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  1. Same here mate, good to catch-up and have some banter. Was supposed to be there next Tuesday, but now having to head to Canberra to present. Will be soon, so will let you know.
  2. Agree with Stikman. Was at Cairns in 14 and went sub 12, Sunday was sub 13. Ironman undercooked is hard even when everything else is in your favour.
  3. ...and offered to chamois cream me up Thanks for helping fella!
  4. Got a "go tranny" shout from the pros as they flew past on the bike. Made me really smile, and gave me a huge lift - think it was Fox. Great to see Skel out there, sorry if I was a bit dazed, was a tough day out there. Bad swim, punctured, but tried hard on the run - it just hurt all the way around. Awesome to meet old Tranny friends and new ones! Stoked that you won Bergs! I'm going to take reflected glory: "I was there when one of our own owned IM Cairns!"
  5. on/near esplanade with caps/visor
  6. Andrew, glad you got that earlier flight, send my thoughts and best wishes to Mia. Next time we chat, hope it's good news.
  7. Just at athlete briefing then heading up. Ping me on my mobile mate so I can sms you when I'm there
  8. It's 8.15 at Cairns. I'm heading into town for some brekkie and then rego at 9. In a Welsh rugby shirt (red) and a Trannys cap.
  9. Good to meet Skel this morning. I'm off to the airport, but my mates have the caps/visors with them just in case. They'll carry them around if they head out, and they'll be available at the house, ping me if today works for picking them up and I'll sort out the lads.
  10. Right, let's go with numbers and targets. TenPints: 974, getting through a priority, hoping for sub-13
  11. Ok...I am now on a plane to Cairns...
  12. Mate, sorry, I should have! BentSpoke...good beer!
  13. Awesome! See you there fella! We can stroll a fee ks together and have a good catch up. I am so not looking forward to this! Ok I am! No I'm not! Can't wait! Why did I sign up for another one! Only 5 sleeps to go! Oh poo! Yay!
  14. It's where T1 is right?
  15. I've sent a PM to those on the list above with my address in Cairns and my mobile. If you don't receive it, let me know. Keep on eye on this thread and I'll update with ny whereabouts. Currently on board a plane about to head to Canberra!