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  1. WS 70.3

    If I go to the awards ceremony Ill let you know.
  2. WS 70.3

    have you ever done sunny coast Zed? Old course? It has half the elevation gain of sunny coast. Mostly smooth roads, little rough on one of the legs but otherwise down on the bars and go for it...
  3. WS 70.3

    19-30deg, 1-5mm rain, wind 5km/h @ 9am...fast ride.
  4. Ironman AZ Lionel Sanders sub 8

    tranny trip to busso?
  5. Nike Lunar Tempo

    Yeah but my adrenalin is going now, at work, when I am meant to be resting up
  6. Nike Lunar Tempo

    Long shot but Ill give it a try as I know a couple people are affiliated with running shops on here. A week out from the last race this year and my shoes are buggered...the shop I buy my shoes off have said they don't have any left and they're discontinued. trying to find a needle in a haystack. US9.5 if anyone here has contacts...will be in sydney from Wednesday.
  7. Nike Lunar Tempo

    OK cool thanks Zed Ill give them a try as well. I might like them being that little bit firmer and I am doing some Oly distance races in the next couple month before doing a marathon so that would work well if they are a bit lighter.
  8. Nike Lunar Tempo

    Yeah cool thanks BJ, Ill be at Penrith so thats a little too far but Ill google running shops in the area and go have a look.
  9. Nike Lunar Tempo

    Yeah Im thinking ill have to move to something else. Just not sure if I have worn these through or just starting to wear a little on the outside tbh cause they have the black squares which I assume takes all the load on the sole but around those is soft foam which wears away quickly.. I like the stiffness these have, are the Epic still stiff in the sole? I dont like shoes that are too soft though. Maybe a trip to rebel is in order once I get to sydney.
  10. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    I could see 4x3k with more "quality" being better for shot course. Just thinking 3x4k would be easier to do and see similar benefits but easier to achieve.
  11. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    Yeah I cant comment on that, I have just been of the train of thought that 3x4-5k is better than 4x3k, ie make you stronger and its cheaper and means you're only going to the pool 3 times than having to find a 4th day. I am just starting a block of shorter stuff, but I know my new coach loves swim volume so I expect to still see the 4-5k sets in my program but I guess Ill know more over the next 2 weeks after I get this slow race out of the way this weekend
  12. Pushing hard enough on the bike

    I guess it depends what your goals are too. Like taking a similar attitude into a longer race wouldn't turn out well. In saying that after having ash give me wind burn on the bike this morning I definitely need to work on top end speed and hurting...
  13. WS 70.3

    Sorry I thought you were asking if there would be much difference in a swim time between the two. The buoyancy you get from a wetsuit would make you swim a lot faster than a speed suit. Speed suit just reduces the friction a tri suit would have on the water but give you no buoyancy
  14. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    Hey cat lady. I saw some great swim improvement once I was training under a coach who put us through a min 4k every set. If you'e going 3 times a week why not jump in early and get a k or 1.5k in before or after each session. Saves you adding another workout to the week.
  15. WS 70.3

    Massive difference.
  16. Pushing hard enough on the bike

    I always ride my own race and don't let ego push the power too hard. Spikes and sustained efforts are going to take it out of you on the run big time. There is a fine line between smart racing and overdoing the bike. I believe you need to blow up a couple times to find the line. Cherry pick your c and d races and play around with it a bit.
  17. WS 70.3

    Thursday Friday saturday all 30deg. But low temp overnights down around 13 or 14. Big chance. Told a few local guys that a wettie might be a good piece of kit to pack for next weekend and they hadn't even considered it!
  18. Yoga, Pilates and stretching

    I'm pretty sure fitness buddy and ruley have posted some great sets to do for stretching and conditioning excercises that would be very beneficial.
  19. Yoga, Pilates and stretching

    Yeah ive had a few injuries over the years which I always manage at the time with excercises. I know we should always do something but I don't. I'm having flash backs to a chat with Hacq1 one day. Me : physio has given me excercises to help me stretch out so I can actually touch my toes. Hacq1 : how many times in an ironman do you need to touch your toes? Me : 🤔
  20. Is there a decent beach or lake for a long swim

    The roads are character building.
  21. WS 70.3

    This was me 2 years ago. As of today I'm feeling much stronger in the beard game. But not so strong in the triathlon game.
  22. WS 70.3

    When I did this race 2 years ago some guy yelled at me from the side of the road "get back to bondi you hipster". Being from the gold coast I had no idea what he was on about.
  23. WS 70.3

    You never feel ready. No matter how many you do. I'l be the guy with the beard. Come say hi.
  24. Is there a decent beach or lake for a long swim

    ps the out and back sections end at a dirt road, so you typically get very little traffic. There is no shoulder on any of the roads.
  25. Is there a decent beach or lake for a long swim

    come for a weekend on your way home from Um and we can go explore. Or just ask Shuffla