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  1. 3.5km swim. Felt real good. This sleeping on my back may make my snoring worse, but my shoulder certainly feels the better for it.
  2. 3.5km this morning. Off to a good start, but it was easy today with squad, and a public holiday, so no excuses to get out early.
  3. Great training today. I took my swimming coach to the dam and set the session for us. She couldn't stand the cold, it decided to pull up short after less than 2km. She can't complain if I decide to pull up short next session in the pool.
  4. Yeh, I went over the handlebars one morning & split a helmet right up the centre. I had such a head-ache, and felt sick in the stomach. I was thinking that clearly, that after a 10 minute break sitting on a bus seat because I was dizzy standing up, I figured the best thing to do was ride the 40km home. Can't believe I made it, without once falling off.
  5. What I really can't get my head around is how a "Finer things in life" thread started discussing P76s.
  6. I'm in. Warmed up (or should I say froze) with a 1.7km dam swim this morning. Nearly wetsuit time.
  7. I figured i'd get some reaction, but there was definitely no angst against her, and I certainly feel deeply for what she's gone through. If she'd come 59th in the 40 - 45 Ag at the Bribie sprint distance race, then the incident is still just as debilitating for Lauren, and just as heartbreaking for all of us, but would channel 9 have run with it? Probably not. Because they could put "professional triathlete" and " 2nd in the triathlon world championships", they can make a headline of it. That's the point I was trying to make.
  8. Thanks For that, I'll donate you my first km.
  9. I'm just upset there were no "Beer Miles" when I last did IM. I suppose it was harder back then so you didn't need the beer mile.
  10. Tyno, any chance of a brilliant spreadsheet like you got up last year?
  11. I thought the same thing when I saw the headline. The actual content is a lot different. Whilst I still think the guy is a bit of a dick, the interview was basically an ambush on this point, and the written story is a beat up.
  12. They're particularly effective for early morning rides where cars can cross the double lines safely due to not too many other cars around. Whilst a lot of people around here complain about bikes, they do tend to give us a lot of room.
  13. Certainly not having a go at Lauren, but yet another of those articles that goes straight for the "Professional Triathlete" & "2nd at the World Championships", where-as she was 2nd in her AG (no small achievement in itself though).
  14. SFA training wise for me today. Did donate plasma though, so not a total loss.
  15. Don't know the validity of it, but he states he's an Engineer. As if that gives anyone authority. Ha.