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  1. Broke as a hammer or bottle opener ? Mine is still going strong. Stored it with my toe nails.
  2. Thanks people. It's given me some ideas and the beer idea is tempting though not drinking much these days but did come out of retirement recently last holiday. Anyone done Granville Island ? Markets. I'm also fairly big on the vegan food options these days and Vancouver looks pretty good (I'm not vegan, just eat like a vegan a bit).
  3. For a million, I'll hand deliver it.
  4. and for those that dont understand points....... take qantas,for example, if you do your credit card, woolworths linked back etc...pick up the $999return fares to the usa that qantas flog every three months in non peak, that are often $100 extra to any city in the usa...... you can even set a price alert so they email you to tell you the sale is on. if you drop 110 000 points which is the points of a classic reward return to the usa its about $550 return. if you pick up a sale fare like above, and drop 110000 points but use points plus pay (open to anyone on every flight), you can get return to the USA for about $350 anywhere in the usa. points plus pay also earns you points for next time - classic rewards do not. 110000 points........ can get 160 000 almost overnight on occasion for next to nothing......Anz credit card does 80k for signing up, with no fees for 12 months so you just cancel the card if you dont think its worthwhile - or at least they did, amex is regularly similar and you just trigger the point drop through normal spend like food, new bike - lol. Qantas has their own credit card coming out in the next month, dont have the details but suspect they will out do the banks..... just some food for thought if doing the same ironman over n over bores you sh!tless and you want a cheaper way of seeing the world
  5. anyone been there recent ? things worth seeing ? things near by worth seeing ?
  6. No, point blank, the real shire, the red neck wonderland, doesn't recognise shaved leg look at me tri hards. In fact, would even run them off the road given the chance, even with a southern cross also inked around it and an aussie flag on as a cape. lol
  7. whats it like, whats in there, always wanted to go to one but havnt done it yet.
  8. free coke at the maccas drive thru.
  9. 2008, back in those days people trusted people, people left their front doors open, people left their cars unlocked, so no, no certificate of authenticity.
  10. you should listen to bodycount and see what you come up with.
  11. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Deluxe-Harry-Potter-Magical-Wand-Replica-Wizard-Costume-Cosplay-with-Gift-Box/252434209933
  12. sad thing is entry fees will slowly rise until their margins sqeeze the events like triathlon has sufferred from over the last few years. i hope to fark they dont start sanctioning these races through triathlon..... could actually be a good thing for ironman if they start using this to sanction through another sport.
  13. Selling the remnants of a big toe nail, lost as a result of Busselton IM in 2008. With rumours of the race coming to an end, this nail, in two pieces is worth whatever an idiot would pay for it. Note this is from a full distance IM not a pissant 70.3 branded as an IM. A genuine collectors item of Australian Triathlon and Ironman, with very few, if any fallen toe nails still available from IMWA 2008. Now approaching 10 years since the nail fell, seeing if there is any interest in purchasing it from triathlon historians, tri tragics or just anyone that loves the sport. Please note toe nails are not like ivory and there are no international sanctions, covenants or laws on their sale and trade. If you are an international buyer, please check your countries border laws around any importation. Price : $1 000 000 ONO.
  14. If you dont wear a smart watch, it is handy so you know when to have a walk.......lol