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  1. Shipping time from chain reaction cycles?

    If you get nowhere, PM me wednesday,
  2. Shipping time from chain reaction cycles?

    I sent you a PM
  3. Ironman Whistler

    Was up at Whistler the other day and have some friends landing tomorrow to go do the race at the end of th month which got me thinking, It is is a beautiful part of the world but a full on nut job place to do an Ironman at first glance. I then had a look at the course profiles and started to think, sure it's high to begin with and there is plenty of climbing but also some really long downhills. Obviously the weather could be anything as well. so what are people's thoughts on doing an M dot in the Whistler type environment. I'm not comparing it to Norseman or the like but it also is in no way a busso or Cairns and at the end of the day you get a medal, same same but different. So thoughts on doing one somewhere here like Whistler ? Is it worth the effort ? Is the effort actually that much when you look at the downhills ? Thoughts ? Personally I think it's nuts.
  4. Shipping time from chain reaction cycles?

    That's cool then, he got it. IP, if you want to PM me anyway if you have been having ongoing problems, do so and I'll get the path looked at when I get back.
  5. Shipping time from chain reaction cycles?

    PM me Wednesday if you still don't have it, can't do much from where I am at the moment.
  6. Shipping time from chain reaction cycles?

    Back in Australia on Wednesday and happy to chase any of these up for anyone that are with our local mail carrier, just pm me a tracking number on Wednesday I know last time this came up, every single person that took up the offer got sorted - there was one.... lol No guarantees obviously but if you feel the service standard has fallen over, pm me.
  7. Australian Triathlon Drug Cheats

    yes, probably best, whilst not the first time ive had to defend him on here, probably best it simply isnt there
  8. Sharks in WA. Seriously??

    https://seanscottphotography.com.au/popular/ if you find his facebook page he is the bloke behind this...... the perthnow version has a better soundtrack too....lol
  9. Sky v Discovery

    USPS would beat both
  10. Hiatus from Triathlon

  11. Australian Triathlon Drug Cheats

    would be interesting if they go back and review whatever data led to to all that testing, would seem a massive waste of money and some low life grub should be held accountable....assuming of coursee it wasnt just random that some age group hack got tested time and time again and allegedly more times than a brownlee. seems a massive waste of taxpayer dollars that could be spent in other areas.
  12. Settled or Invaded

    I dont want to say in publicly but they have a very interesting way of getting everyone to come to school each day, you wouldnt get away with it in a workplace but it works.
  13. Settled or Invaded

    have a look at what clontarf do, think some of it meets some of your points. http://www.clontarf.org.au/
  14. Your 'hardest' race?

    I didn't that either. That is amazing.
  15. Settled or Invaded