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  1. So what does it mean you now see some one with an Ironman tattoo - what's it for?
  2. I thought tri wa's agreement with IM expired this year - does that mean tri WA has secured a new agreement for busso 70.3 in may?
  3. If it's like everything else I've noticed about triathletes - its because they are special
  4. It's an ironman as far as I could tell. I mean whose so vain they measure the quality of the course by the number of spectatorors, if you want atmosphere goto Im France with at dj and fireworks at the end. No Aus IM can go near that.if you think IM Aus Is hard try something like Japan 2015 / Aus is a peace of piss. If you want to be to do th best you can do, ,iM aus is a good as place as any for that. for sure; im aus is the hardest in aus, but don't make the mistake of thinking ,Im aus is particularly hard compared too what's out there imo finishing time is it's all about perfcentage of effort and in that respect ,Im Aus is no different than busso. and the ride is shit - nothing To do with dead roads - we ride that all the time. It's the bone jarring bumpw for almsoet 180k: believe what you like but that's a major case nutrition brother to numbers
  5. I call bullshit in most the advice here - muscle through a swim - shit no
  6. Without a doubt this - from you otb brick times you should run sub. 1:30.
  7. Best how/for what?
  8. Nice spot for sure.
  9. Thanks. We ended up swimming at Flynns beach and body surfing for a while. Lucky to have done Dolphins come through and catch a few waves too!
  10. Hi, our friends would like to swim to tomorrow - there not great surf swimmers. - where is the best place to river / ocean swim in the mornings?
  11. I use erg mode - two levels - pain/no pain
  12. Get your money's worth - race and train on the same wheels
  13. I happy to say, for the first time for IM I've have had a detailed plan. I've also followed it pretty well. Unfortunately, the plan is sh#te. Planning to not do a lot was never going to end well. I've increased my swimming 1300% this week... so 1. Is there a weir or something we have to cross on the swim? Can you rest there? 2) are you allowed to call over a paddler and have a little rest before keeping on swimming?
  14. A half is short eneough to race pretty hard, if I had the above 'comfortable pace' id think 1:25-1:30 would be an honest day out. I've been 4:17 at Busso and on the rare occasion I do a brick it I would be 4:30-4:45 comfortable of the bike.
  15. Wouldn't bother at all