing some research (aka Google). Interesting stuff. Any shorties out there ride 650s?
  11. Time for a new bike!

    I've been following this thread as I'm in the market for 2 bikes (roadie and a tri-bike) and have a completely blank slate and no clue. Just wondering why the Giant / Liv hate?
  12. Martin McGuiness Died

    Some of what you wrote I don't follow, but if you seriously believe that there was no systematic human rights violations against the Catholics, you need to go and read some history books - not written by a unionist. Police & British army collusion with the unionists Employment rights / opportunities Social housing Electoral voting (based on land/home ownership) I am not the man's biggest fan and don't agree with his methods, but he became very committed to the peace process
  13. Martin McGuiness Died

    Basic human rights is a fraud of a cause?
  14. Are brick sessions really necessary?

    Absolutely not, and sorry if I've come across that way. Totally not my intention. I was genuinely trying to gauge opinions and have a discussion about it. I do value everyone's input, so sorry, and thanks...