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  1. I heard they had some issues with marshalls pulling out so they varied the course? The event is great!
  2. Just go to Husky. It'll be worth the trip.
  3. I'm going to start wearing brown shirts.
  4. As a Muslim Niseko's profile picture offends me. Please remove it....
  5. People make mistakes.
  6. You on crack? Pieman doesn't have a picture. I'm impressed someone of your age figured out how to change your picture.
  7. Save money by buying mechanical over di2, spend saved money on buying a p5.
  8. Rocket Salads profile is in bad taste but rather than deleting the image can you just delete her account?
  9. didn't you buy that fugly giant? You're replacing your roadie with another TT. I'm confused.
  10. I saw this post, clearly written by a flog
  11. And I've gone through all the proper fit bs
  12. I'm in the process of collecting data from a second hr to send to Garmin as proof the optical is shit. I get varying issues. Here's a couple of examples, I did a 21km run the other week started at 5:20 pace and did descend pace till 3:50s apparently my heart stayed in the 130s the whole time. I'm either a weapon or the hr is wrong. Last Monday I did hill reps on the bike they were 12 minutes up and about 5 down. My heart rate apparently didn't drop on the descents, it recorded as one solid line with a variance of about 5bpm. This morning's ride. I wore another hr conmected to a 510 this showed how much my HR varied between surges and hills. The 735 apparently had me at 140ish bpm for 45 minutes then the final 20mins spiked and I held above 170 for the whole time. There's no fkn way I can stay above 170 on the bike for 20minutes.
  13. I dunno about zeds comment. Head position and lack of movement is critical and very much the starting point. A still head with the right position will help your body and hip position issues. Its very difficult to provide accurate help over the internet for technique/form issues. So my tip is when working on your technique/form, only focus one thing at a time. It becomes a mess when trying to do multiple changes. Then again age group swimmers can pretty much say fk technique. Get strong, fit and put a wetsuit on and you'll be more than fine.
  14. Now who's playing the victim