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  1. KQ questions

    Yeah Yeah i get it.
  2. City 2 Surf Bondi Breakfast?

    Here I am thinking that sounds like something I need to do. You're on the wrong side of sydney!!!
  3. KQ questions

    But that defies logic!! 😉
  4. KQ questions

    Sounds like you're in form now. 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 3.59 = 19.59
  5. Ironman in Victoria

    Stop it tall Paul. Too much sense for these clowns 😉
  6. City 2 Surf Bondi Breakfast?

    I was at bondi hotel till 11 enjoying a few beers in the front window.
  7. City 2 Surf Bondi Breakfast?

    Only tranny at bondi hotel award goes to me.
  8. Ironman in Victoria

    I've helped manage brisbane marathon many times. Without volunteers it would never happen. In fact any events we do are impossible without volunteers.
  9. KQ questions

    The guy who did that time in 30-34 is going to kona though with a 9.10 at port.
  10. KQ questions

    The only issue is you want to kq at your next ironman. You would learn a lot more for ironman doing one this year than going faster at 70.3 but you've also got to do what will make you happy and keep you motivated. If it were me I'd put the rest of this year into ironman training, see what work I had to do after completing one and then spend 12 months working on that.
  11. KQ questions

    Haha and how did that go? If you're a different athlete now then why not ditch the 70.3 this year and have another crack. I'd suggest you would get more out of that experience for next year than another 70.3.
  12. IM nutrition strategy - bottles/special needs

    Oh and special needs is about a 30sec stop. Call your number 500m before and pull up swap the bottles and get rolling again. I've found most people I race around fully stop and swap over so youre not losing time to anyone.
  13. IM nutrition strategy - bottles/special needs

    I need 3 bottles of nutrition for an ironman. I start with 2 on my bike and put another 2 in special needs. I dropped one at NZ ironman last year and still had enough. So with that experience in mind im with Rog, you need 3.
  14. KQ questions

    Have you done an ironman before zed?
  15. No minimum tri suit order?

    Yep it comes down very quickly cranky. I got mine for kona last year so I'm still feeling the pain in bank account ?
  16. No minimum tri suit order?

    Yep 1 with scody will be in the 600-800 range. 2 was only like 900 so the more you get it drops very quickly.
  17. Go home Ironman, you're drunk

    I'd say they emailed the 2016 competitors. I got the same email.
  18. 2018 70.3 Worlds in South Africa - how popular?

    Agree I looked into it and from memory it was about 25hours worth of travel to get there from here so it will roll a long way.
  19. Gelatin

    You forgot cinnamon
  20. Meat and Water Diet Study

    I'm pretty sure this myth has already been busted.
  21. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Nice. Good luck with it.
  22. WS70.3

    95% chance of non wetsuit. Best place to stay is panthers but we have booked in at the local caravan park. Fastest ride ive had for a 70.3. Good road surface and half the elevation gain of sunshine coast (highway course). Run wasn't too hot the year I did it. Overall it's a super fast race in a location that gives it a stadium feel and I loved it. Cant wait for this year.
  23. Power meter for shiv

    Yeah this topic again. My quarq has officially died. Out of warranty and the option from quarq for a replacement unit is 700us plus freight plus duty. Does anyone have any experience with pioneer? I'd prefer to buy new but might have an option for a second hand unit at about 750. Any other options for a shiv? I liked the look of the powertap crank based one but it won't fit a shiv as per their website.
  24. Gelatin

    I cook bone broth which looks like brown jelly when kept in the fridge. I then add gelatin to it. I drink this with breaky each morning. There would already be heaps of gelatin in the broth but I figure a bit more can't hurt.
  25. Power meter for shiv

    Any luck yet? Is that on a shiv and if so where did you get it from?