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  1. Don't all pro cyclists look like this?
  2. But it's so hard to resist those curves. Now & then they move to the hill at the bottom of the Botanical Gardens and catch them there too.
  3. In Brisbane the police currently hang out below Mt Coot-tha on weekday mornings specifically to catch cyclists speeding in the 50km/hr zone going down the hill.
  4. Come on AP. Don't get the boy's hopes up. It was only 23 degrees today.
  5. I grow my own
  6. Correct, and if you look at the prizemoney at a lot of the other races around, unless you win, you are only taking home a few thousand. Prizemoney isn't what keeps these guys going. As Andrew said, it's the extras, plus the opportunity to spend a few years on a funded holiday. face it, who here wouldn't have jumped at the opportunity to travel the world racing & training. Hell, we pay for that privilege.
  7. Man-crush maybe? Are your legs shaved?
  8. Huh?
  9. You lasted longer than the Lions.
  10. Murray & Mola took the first 2 spots in Superleage, which was big money & men only. Take that out of the equation & the results are VERY similar.
  11. Generally the contractor in our area just drops a card saying pick it up at the post office. Even if the "parcel" is a jiffy bag the size of a wallet. This turned up a couple weeks ago. It was bucketing down rain at the time. The label on the packaging said: "If no-one home, leave in a secure location out of the weather". I suppose it was secure, as it was jammed in so hard the wrapping was all torn.
  12. The difference being every lane at the pool is the same distance. If he was running to certain times, he needs that lane.
  13. Ride indoors like everyone else.
  14. I just had another look at that video from the start. If he is trying to say that she nearly killed him, then he's a shocking cyclist. She's doing 2km/h and never gets more than 2 feet out of her parking spot, and he has 20m to see what she's doing. Yes, she is in the wrong, and should be charged for it, but for what it was, he was looking for a fight. I had a mate that was exactly like that, and was always riding "to the law". He made sure he took his "right of way" no matter what. He doesn't ride now, as he's had 2 broken backs and it hurts too much. It's shocking that that has happened to him, but absolutely no-one that knows him is surprised.
  15. You're running the wrong way and expect right of way?
  16. Too many people want to go. You will still be able to pick up tickets to the events that didn't sell out, but this way they gave people that were not on their laptops the minute tickets went on sale a fighting chance to get to the popular events.
  17. It might not be an option where you are, but try some bike racing. It's great fun and will improve your handling and skills.
  18. One of the better ones, certainly. She forgot to mention though that it is the only time she has ever done it, and that everyone else is doing it, so it was a level playing field anyway.
  19. It must be just those that they earnt money in, as Brownlee raced a couple of half distance, which he earned money at, then pulled out of one, then won at ITU Leeds. He also raced Superleague. So that's 3 where he won prizemoney, and that's the number against his results.
  20. He's now out on bail now for an unrelated extortion charge. But on the above, he was actually in Melbourne at the time he picked up the cash "for a mate" to meet with a developer who was trying to get planning approvals for a Childcare centre, restaurant & service station at a site within a buffer zone that would only allow restricted developments. Nudge nudge, wink wink.
  21. True. I can't say I haven't called someone an F'ing Idiot while I've been on the bike. But if it had been someone half my size, and/or old, I'd straight away tone it down & explain why what they did could have killed me, and that next time it could be their grandkid on a bike getting sideswiped by someone not paying attention. That said, it's hard to do when the adrenaline is pumping.
  22. Barry, my response was to your comment that it's about learning. What do you think she learnt out of him carrying on like that? Yes, she should be charged, and yes get up her a bit, but no, swearing at her and kicking her car does not help her learn.