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  1. If it is a record that is going to stand then it has to have drug testing before the record can be ratified. But are they saying they will break 2hr or set a world record, two quite different things.
  2. Saturday in wts goldcoast we had some athletes qualify for Commonwealth games. Ashleigh Gentle and Jake Birtwhistle in elites. Bill Chaffey and Emily Tapp in the paratriathon. Good to see early Nominations
  3. and testing,
  4. prob more widespread drugs in the 90's actually.
  5. I disagree, the run is the biggest difference now, just the courses are more accurate 10k now with better measuring technology. Ask any of the older guys who are into coaching, seeing what these guys actually can do, they will tell you they would have had no hope of running the times these guys do.
  6. Dunno, these guys are faster than we realise over these short distances also, Birtwhistle on the all athletes web page, shows would been running close to 4 min mile as a 17 year old. That is pretty quick.
  7. Think You are underestimating this generation of top guys, they run sub 30's off the bike and the top few would be capable of flat 10k somewhere in the 28's I think.
  8. From looking at the list I would say he invited from the top 20 or so ITU guys, ranked at that time, trying to spread numbers from each country, plus maybe 5 long course. Obviously a few didn't sign on, French or Portuguese it appears, and then he replaced them with some wildcards, top guys from other countries not already represented and another Aus.. when a couple ended up injured the 2 young guys got a late invite.
  9. 4 Bahrain endurance guys, 1 being Gomez, another Brownlee both top ITU guys.. so that only leaves 2 others, Aren't Bahrain endurance meant to be the top long course athletes? This being the case I am not sure I understand your gripe with the other 2 being there.
  10. Most of these guys are actually focussed on ITU so really all in a similar stage of their season. Lots have already raced in abudhabi and most are on the gold coast wts start list in a couple of weeks also, with the exception of the long course guys of course.
  11. Well you couldn't have heard more wrong.. there were no athletes from other sports or racing car drivers competing. That is just total crap. I would be interested to Know who at ta you heard from, obviously not someone who actually knew the whole truth. The date for this event was set but as stated so many times now, many of the top women invited were not going to be able to compete and the event ended up needing to be organised without them.
  12. Super League, "the best of the best" as Macca himself said in his reply to Liz.." not the best of the rest.". the best athletes that were wanted for this event, both male and female were contact mid last year, the men signed their LOI and negotiated contracts. Some of the women were not able to sign contracts due to possible dates of the first race but expressed interest with their LOI. Negotiations were made and as we know the womens racing will be starting in October. Some ppl choose to ignore this FACT because they like to complain and make conspiracy theories.
  13. maybe Liz wasn't the most qualified for the position.. There were plenty of women involved in this venture right from the beginning, just because Liz wasn't one of them doesn't mean there weren't any.
  14. Sad, but yes I agree. Especially after Cozumel,
  15. What, where have you been? The story broke with a top level elite GB male athlete had both A and B samples test positive for clenbuterol. ITU decided to accept the athletes claim that it was from "contaminated meat" and served no ban and therefore did not name the athlete. GB then denied it was a top level athlete but obviously many were not convinced.