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  1. Agree. Last time I did Cairns then Busso in the same year I did another two full Ironmen and a half in between. i never really had the break thing people talk about and never plataued either. I think train when you want to
  2. Yep, I did more or less the same training on the bike week in week out for a couple of years. I became an ok rider
  3. That's going too be your biggest problem - wahoo doesn't go bump, let alone bump bump bump ....... bump...
  4. From what my partner tells me - male triathletes are no different
  5. Have done private car, provided transport and ridden. For transport - Just dropped off and didn't look at what happened next. happy to do that again
  6. When they race at itu at pro at IM those people have zero effect on me - but an Ag in my division has a direct effect on me. ag can go onto pro. social media can negate the need to be pro in a small sport like tri to enable people to make money
  7. Cheat your way into 6th - loser!
  8. So what does it mean you now see some one with an Ironman tattoo - what's it for?
  9. I thought tri wa's agreement with IM expired this year - does that mean tri WA has secured a new agreement for busso 70.3 in may?
  10. If it's like everything else I've noticed about triathletes - its because they are special
  11. It's an ironman as far as I could tell. I mean whose so vain they measure the quality of the course by the number of spectatorors, if you want atmosphere goto Im France with at dj and fireworks at the end. No Aus IM can go near that.if you think IM Aus Is hard try something like Japan 2015 / Aus is a peace of piss. If you want to be to do th best you can do, ,iM aus is a good as place as any for that. for sure; im aus is the hardest in aus, but don't make the mistake of thinking ,Im aus is particularly hard compared too what's out there imo finishing time is it's all about perfcentage of effort and in that respect ,Im Aus is no different than busso. and the ride is shit - nothing To do with dead roads - we ride that all the time. It's the bone jarring bumpw for almsoet 180k: believe what you like but that's a major case nutrition brother to numbers
  12. I call bullshit in most the advice here - muscle through a swim - shit no
  13. Without a doubt this - from you otb brick times you should run sub. 1:30.
  14. Best how/for what?
  15. Nice spot for sure.