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  1. is training sterile for the IM these days

    From the Rob Barel thread.... though it deserved its own. "Fair bet he disappeared to the French Alps for training camp pre race, as he used to do". We ride the park in the dark and tend to roll up waterfall hill, it leads to conversation. One of those conversations is about the tendancy for peeps to train in wolf packs these days and all hang out in places like noosa etc. Then back in the day, people would disappear and re emerge come race day. Now I know the mobile world is different with technology but at the same time the french alp quote and off with the indians like mark allen etc. Well is it sterile, by not going remote, have people lost the ability to take their bodies places thart just dont reach now or its still has good as it was. Rob's time is awesome, no body can argue with Allen did..... thirty years later, the times are not much better but the technology is so is one of the old way of disappearing and showing race day better. thoughts
  2. Respecting the Race

    hoka, newton, quintano roo, ism saddles, compression socks...... powerbands to name a few...lol
  3. Respecting the Race

    I wonder how many of those DNF race with power meters in a "controlled environment" and still have a need to quit.
  4. Hurricane Ophelia

    Liverpool FC put some pictures up earlier.... didnt look real sunny.
  5. Respecting the Race

    guess too, alpha athletes, former medalling olympians in other sports and in the scheme of things, miles in front of most pro triathletes on the sporting spectrum.... have everything to lose and nothing to gain, ensuring they finish. Then again, frodono is medalling olympian so might be cut from a different cloth than your bog standard pro triathlete, maybe to elite olympians it is about competing, not how you look or where you come. I dunno.
  6. Respecting the Race

    Have seen that locally too with age groupers re people quitting because they are going to get beaten, feigning injury, then out doing hill repeats on the wednesday following with entire training groups just looking on and going how sad - though it does give something to talk about over coffee. I cant imagine entering a race not to finish, just not in my nature to quit but my entire sporting career pre triathlon other than cross country was team based sport and you couldn't quit or you'd let your team down massively. it builds an ethos in you, whereas if you've been brought up on solo sports, quitting doesn't affect anyone else other than yourself..... not saying all solo athletes are like that either. guess it really comes to the motivation as to why you enter.... to win, to compete, to finish, to keep the sponsors happy which /i can understand if its food on your table but not of its over t shirt.
  7. Your go to bike trainer sessions.

    only done it once, bike kept dropping gears in two or three gears, so it was painful..... booked the bike in for a service as a result today, not sure if it is cable stretch or the inch of dust and cobwebs i ignored getting in the drive train. eitherway the bike shop will sort it. really enjoyed it, didnt seem like 45 minutes at all. big fan of swift, so big, I tried to talk the boys out of riding in the morning through the park in the dark so i could zwift in the morning, but alas, i failed.
  8. This is what happened to Jan

    or not shaking hands, or congratulating the winner when opportunity presents
  9. The Politics Thread

    i didnt mind that, I wouldnt have played it but I think he just missed it, it wasn't a clusterfark..... perhaps i'm biased as an ex bowler.....lol
  10. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    he has won kona and it must be hard still in your prime and not be able to compete anymore. christ, i see local blokes attention seeking that suffer from not having the ability any more and they havent achieved anything like what pj did. there is a 75 page thread on mental health. to be brutally honest, its a sad thread. leave him alone.
  11. Your go to bike trainer sessions.

    seriously, i now do zwift
  12. Jobs you never knew existed.

    some great jobs in this bit of history http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/tackling-the-horse-manure-mountain-and-pungent-smells--sydneys-175th-birthday-20171013-gz0t0y.html
  13. The Politics Thread

    I cant think of worse thing in the history of our prime ministers, its worse than john howards bowling.
  14. Your go to bike trainer sessions.

    If you do 20 minutes, I do 21 minutes. Hard.
  15. This is what happened to Jan

    thirty years ago, he would have made wide world of sports and we'd be watching it for the next thirty years, how times change now that ironman is easy....lol.
  16. This is what happened to Jan

    looks painful
  17. Kona race day thread

    Alpha athlete by the looks
  18. Kona race day thread

  19. Kona race day thread

    How is tgl going, did he make the swim cut off
  20. Kona race day thread

    Bets don’t get paid on here, long history of bet welching in this place
  21. Kona race day thread

    Can someone put up the top 10, can’t get my phone to do it
  22. Kona race day thread

    and good to see the aussie home first on the bike
  23. Kona race day thread

    so who else can go 2'45 or less with frodo baggins in the heat
  24. Kona race day thread

    serious question - havent really been paying attention........is he racing this year ? would like to see the old bloke beat some germans
  25. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    lol.... we were riding in the dark this morning and the coach that shall never be named was brought up as the solution