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  1. Mysoginist with your white male priviledge sitting there behind a keyboard denying that facts that us women are placed at a disadvantage from birth.
  2. Drinking the Ironman koolaid?
  3. Do it. For all you know this piece of shit could pull the same thing and knock some one else out or seriously harm them. You got lucky, don't let him do it again or to anyone else
  4. Tyno you still 50 kegs over weight?
  5. Can confirm 18 is last year unless numbers significant increase. Government isn't getting enough value, WTC throw slots to get people
  6. Burma
  7. Full of shit, you're too fat to run
  8. You can just sit there and complain about how unfair shit is like usual Or You can do something about it
  9. 30km/hr just add gradient and sort yourself out
  10. The real hills are yet to come.
  11. Rbr you wouldn't make it up
  12. A mate rode the loop on the weekend. Hills through there are nasty almost like back to back matthew flinders.
  13. Yes, so they had the 2016 WC course up. They removed that and updated to the 2 lap motorway and had text with it saying the course would return to a two lap motorway course. It has since changed to now reflect the hinterland loop.
  14. Shitknts they changed the text a while back to say it would return to the motorway course. I'm too fat for hills.
  15. The dobbing aspect of this really intrigues me. It has been touched on partly already but is it just a 'suspect' thing so you provide a tip or is it a results based questioning to good to be true. It's odd because like Facta said the improvements weren't off the chart they were what could be expected by someone who committed for that period of time.