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  1. Darwin peeps

  2. So froome is a drug cheat

    well ill be farked, another drug cheat in cycling.
  3. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    Well, should we, or is just something for Aussies and Kiwi’s, and the rest of the world is safer ?
  4. 40 lottery spot to Kona. But not for NSW ACT or SA

    yes, makes sense, alpha athletes in nsw/ act and sa dont need a leg up
  5. The Politics Thread

    Already on a sub with Harold Holt, singing Beatles karaoke
  6. Hand back your Pro Card

    Spot on. The stuff re Pete Jacobs was a disgrace.
  7. So I'm hearing Busso Ironman is the last one

    Spot on, its all in the marketing.
  8. Bitcoin - someone explain it to me

    Someone explain it to me.
  9. So I'm hearing Busso Ironman is the last one

    Nah bullshit, I want footage of the swimmers as the sharks close in, appreciate it will be 2230 before happens and i'll be dead, but thats I want. I want the viewers at home to sit up and go, gee's, this is what watching wide world of sports in the 1980's was like. lol
  10. Hand back your Pro Card

    ok.... 45 is too young, dont want to upset anyone....so make the masters senior card only.... so over 50 or whatever the age is.... lol
  11. Ultimate Callala?

    how was the swim, crystal clear or weed ?
  12. World Age Group team 2018

    Based on previous posts on here, TA doesn't make mistakes, if you cant work it out, its your fault...lol
  13. imagine if you could make your bike a member, would double....maybe triple membership.... lol
  14. Yeah. So you had the fake membership growth of state compulsory that got some non association members to join up but pushed a lot of the fringe away and has really come home to roost now. A 6.5% decline across the board which is massive, one in every 15 or so members walking away. Every state went backwards except the cashed up ACT.
  15. What gets on my quince....

    Yeah, she has a sense of humour too, was told she pi$$ed herself laughing when we voted to stay a monarchy.
  16. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    Think some of the academics say because of the helmet, cyclists take more risks. I personally think you’d be nuts not to wear one on the road doing speed or anything’s that technical. Nothing worse than skulling yourself on a tree branch mtn biking
  17. Hand back your Pro Card

  18. Hand back your Pro Card

  19. Cannonball Festival

    Say hello to big unit for me.
  20. The Politics Thread

    Can you ask him if he drinks a quarter strength soy latte with caramel ?
  21. The Politics Thread

    He didn’t stand up, he gutto’d out and abstained. Someone get the bigoted coward on here to explain himself, and also why he wore so much more sunscreen than Casper the ghost at port
  22. Yep, a lot to be said just for going for a swim or cycle or run with mates. We do some of that cycling on mtn bikes now and also some paddling. can buy a decent boat for the price of doing two Ironmans. That holds it value for resale wether fenn or epic. Cant even go near the idea of getting up at 4.30am and paying $100 plus to do Kurnell.
  23. Hand back your Pro Card

    Surely you’ve mastered your own domain.
  24. Hand back your Pro Card

  25. The Politics Thread

    Man and woman ? Or Man and man ? Or woman and woman ? Did they ask for a seniors discount or just go straight to orgy ?