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  1. OK, it's that time of year, and the last Grand Tour if the year is about to commence. The Vuelta a Espana starts this weekend. Will Pistolero finish his career with a win in his home GT? Will Froome take a rare TdF Vuelta double? Will Adam Yates finally crack a GT for Orica? And the really big question: How will the riders react to the "Podium Boys"? As per previous Grand Tours, I have set up a mini-league for us to join at Velogames, and it's ready to go. Normal rules. Any first-timers, ask someone else for advice after my TdF performance. https://www.velogames.com/vuelta-a-espana/2017/ League Name: TransitionsLeague Code: 388289711
  2. My first new TT thread

    You see, this is the problem with so many triathletes doing all there riding on an indoor trainer. FatPom's kid is riding unassisted before her 4th birthday, and you still need training wheels.
  3. Is any type of aero wheel better than none at all?

    Bling is good.
  4. Dick Smith fair go.

    And I'm looking forward to my son playing a big part in this, a keeping me in the manner I wish to become accustomed to in my retirement.
  5. Grand Tour Tipping Contest - Vuelta a Espana

    A last plug for this one. Entries close at 1am tonight when the TTT kicks off. Only 11 teams to date, so at least we'll make the top 20 Dave.
  6. Tour of Spain 2017

    The words "filthy drug taking spaniard" come to mind.
  7. The Politics Thread

    That women voting rubbish. You do realise that they've been voting for these foreigners the whole time now.
  8. BHG6 Road bike

    And she likes having the gardener do it.
  9. The Politics Thread

    You can't vote, but you can be deputy PM. That's a good lurk.
  10. Training volume when not signed up to anything

    He probably wouldn't let you into his own square metre.
  11. Is this the new form of terror

    My sister in law lands in Barcelona in a couple of hours. This will rock her badly.
  12. Is this the new form of terror

    It would have been redneck loonie christian in Charlotteville wouldn't it?
  13. BHG6 Road bike

    N + 1 in its purest form.
  14. Utopia

  15. Road bike for daughter??

    Depending how confident she is, maybe something flat for day 1. You could even pull them off an existing bike.
  16. Lifesavers are being sued

    "Workplace" more accurately describes it, as it covers the workplace and all those in/around it, not just the workers; where-as "occupational" makes it sound like it only covers the workers.
  17. Tour of Spain 2017

    And podium boys. This could help the yes vote.
  18. Training volume when not signed up to anything

    That's the secret. As long as you don't have crazy work hours, 20 to 25 hours a week isn't hard (injury aside) if you don't have wife & kids.
  19. Uber v Cabbies

    Are you going to be in there tomorrow? After work drinks?
  20. Bunch rides canberra and etiquitte

    I read Canberra and Etiquette in the same sentence. Isn't that like blue & green?
  21. Wage Increases

    I get to decide my team's over the next week, then I find out mine. Exciting time of year.
  22. Is there a Plasterer in the house?

    Don't. Just don't.
  23. I've done a number of small repairs to dents & holes in gyprock walls, but I've got a bigger one that I need to do now. The west facing wall of the garage has a crack nearly the full length of it where the 2 sheets meet. It's as if the original plasterer never taped the 2 sheets when the wall went up. I figure to fix this it will need to be taped. Is there a Trannie here that is accomplished at this type of work, and can offer advice? Thanks
  24. Is there a Plasterer in the house?

    I finally logged off work & took a look. Exactly what I needed (though looks like a bit more work than I wanted). Thanks heaps Cat lady. This should test my "handymanness".
  25. Lifesavers are being sued

    The councils also have professional lifegaurds. I didn't read this report, but noted in one I read the other day that even one of the councils is suing SLSQ. One of their lifeguards slipped in a shower at the clubhouse and hurt himself. FFS, that's ridiculous.