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  1. Bitcoin - someone explain it to me

    Someone explain it to me.
  2. Maitland Tri - An Old Favourite Returns

    Did the race a while back, really enjoyed it. Other than it's a three hour drive from the Shire, would do it over Kurnell any day.....
  3. Calf Cramps

    Just a sign of weakness in the body that can be overcome through diet nine times out of ten. Smash magnesium to the point of diarrhoea. Or manganese. Zinc and sodium also play a part but magnesium then ween yourself off it once the cramps stop. Endura use to have good a raspberry max product that was good, I use to mix that in with the endura raspberry sports drink powder when swimming. Use to get a bit of cramping when doing squad, fixed it. Oh, go to the dentist every six months.... lol Diet is king.
  4. More race deaths. 70.3 Phillipines

    Holt ain't dead, picked up by the Chinese in a sub. He was doing Monday arvo beers at Sharks Leagues with the true believers last October.
  5. More race deaths. 70.3 Phillipines

    i dont think gough was banging his sons ex when he checked out, and i be even more surprised if he had a franga on his knob when the jacks found the body. as peter said though, die what you love doin....lol
  6. Lifesavers are being sued

    Be good to get the facts. could be course design, sanctioning, negligent oversight etc, could just be a dick. I note they lived.
  7. Rhinestone Cowboy Rides into the Sunset

    galverston and rhinestone cowboy - icon songs. use to go of on the juke box at the mt vic pub too, before they done it up, before it closed, late 80's early 90's i guess.
  8. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Id vote yes. Bit sick of the catholic church and mad monk, bernardi trotting out their dogma of hate. I personally think the issue doesnt matter but I'm not personally affected, but a lot of people are, so Id vote yes to support them and help towards ending hate in the world.
  9. Sharks vs Broncos

    last two weeks have not been good for the true believers or rugby league
  10. Quadruple channel crossing

    there is a train these days
  11. More race deaths. 70.3 Phillipines

    Billy Sneddon
  12. Treadmills - what's out there

    After 10 years, the treadmill in my dungeon has ceased to work. Could get it serviced I guess but before I go down that path.....and it owes me nothing. What's a decent treadmill these days ? Doesn't need to be high end, but value for money is probably a good thing - lol. Oh, and yes I checked, it is plugged in..... Cheers
  13. well, its a thread that has been done before but time for an update, so what are pools charges up to now. The good ol sutherland shire council has broken a ceiling this financial year, screwing over swimmers to the tune of $8 for a swim at sutho pool. The suburbs out of the capital with pools, engadine and caringbah are a bargain at $7.30. So whats your local pool charging, bargain basement rates or is your council a bit more liberal with the way it takes from your hard earned.
  14. the 2017/18 financial year cost of pool swimming

    Is that something Amnesty International need to know about ?
  15. the 2017/18 financial year cost of pool swimming

    especially in the shire, and your not swimming in some kids p!ss either note the incorrect use of your for the grammar nazis at home
  16. Treadmills - what's out there

    yes, do this, I ended up getting a new motor put in mine and really only using it when it rains. I know from my gym days, we use to do three sets of reps into 2 mins cardio and the treadmills would get a floggin from fit heavy farks.
  17. the 2017/18 financial year cost of pool swimming

    sutho multis 15 fitness 283.00 15 visit swim only pass 107.00 12 month fitness $1060.00 12 month aquatic $855 pay as you go fitness per month $89 pay as you go swim per month $71.50......... yeah, full gym use is only $18 dearer per month or cheaper than one fitness class ($21.00).
  18. Garth Prowd passes away

  19. Challenge Shep introduces new races

    sorry, I forget nsw isnt all of Australia sometimes, it was till 1825 and I keep forgetting we have let a few bits go since then ....lol tell you though, if he ever pops, theres not much left in nsw. he is becoming a woolworths or coles of triathlon slowly and surely..lol
  20. Challenge Shep introduces new races

    use to be the best half going, hope it gets back there. inland too which is a nice value add to normal. the way emo is going, he should set up his own TA, insurance, association and offer memberships and independent races insurance etc, bit of competition to the status quo would be great for the customer and athlete. he is afterall almost running the sport in oz outside of the M dot.
  21. Spotify or Pandora?

    i am now a devotee of spotify
  22. Aussie Dollar slight gains

    they have plenty of low denominations for tipping etc. if you know a post office employee, Ive heard they get the cash fee free with amex staff rates - obviously can only do it for themselves but if you know one....... https://auspost.com.au/general/american-express-currency-exchange-stores
  23. Ironman Whistler

    Was up at Whistler the other day and have some friends landing tomorrow to go do the race at the end of th month which got me thinking, It is is a beautiful part of the world but a full on nut job place to do an Ironman at first glance. I then had a look at the course profiles and started to think, sure it's high to begin with and there is plenty of climbing but also some really long downhills. Obviously the weather could be anything as well. so what are people's thoughts on doing an M dot in the Whistler type environment. I'm not comparing it to Norseman or the like but it also is in no way a busso or Cairns and at the end of the day you get a medal, same same but different. So thoughts on doing one somewhere here like Whistler ? Is it worth the effort ? Is the effort actually that much when you look at the downhills ? Thoughts ? Personally I think it's nuts.
  24. Disc Brakes approved for Cycle Races*

    would add, best thing ever on mountain bikes, would never go back, so great to see the road world catching up
  25. Disc Brakes approved for Cycle Races*

    Dont pay much attention to triathlon rules anymore, but reading this, I gather with all non drafting tri events, it is legal to have disc brakes. What about the drafting races coming. Is it legal there too?