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  1. At least he knows where the intended recipient lives .... could just pass it on! Honestly, if that is what's happening at the top of the sport!!!
  2. I live about two miles from it and the air has been thick with soot and debris still this morning. Still burning. Horrible, horrible incident. Those poor people. Scotland Yard are looking to open a Corporate Manslaughter investigation already. I would imagine there are some shredders going into overdrive at the contractor's offices .....
  3. Walked in to work today to Aerosmith's Pump ... tuuuuuuuuuunes!
  4. Or, it could mean that the political parties don't take us for granted like they have and will start engaging to what we want, in line with what we can afford? Personally, I would like to see less government; Belgium didn't have a government for two whole years and they seems to get along fine (primarily as there were two other forms of government to step in). I can't do another election, though. Every time they wheel out Diane Abbott (Aussies, google her), my head spins with how dumb she is!
  5. Jesus, FP ..... WTF happened when I was away? You go away to the remote south coast of Ireland for 10 days and come home to this!!!! Good to see that Nicola has been shut up ... the bitter, England-hating, incompetent sow!
  6. Hey FP, I would also try DeSoto from the US. I still have a suit that I am using from 2003 and a couple of others. Some of their gear is pretty garish in colour, but it fits great and lasts.
  7. I have heard that the number is closer to 3,000, but what's a thousand-odd nutcases walking the streets ready to do whatever they want? Watching Question Time over here (similar to Australia's Q&A), there was a statistic that only 0.3% of all usable leads on terrorist activity come from the Islamic community. Given that they are only 4.4% of the known population, that's far too low, but given that they are responsible for most of the terrorist incidents in the UK .... well, that is appalling and they need to start shopping their mates and families. And they are still only 4.4% of the population which are causing 95% of the fear and mistrust in the community at the moment.....
  8. Doing a race over here in a few months with some mates and we're going "old school" on it. We're getting the train there (£12 tickets cf £150 driving), staying in "moderate" accommodation, no phones / wives / girlfriends for the weekend, racing hard and going for a few beers afterwards. Since the Uni and immediately post-Uni days, triathlon has become really corporate and mainstream and needs to be taken back to "fun".
  9. Am just $hit-stirring. Think it looks awesome. Apologies if it was taken otherwise.
  10. Very similar to Rock & Republic Racing ....
  11. Such a great race. I remember doing it in 1994 and then driving through the night to make Uni lectures in Melbourne the next morning at 0800! What I would give for a weekend like that now!
  12. Still have one of those .... smells like my nana's house now, but the memories!
  13. I love the drink driving test which operates in most states of the US.... I got pulled up on a B-road on Long Island in 2012 for a "sobriety test" which involved the cop pulling out a biro from his top pocket and doing what I can only describe as a "priest's blessing" move in front of my eyes ("Sir, keep your head still and only move your eyes...."). I could have passed that test blind drunk. Apparently the next step was to draw a chalk line on the road and ask me to walk along it and only then would they take a breath sample so as not to interfere with my ???th Amendment rights!!!
  14. A mate lives in Thaxted in Essex, which has the oldest Morris Dancing troupe in the UK. He says they are all weirdos (as if you need more proof than their dress and dance routines) .... but he also said "...they make the best homebrew and grow your own in the country". Agreed, the UK is much more than London and living here really does sharpen your edge .... why I am getting out and only coming in for work!
  15. Contrast the Corbys with the Leslie family, also from Adelaide. One protested her innocence (I have heard from a reliable sourse in the AFP that she took the rap as her brother would most likely have not fared as well in the klink) and spent the best years of her life banged up; the other kept her head, paid the requisite "facilitation payments", quick conversion to Islam (wonder if she still wears a headscarf.....), some apologies, (probably) a few more "facilitation payments" and out at the end of the weekend! The scale of the two were completely different and both were classed as trafficking and shows the difference a different attitude can make ... and some cash!