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  1. Thanks For that, I'll donate you my first km.
  2. I'm just upset there were no "Beer Miles" when I last did IM. I suppose it was harder back then so you didn't need the beer mile.
  3. Tyno, any chance of a brilliant spreadsheet like you got up last year?
  4. I thought the same thing when I saw the headline. The actual content is a lot different. Whilst I still think the guy is a bit of a dick, the interview was basically an ambush on this point, and the written story is a beat up.
  5. They're particularly effective for early morning rides where cars can cross the double lines safely due to not too many other cars around. Whilst a lot of people around here complain about bikes, they do tend to give us a lot of room.
  6. Certainly not having a go at Lauren, but yet another of those articles that goes straight for the "Professional Triathlete" & "2nd at the World Championships", where-as she was 2nd in her AG (no small achievement in itself though).
  7. SFA training wise for me today. Did donate plasma though, so not a total loss.
  8. Don't know the validity of it, but he states he's an Engineer. As if that gives anyone authority. Ha.
  9. It's not Winter, but May 1 makes for an easy start. I'm in, and will aim for 100. The pools will all be closed for the last 20 days, but I have a wetsuit now (thanks Roxii), so I should be able to join the nutters that are training in the dam through Winter in speedos, preparing for the Channel.
  10. Shouldn't it be in the voice of Pistachio Disguisey? "Am I not Turtley enough for the Turtle Club?"
  11. Mid-life crisis hey? You're going to have to update the picture as well you know.
  12. The sewerage spill killed most of them.
  13. We're the same. My wife and I both drink tea, but both the kids drink coffee. Not sure where they even got the taste from. At least that means there's usually some instant laying around for visitors though.
  14. 100 in 100. Phhhh. I did 100 in 50 for the last swimming challenge we had on here.
  15. Congratulations Ayto.
  16. Slept in, and the dog sooooo wanted to go for a walk, so just a 20min swim this morning.
  17. A bit over 4km OW swim this morning. I felt out of place, as the other 6 swimming were either doing the Channel this year, or booked to do it in the next 2. Maybe one day. Can't fault the location today though, and much warmer than the Channel, at around 21 degrees.
  18. It's this tapering. He'll be pushing 1500 by race day.
  19. They're the new fangled ones that replaced the 6 & 7 I used to use on the bike when it was new.
  20. Great looking place. IP will have you installing an endless pool jet in the pool you've got there, & you'll have the perfect training set-up. I remember when I was looking at a couple hundred acres here (2 acres flat, the rest up a mountain), all my mates were egging me on, wanting to set up a downhill site for "mates use".
  21. I remember seeing an article last year about a guy that got rescued after a few days. he left Coffs Harbour bound for NZ in an ocean going kayak he built himself. The kayak had washed up about 50km from his target beach in NZ, 18 months later. Apparently if you have enough food & water, you don't even have to paddle.
  22. So according to the website, entries are open till race eve. Who's going to make a late decision to race?
  23. She should do Kona this year. With all the women out having babies, she could probably have a good shot at it without the normal training.
  24. Tel him it's a beautiful looking bike Moshboy. I'd love to take something like that out to the next race and have all the old bastards like me recollecting.
  25. You'd be happy to know CN, whilst I haven't spoken to my physio about Scott Dye, he seems to have a similar thought path. He has me doing a lot of work on my back and lateral quads (which are extremely tight), but I've been told that any exercise I do that works the knee is to be done well below any pain threshold. If it hurts when weight bearing at 15%, then I'm not to do anything above 10. And only very small reps at that. When I stick to what he tells me, it does seem to improve. It's just that I keep breaking out & doing long rugged walks, or very hard days around the yard. Could one of you guys tell my wife that I can't finish the paving?