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  1. Felt 1a series and BMC time machines? Quick bikes and look the dogs bollocks.
  2. Yeah it's fine, your ears aren't covered, so pretty well ventilated.
  3. I've got the Kask Bambino for racing and Giro Air Attack for training. Like them both. The Bambino is very comfy, no issue with overheating, or excessive movement, the visor can be be a PITA to get on sometimes if you don't line the magnets up the right way and you're rushing, this issue has been resolved with the latest gen Bambino by using stronger magnets. AA has no issues with the visor and is also a pretty comfy helmet. It looks good too and you don't look like a complete twat when riding your roadie with it on.
  4. I have no idea how this will go in WA when/if they pass this law (imminent I believe), there are long sections of road (10km+) where there are very few opportunities to pass a cyclist keeping a 1m gap. I think it's a great idea, but it's going to cause traffic chaos.
  5. What's the fine and how many points?
  6. It's a valid point. I believe him regarding the issues he had with the frames, but I think he's embellished the whole "unsafe" thing. Easy to get out of a contract using that as an excuse. Can't really get out of a contract just because the product is sub-standard.
  7. 2015: Ironman Mont-Tremblant - 1st 2012: Leadman Epic 250, Bend, OR - 1st 2012: Ironman New York - U.S. Championships - 1st 2012: Ironman Texas - 1st§ 2011: ITU Long Distance World Championships - 1st 2011: Ironman Canada - 1st 2011: Leadman Epic 250, Las Vegas - 1st 2009: Ironman Arizona - 1st∞‡ 2009: Ironman Canada - 1st
  8. Yeah I read that and was scratching my head. That said he did have a pretty horrific accident a few years ago, so perhaps a bit of excess movement in the frame that wouldn't bother most people, is freaking him out, understandably.
  9. Seems like the done thing to do in the US, sue someone when things don't go your way. Irrespective of what really happened, I would have thought Dimond could have found another course of action other than suing a (most likely) broke triathlete with 4 kids who was almost killed in a bike accident a few years prior...
  10. No idea if this is correct from a science side of things, but offers an interesting perspective. Ironman Bike Cadence by Kristian Manietta Most of us all love the bike, but when it comes to triathlon it’s not about how fast you can ride, it’s about riding as fast as you can while arriving in T2 in control. You want to have worked your legs in a way that can accommodate cycling fatigue without creating running fatigue. This is where you need to understand the differences between cycling for triathlon and cycling for cycling. Pure cyclists focus on higher cadences for higher power outputs, which is perfectly fine when you don’t have to run off the bike. The price of this higher cadence is higher aerobic stress, which means higher muscle fuel consumption. In triathlon cycling we want to preserve the run muscles as much as possible; this means we have to train our cycling in context of being able to run exceptionally well too. So it is known that that the best runners run at higher stride rates, we need to preserve the ability to run at a high stride rate (which is in the 90 steps per foot per minute range) Now if we train our cycling in the 90-plus cadence range over the course of a long distance triathlon (half or full Iron distance) we tax that neuromuscular system – meaning we tax the very system we need to rely on to run a fast or full marathon off the bike. However, if we train our muscles to handle a slower cadence (70-80rpm) we not only preserve our run muscles, we do so at a lower aerobic pace, in turn cost saving that for the run.
  11. My coach has just got me riding at a lower cadence. Looking back at my last 3 70.3s cadence was bang on 93 for all of them, but like you I did feel like I was working hard, aerobically. I did a 70/14 brick a few weeks ago and kept cadence around the 72/73 mark, it averaged out at 76, didn't feel great at first, very heavy in the legs which had me worried about running off the bike, but ran pretty well, legs felt great and I felt pretty fresh. Not sure what I'll do at Busso, probably too late to be tinkering around with cadence, but I'll keep an eye on it, aim for high 70s, low 80s and see how I go.
  12. shit yeah.. I've been looking at doing either Bintan 70.3 or Langkawi 70.3 in November, flight, hotel, for 4 of us plus race costs over $6K, cost of a P5! I'm guessing there's not much of a tri scene in Karatha? Can you even swim in the ocean there?
  13. I used to squad swim m/w/f, but the squad folded and now I just have to swim when I can, so some days running/swimming same day or even double swim days. Not ideal, but I find as long as I get the kms in, performance hasn't really been affected. Won't matter one iota so close to race day. You doing Busso?
  14. That ride looks absolutely fantastic! Tough, but amazing scenery.
  15. Seems to be the done thing at a lot of races in WA, usually marked with Age Group letter.