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  1. HAHAHA, true, weird.
  2. Bunch of pretty darn dumb humans then, if 300 missed tests. Why give a time when you could be anywhere, they can be tested from 6am and last hour slot is 10pm. Smart idea would be to put a time at the extreme ends of the slots so you are home not when you could be out and about. The problem with doing that is they would be there for the testing though. Dodgy times of day, when they could be out and about, is more likely for avoidance reasons in my opinion.
  3. It is meant to be fairly straight forward, unless unforeseen things go wrong, a lot all at once. More the point though 300 British athletes in 3 years, if this is true is a crazy stupid number for sports people who have some of the most highly professional support organisations behind them. Actually doesn't add up.
  4. Occasionally things can go wrong, check in to hotel late at night, foreign country, technology lock out, wifi not working, sim card unusually not working in foreign country. If all these things have happened on the one night, sure, the whereabouts may be wrong. but 3 times in an 18 month window. Lizzie Armitage tried the Don excuse too, funny GB let her off too. Oh and MO. And some ITU athlete who ate too much steak in Cozumel also got swept under the table. Motto of this story, if you wanna cheat, make sure you are British.
  5. In Triathlon Aus the HP director would be the person in charge of deciding who gets what funding, and who gets to start which races etc. In high performance ITU races there are limited numbers of athletes each country can start, athletes have to nominate and then be selected. I know we do have a selection committee but from reading some of the selection policies the director gives names to the committee who then make their decisions. I think he may also be a member of this committee. I assume there would be a lot that goes on in his job description that we would have no idea about.
  6. Where did you hear this?
  7. I agree with the above, don't vomit on the track. But in seriousness, wear a watch with your goal paces set to notify every 200 so you don't get swept up and go out way too hard, try and stick to your paces for the first couple of laps and if you have anything left give it all for the last lap. reasonable teenagers will be running in the low 4's so run your own race.
  8. If it is a record that is going to stand then it has to have drug testing before the record can be ratified. But are they saying they will break 2hr or set a world record, two quite different things.
  9. Saturday in wts goldcoast we had some athletes qualify for Commonwealth games. Ashleigh Gentle and Jake Birtwhistle in elites. Bill Chaffey and Emily Tapp in the paratriathon. Good to see early Nominations
  10. and testing,
  11. prob more widespread drugs in the 90's actually.
  12. I disagree, the run is the biggest difference now, just the courses are more accurate 10k now with better measuring technology. Ask any of the older guys who are into coaching, seeing what these guys actually can do, they will tell you they would have had no hope of running the times these guys do.
  13. Dunno, these guys are faster than we realise over these short distances also, Birtwhistle on the all athletes web page, shows would been running close to 4 min mile as a 17 year old. That is pretty quick.
  14. Think You are underestimating this generation of top guys, they run sub 30's off the bike and the top few would be capable of flat 10k somewhere in the 28's I think.
  15. From looking at the list I would say he invited from the top 20 or so ITU guys, ranked at that time, trying to spread numbers from each country, plus maybe 5 long course. Obviously a few didn't sign on, French or Portuguese it appears, and then he replaced them with some wildcards, top guys from other countries not already represented and another Aus.. when a couple ended up injured the 2 young guys got a late invite.