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  1. Like RBR said if you're mentally soft and can't hold yourself accountable then a coach is great.
  2. only doing it if corky does
  3. I'm guessing he wants to stand out. Ugly definitely stands out, just look at the p5x
  4. put a shirt on and stfu, dumbest thing I've read in a while.
  5. Sounds like it's sorted for you but next time try a new bike. I'd suggest one that isn't a Cervelo.
  6. I heard they had some issues with marshalls pulling out so they varied the course? The event is great!
  7. Just go to Husky. It'll be worth the trip.
  8. I'm going to start wearing brown shirts.
  9. As a Muslim Niseko's profile picture offends me. Please remove it....
  10. People make mistakes.
  11. You on crack? Pieman doesn't have a picture. I'm impressed someone of your age figured out how to change your picture.
  12. Save money by buying mechanical over di2, spend saved money on buying a p5.
  13. Rocket Salads profile is in bad taste but rather than deleting the image can you just delete her account?
  14. didn't you buy that fugly giant? You're replacing your roadie with another TT. I'm confused.