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  1. Gee's it's a turnstile job these days. Wonder wether it's up the clackers below the position or above it. Or is that just the norm for triathlon. Hope he gets some results, would be great to see triathlon great again.
  2. Text me the detail.
  3. Pm me the details.
  4. pm me details too. cheers
  5. Didnt someone do this to yoyo at Kurnell (apols if already pointed out but havnt read the whole thread)
  6. Sad dollars, guess if youre no good at anything else its ok for the top 2 or 3
  7. s it is impossible to check if these items contain neoprene or provide assistance to the buoyancy of the athlete I wonder how many people have impossible to check budgie smugglers, guess thats different...lol
  8. Whack up an image of the addressing on the article or PM me it, with the barcode, and whilst cant rewrite history, will have it looked at. Cheers.
  9. Sad times. Kurnell is even struggling more than IM.
  10. Hope its japan, though with Ironman being a chinese company, maybe they want to bring the brand home.
  11. Look I'm off the Shire so don't really know what people do outside our boundaries, but we tend to get pissed a lot between Ironmans and go to Sharks games. Ive heard people outside the Shire get the Ironman corporate logo tattooed on them. If you cant get to a Sharks game, maybe get some m dot ink. I cant remember AP's advice time line wise but it might also be a good time to worm yourself.
  12. Whatever you choose, I'd look at their service performance level and their first attempt delivery rate, combined with flexible delivery options - options leaving at the address without signature/ parcel lockers/ where taken when not home/ time of delivery options. You only have to walk down your street to know not to many Australians have kept up with the online shopping revolution in terms of the size of their letterbox so those flexible options are becoming more and more important when combined with a lot of residents not at home at time of delivery. Probably worth asking sales reps how their companies do their hand overs between regions. Is it in a secure warehouse or in the gutter van to van - I see one second tier parcel delivery company lined up on the ovals on Vanessa St, Beverly Hills doing their afternoon hand overs. Certainly reduces cost if they take all the parcels with them or one of the drivers doesn't have a mechanical so is actually there for the handover. No company is perfect but with barcodes they are all becoming a lot more transparent.
  13. been playing a duallie this weekend for the first time in my life, my mountain bikes have either been hard tails or rigids (im old). didnt like it to begin with but its grown on me....anyway, drivetrains and chain rings. this thing only has one chain ring on the front. my bike has two and i really use to like the 3 chain rings, wind it up and grind away. so I guess, not whats better, but what do people prefer ?
  14. bit like triathlon as a whole.... everyday, as the sport gets a little bit older and the people doing it age some more ..... lawn bowls was to the 50's what triathlon was to the 80's..... tick tock.
  15. yep, maccas stuff is certainly better than the itu's.
  16. titan is ok in adelaide. they do nimblewear http://titanperformancegroup.com.au/custom-apparel/ think they are in all parts of the world, think you can deal direct with china if you want, us, canada https://www.nimblewear.com/
  17. long career, hope he does have the courage to walk away.
  18. be interesting if it eventually gets rid of the olympic distance events........ will also be interesting how it affects selections, with the constant stuff ups of selecting the Australian teams since the year 2000 for the games, will they pick the best athletes for the olympic distance, or for this or just do what they normally do like with snowy.
  19. I was in Hyde park in London a few years back and was stunned at normal people doing Triathlon. Shorts, t shirts, old school bikes etc. Just totally different to what we have here, seems more community based and less serious. More like what we get here with fun runs.
  20. Rum
  21. RIP
  22. swam for the first time in a long time. forgotten how easy it is.
  23. lol n nice, glad you were happy.
  24. Would start by saying, i have no idea. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_property_bubble
  25. how did u go. good race