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  1. Plantar fasciitis

    This is probably the go, I had it so bad I couldnt walk of a morning for a while. was getting a podiatrist to smash me senseless, careful what shoes wearing and load, strengthening and then did shockwave. shockwave didnt fix it but it made it a lot more bearable and was a godsend. the research is 50/50 on it it laymans terms, but my n=1 is it is worth it. I then broke my foot playing cricket and was in a aircast boot for six weeks or so... dont buy inferior brands, totally cured. Will get a "pinch" every now and again for a second, like once every two three months, but cured as i hug a forest.

    Sharks in the ocean was its death null, to many great whites.
  3. New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    she should have stood up rather than swam
  4. Clearly I am dumb (ex is too)

    What IM has done to the Busso swim is a disgrace, that lady that got eaten in the shallows by a 2.5 to 3.5 mtr juvenile great white 20mtrs from sure. If they are fair dinkum that its a risk of being eaten, theyd be better moving the start to 10am and full sun and people can run round in the dark https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/shark-attack-suspected-after-woman-wounded-at-la-perouse-20180223-p4z1jl.html
  5. Growing Olives

    I need to know the solution to this, for no other reason then its cool, please let us know when you discover it. are there still those gardening shows on AM radio of a weekend morning, you could ring and ask?
  6. The Politics Thread

    Not disputing the history but he has survived the liberals execution of all the former govts political appointments. So he is ether real good at his job or has photo's...lol
  7. The Politics Thread

    Politics has never been worse, saw keneally mixing religion and politics the other day doing jokes at the nationals around lent. Whilst it was funny, clearly not a student of world history and the outcome of mixing religion and politics, no sitting politician should ever do that. Just disgraceful and she's the best new talent labor has......
  8. Husky Weekend

    No way.
  9. Ten Questions with Roxii

    wouldn't worry about legal threats, I got taken aside at a tri night, one night and threatened that was going to happen to me for offering an opinion on compulsory membership, i just laughed but seriously ??????????
  10. Bitcoin - someone explain it to me

    Someone explain it to me.
  11. Workplace smackdowns

    Take em out the night before and smash them on the beers, throw in a few shots of schnapps and just keep saying to them, one more. Then tell they have to down a few beers mid race too. Next level stuff, rather than just doing the race. Just check if they can drink buckets first or are a triathlete two pot screamer.
  12. Settled or Invaded

  13. Settled or Invaded

    yeah, i wonder what year they entered the hot 100, can't be bothered working it out though, couldnt be any earlier than 06 i reckon but have no idea. the hot 100 just hasnt been something i have listened too and i do my best with new music. always surprised me people wasted australia day with it anyway
  14. Settled or Invaded

    I stopped in 89. Strangely enough I saw weller do thats entertainment saturday and sunday night at the opera house. would have gone last night too but had to go to melbourne for work.
  15. I’m a celebrity au. Wtf? Tomic?

    good bloke mundine, my daughter played netball with his his. nothing like his public persona.
  16. Femoroacetabular Impingement (my hip is stuffed)

    If you put your thumb under a hammer , the hip wont hurt as much. shit news.
  17. Club? Or by myself?

    clubs are yetserday, only point in australia to joining is to get cheaper race entry as its cheaper to get that through joining a club when joining ta then joining ta direct....yeah more costs less, crap system. .I'd find a training group run by a coach like ap does, at least you know the athletes are all serious.
  18. hong kong - stuff to do

    anyone been to hong kong? stuff to do? day trips into china ? happy to hear any tips.
  19. Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    High 5 cheers.
  20. Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    cant be bothered re reading this. How do i find mates on this easy. we manually did it yesterday and manually started at the same time on the flat course by riding each other down. But in the find other riders box before you start, it had 100's of names and we couldnt see each other ? There must be an easy way that this hubbard cant see of finding each other. Also can we do our own group ride which I figure would make it even easier, just be there at 5 so to speak ?
  21. Race morning nerves

    Spot on.
  22. Settled or Invaded

    I've been to Cronulla, and it wasn't even Australia Day. lol
  23. Any races on? (prep for Port Macq)

    No he is a man of substance, he is all about craft beer and beating AP 2 - 1.
  24. Island house on tv. Can someone YouTube it?

    This maccas stuff ?
  25. Canadian Rockies & Alaska Cruise

    One day I’m driving from Vancouver To anchorage - forgive the spelling ..... dunno when but it will happen.