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  1. I do whatever training I want to do, swim daily and don't ride or run 6 times a week, just whatever i feel like doing on the day. Forget triathlon/Busso for a while.
  2. It sounds like he lives in a cave, not a house.
  3. Yeah I don't think anything will come of it i.e the police probably won't charge him because you weren't badly injured, as silly as that is, but it might be worth doing out of principle? Or perhaps if you could get an apology?
  4. Take it further. Definitely. You could be saving someone from being seriously injured. He may have only clipped you, but if he'd connected he could have fractured your nose/cheekbones/eye sockets, I've seen a few vicious headbutts and the damage can be horrendous. People can't get away with this crap.
  5. If you've got witnesses, take it further. Very little will happen, I don't think the police will be interested, but if at the very least they pay him a visit and get a statement of him, it may stop him acting like a dick in future.
  6. Always amazes me when rich celebrities/sports stars go broke, Jonny Depp is reportedly having money problems, career earning to date total over 800 million...
  7. Has anyone used Zwift running yet?
  8. What's a typical swim session?
  9. "Carbon fibre, up until recently, has been a dream material for automotive and for so many different industries but the cost has been prohibitive," I'm not sure I agree with that. I've been wavesailing for years and a lot of the gear is carbon-fibre, very well made, light and very strong, it has to be able to withstand a 500 ton wave landing on it and the cost is significantly lower than in cycling. You can pay $300 for a 40cm carbon seatpost, for the same amount of money you can buy a 400cm carbon mast that has probably had a shit load more R&D. We are being completely ripped off in cycling and that won't change whilst people are willing to fork out the $$. .
  10. Not saying he's right, but maybe it's the straw that broke the camels back. In WA the level of aggression drivers have towards cyclists is insane, it's not just abuse, cars and trucks deliberately driving too close, clipping cyclists, throwing bottles at them. Unfortunately there are a lot of pissed off cyclists out there...
  11. The POMS wouldn't have liked that
  12. Cold milky tea at the aid stations no doubt..
  13. What's the standard like in the UK. Times look slow for the various AGs or is it a slow course? Winner for my AG was 4.37.
  14. I used to go to boarding school in Uttoxeter many moons ago!