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  1. £752, but that included a new wetsuit and some sportives they run (one with FP which was a great day out in the New Forest). Since then, I haven't bought much and building the new (old) Litespeed, I have been shopping around. They certainly have lost out to the likes of Tweeks, Chain Reaction and even ProBikeKit in terms of stock and price. They also don't stock some of the brands I like anymore, so I really have to want something and they have to have it at a reasonable price.
  2. What I find strange about the whole thing of religion is that seemingly intelligent people believe in imaginary friends. When you ask them to explain this .... they often can't. Jews, Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Buddhists etc etc .... my stance is that, if it makes you feel better, do whatever you want. I have better things to be thinking about and doing on a Sunday!
  3. .... and whilst on the topic of freedom of speech http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/anthony-mundine-says-its-ok-to-beat-women-as-long-as-you-dont-cause-injury/news-story/382ff419cd4b0d3c5c65497e689f8d97 .... but I don't think anyone can condone what he's spouting. I think he's taken too many hits to the head!
  4. No, not at all. Race, religion and ethnic background was never part of my argument. Am not trying to ruin her career either. I am not a racist, nor a redneck, a hillbilly or a bogan***; in fact, I think I am quite worldly. I simply make the comment that she should respect people (of all backgrounds) who have given a sacrifice (and continue to do so) so that she can make whatever comments she wanted on any day other than ANZAC Day. I feel the same way about: - people getting mindlessly drunk on ANZAC Day (good point from earlier); shops opening; the AFL cashing in on a tradition started in the mid-90s by calling it a "tradition" in its second year; etc etc. I am also against forcing people to remember the fallen and those who serve. But, I think a little perspective about where she came from and what she now enjoys because of the ANZACs wouldn't hurt. ANZAC Day had nothing to do with her post and the topic of her post nothing to do with ANZAC Day. Think I am done on the topic, Cam *** I used to go to Bathurst and sink the odd tinnie, but that was for work!
  5. Same. If something goes wrong, you only have yourself to blame!
  6. Exactly, she couldn't give a stuff about it, from the timing and content of her post. Her apology says nothing of contrition and the publicity gathers pace...... Perhaps she should sit down and read all 12 volumes of C.E.W. Bean's Official History of Australia in the War of 1914–1918, as I did when I was about her age to appreciate what we have, why we have it and what brought it about. Just a thought....
  7. Not the point I was trying to make, but I agree with your stance.... and your ability to take a stance. The point I was trying to make is that ANZAC Day should be about the diggers and families of those who fought in all wars. It has nothing to do with refugees, Manus Island, Palestine (apart from the battles fought there during the world wars), the AFL or anyone seeking to make a profit from a commercial venture attached to the name ANZAC. The point is that there are another 364 days for shameless self-aggrandisement, they should use any one of those days. ANZAC Day should be a day of quiet contemplation and respect for those who gave us these freedoms.
  8. Wow, where to start? He was okay taking the cash from them and endorsing the product while all of the issues were being investigated, but now that he's been threatened he wants to get others to help fund something that is specifically going to benefit him. Why anyone would donate to this is beyond me - it's not going to advance the cause of legal reasoning, they are a low volume manufacturer, he - as a decent, but mid-level pro triathlete - would have little assets for Dimond to chase .... it seems that the major issue here is that Dimond Bikes don't want him signed to Diamond Back Bikes. If I were advising both parties, I would get in a room and settle by advising each to walk away, return all equipment (and the gesture of salary), not make any disparaging remarks about the other ... and move on! On a separate note, to prove how ridiculous some crowd-funding is, a radio DJ over here set up a crowd-funding page to fund his "next Tuesday night dinner and a sixer of beers". He raised £35!
  9. Moving to the UK 10 years ago, whenever I mentioned that I was going to be doing a race, there was a greater race to sponsor me to do something that I wanted to do not caring about being sponsored. In the 10 years since, it has gotten progressively (or regressively) worse. Charity spots now occupy most of the places for the London Marathon and the charities now regard this as a business. I can't get a place without signing up for a charity and a minimum commitment for £1,000. Some offer places for raising £5,000 minimum. And I won't ask people to sponsor me for something I want to do anyway!
  10. You won't lose a race with a bad swim. Juggle it around and adapt. Enjoy Port.
  11. Made me happy to be Australian yesterday (despite being half a world away), celebrating and remembering everything our forefathers fought for.... And then I read this ... http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/yassmin-abdelmagied-triggers-anger-with-anzac-day-facebook-post/news-story/40123cfe7b0d7fb93ed7536aaf9f7824. Okay, everyone has a right to expression of free speech (something our forefathers fought for), but seriously .... how did it have to be "brought to her attention"? What an attention-seeking tool. Same for that idiot Clementine Ford - if you have nothing to say, say nothing! Lest we forget the sacrifice of those who have died in wars to protect our way of life!
  12. I did Parkrun in Richmond Park in late 2012 and she showed up for a jog. She is one of the nicest, most humble, engaging and friendly people in the sport. Mo Farah was also there that day and trotted around in a lazy 17:?? having a chat with his mates and in the middle of a 25km training session. We need more people like her in sport!
  13. That is a bummer and I've been involved in a similar situation about 25 years ago when the Partner of a Law Firm in the town where I worked topped himself and left the debt of the Firm - and shifted guarantees - to his Partners. They saw no way out either, but there was. They consolidated and asked for help. It was given and they managed to pull out of it. Similar position happened when my ex took off and then demanded half the value of the property she contributed very, very little toward. Take stock of it, appreciate the situation, realise what matters (friends, family, roof, food ..... not necessarily in that order) and seek the help and support you will be given. Every cent does matter, but don't forget the importance of the people who will help you recover.
  14. I once sold a 10sp cassette on eBay and the buyer disputed it saying that "not as described" when they were expecting a Shimano lockring and I enclosed a SRAM one. Which works better. Sometimes you have to realise there are some people who are douches!
  15. Fresh Water wash the suit and declare everything. Cam