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  1. What? I thought he was sponsored by La-Z Boy recliners?
  2. Was it a solo or group ride?
  3. One day, If he works his way up the pro ranks, he'll be able to try out for Team BMC-Etixx
  4. Second race even better with a lot of guys hurting. Third will a battle of survival
  5. Race 1 Jake Mola Murray Daylight Brownlee Great race.
  6. Wow very surprised. No one in that photo has a hipster beard.
  7. Based on the photos it looks like there is a crew down there handing him bananas and choc chip cookies. Check out the 8 in 8 Facebook page
  8. I didn't even see the "plus coaching" part of the title, I just saw Free Entry To NZ Virgin
  9. Will they throw in free IRNMAN plates?
  10. Why would you want to be coached by McNeice? He can't even beat a female age grouper out of the water ;-)
  11. Taking inspiration from the 1991 movie Wedlock, what about all athletes wear a neck collar and rather then when they seperate, if they get too close to each other they receive* a little electric shock (*level of punishment reduced from explosion like in the movie)?
  12. What? No "how Pete eats daily" or smoothie on arrival??
  13. ....see how many times Pete chews. How many are we predicting? 32 times?