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  1. I'm heading to race...but only so I qualify for the Beer Mile!
  2. If not too late, I'll have a cap as well as a visor. Great work!
  3. Looking forward to catching up with Mr. Turtle again, a few beers together would go down a treat.
  4. Absolutely Turtle, like I sad "smart selection"! Fingers crossed we might be there together!
  5. I'm maintaining a keen eye on the selection table, as there's one race left before the team is announced in early May. I'm in the 45-49 AG Sprint, and am lying second in the table. Did I think this would happen? No way, but as Turtle says: it's about race selection! I used it as a motivator, not thinking I stand a chance, so my advice is to have a go, you never know! The top can 20 get selected on points. Top 3 automatically, those who were on the podium last year at Worlds and the winner of the AG nationals, the rest of the 20 are at the discretion of TA depending how many they want to take. 25 points for a win at selection races, 24 for second etc. The AG nationals are double points (50, 48, 46 etc.). Only best three placings count, if you're tied on points, the person with the most races moves up the table. Race selection is key! The person in first place I've beaten twice, but he raced in SA where there were only 7 competitors, and a race in TAS where there were only 2! This is smart selection and guaranteed him big points. By comparison, my hit-out in the nationals for double points didn't bag me as many points as when I raced Kurnell or Canberra, as there were so many fast guys out on course.
  6. I drank a beer between 80 mins and final whistle! Scrum refereeing let a lot to be desired, let alone the French head injury tactics!
  7. Hey Xcom, what is the BBS button, and what did it do? I'll got through the edit functionality options and see if it's available.
  8. Hey IP, click on the bell in the top right of the page and then on Notification Setting in the top right of the box that appears. Check the options there.
  9. The upgrades are still ticking along, rebuilding items across the platform. I'm trying to speed this up...
  10. Does it hurt? If not, no worries! Seriously though, an eye check is worthwhile as it could be something that simple (speaking as someone who has just got given reading glasses for the same issue but not when riding...still won't wear the things though). I'll let others comment on blood pressure considerations etc. etc. etc.
  11. End of financial year for me so snowed trying to close things out. Will work through the comments once it's over and see what can be fixed. Good news at least is that things, in the main, are still working!
  12. 4 x weetbix, full fat milk, honey, and like IronmanFoz slightly warmed in winter...or bugger all, like this morning. Race day: creamed rice!
  13. Many moons ago, I was a Senior Scientist at the Royal Signals & Radar Establishment, where radar, LED, thermal imaging, cat scans were invented or made huge development leaps forward. With all those brainiacs (and me), there was ample opportunity to wonder at the thin line that separates genius and madness! There was the person who ran everywhere in sandals - never, ever saw him walk. The person who would reach around every lamppost they encountered and touch hands around it without actually touching the post. The genius (and I do mean genius) who would wear his wife's summer dress to work, because he found it the most comfortable thing to wear. The scientist who would fap (new word I learned today from MissJess) in his office over porn without a care who saw him at it! The tea room conversations were incredible, and I used to sit there and marvel at how one minute they would be calculating geo-stationary orbits on a whiteboard for fun, to the most inane common-sense lacking conversations about something that no normal person would even bother discussing! Myself and my two partners in crime would go out at lunchtime and get quite merry, and then sit at afternoon tea seeing who could introduce some nonsense topic or try to win a scientific argument on a subject we had no idea about...the best one being when my Irish friend went off on a spiel around the physics involved in the phenomena of a drop of water dripping that was the current topic of debate, and loudly in his Irish tilt finished with "...and therefore I conclude that it's all f'ing magic"...silence (apart from me and me mate wetting ourselves laughing)...followed by one scientist replying "well, I don't think it can actually be magic, because..." and continued to debate why magic wasn't the correct answer!
  14. ROTFL! I did set up a poll for Trannys permission to go Aussie, but the upgrade process must have fixed the results before it was published. Thanks for all the best wishes, really appreciated my friends. Ceremony all done and pint in hand - CHEERS!
  15. Thought I'd send my last post as a foreigner on these shores. A few minutes more and I'll be a local, and on my birthday too! I've been told I can keep the accent though! From this time forward, I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people, whose democratic beliefs I share, whose rights and liberties I respect, and whose laws I will uphold and obey.