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  1. RunBrettRun

    Up and coming athletes...

    I did send this to Willie already but it was emily loughnan I was thinking of. She looks to be up and coming.
  2. RunBrettRun

    Fastest Ironman branded race

    If you get NZ on the right day it's super fast.
  3. RunBrettRun

    Up and coming athletes...

    Who was the girl that won busso 70.3 but was dq for not doing the right course? Was she an aussie?
  4. RunBrettRun

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    I've just been through this, some very important question in all this. What's your goal at the end of it. Where are you at now (level of ability) How much have you got to spend? Edit to add wow I just realised it was 12 months ago I went through this process. How time flies..
  5. RunBrettRun

    Swim plateau: how to break through

    Andrew my last 2 coaches both throw your championship set in almost weekly. Gilesy loves the 200 set followed by the 100 set. Though I've always done 5 of. 50 h 150 e 100h 100 e 150h 50 e 200 e 200 fkn h Same with the hundred but using 25m increments.
  6. RunBrettRun

    What racing flats are the kool kids in?

    I got some new balance Hanzos. Have only worn them for one short run before Boston but planning to start doing some work in them now things are back on track. Another to try is the adidas adios. I'e struggled to find them in Australia in the size I need. I put a pair on while in the US and I just love the feel of them. If Willie can talk adidas around I'll be onto him for those for my next purchase.
  7. RunBrettRun

    Port Stephens

    Would have been there this year if not for having wisdom teeth out last week. Enjoy the race everyone there the weather looks pretty awesome.
  8. RunBrettRun

    Major fault in 100 runs in 100 days

    Maybe I'm doing one thing right even if I'm not out busting it up that wet hill on Tuesday morning. I've never set a goal time in a ironman. I race with no watch in the swim. Use my bike computer but hardly look at it and on the run glance to my run watch after each k clicks over to get an idea of how I'm traveling... I never have a clue of overall time during a race not that it actually matters. All I know on raceday is if I execute well the result will take care of itself. While I do have time goals I would like to achieve just for bragging rights at the pub, I know that targeting a certain swim time, bike time or run time are stupid. The time will come if I put in the work, execute well and get a "fast day". That's my 2c on that. Re 100runs in 100days. Go easy let me know when you start. I'l throw 2k on the treadmill in every day I don't have a run scheduled and tick them off with you.
  9. RunBrettRun

    As a mid life cyclist

    I'd like to see the ironman version
  10. RunBrettRun

    Ironman Aus 2018 - The good, the bad and the ugly

    I've done 5 ironman races and a few 70.3s. 3 ironmans were rolling and 1 70.3. I prefer them and feel there is more hype actually being able to understand the commentator. Couldn't hear or understand them in the mass starts just bobbing waiting for the gun to go. I generally hold my own in the swim but the rolling start allows me to race off the bat and not fight people. I'm not a rough person and I don't want to punch and kick and swim over people I just wanna swim as fast as I can. But regardless of what any of us think it is safer and causes much less angst for the majority of the field and that's what it' about.
  11. RunBrettRun

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Flea 😂
  12. RunBrettRun

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Nuthin just had a couple weeks to consider things and my hearts just not in the shorter stuff. Don' regret doing the qual races which were a lot of fun but I've got other goals on my plate which are more important for me right now 😊
  13. RunBrettRun

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Anyone looking for accom I have a 2 bed unit on tedder ave about 1.5km away from the pool precinct booked Friday though Sunday for $150 a night. I won't be heading up for this anymore.
  14. RunBrettRun

    I can’t wait for Kona (Wurf)

    I wonder if he is on the same supplement program.
  15. RunBrettRun

    Swim plateau: how to break through

    I'm not saying swimmers shouldn't kick or that it doesn't help them. Our event is very different to a swimming race. They're only bringing the kick in for the very top end and anyone i swim passed in a race kicking is doing a whole lot more than a 2 beat kick which has to be costing them later in the day. I understand this is almost as contentious as hflc but in my view there is only one person on this forum (currently) who should be utilising a kick in an ironman/70.3 or even oly race.
  16. RunBrettRun

    Swim plateau: how to break through

    Yep seen some kids at TSS rip through 50s and 100s with a kick board in some impressive times. Massive difference in ability and technique but I also stand by the comment kicking is a waste of time for triathletes. Maybe I worded it wrong, look at the kicking "effort" those long distance swimmers are putting in and base the effort on that.
  17. RunBrettRun

    Swim plateau: how to break through

    Can't get on board with kicking. You can get a good position without much kick at all. The more upper body the less legs the better. 800/1500m swimmers do fark all kicking till the sprint is on and we don't need to sprint at all in our swim. Just get those arms turning over as fast as possible and switch the core on the legs will float. In regards to the first poster...can swim sub 60 for 3.8k no wetsuit so they are probably better than most people replying. Just do some flat stick 100s with long rest, leave on like 2.00. Do 3 to 5 until you start to fail, then 500 pull recover then another 3 to 5. 500 pull. Repeat 4 times and you've done a solid 4k set and worked on both endurance and top end. You want to improve 100m speed then just do a lot of 25s 50s 100s and 200s flat stick with long rest. Shortening the rest takes away from what you're trying to achieve which is increasing top end speed.
  18. RunBrettRun

    Swim plateau: how to break through

    If you're going to swim 3x a week make it 4k min. Lots of shorter intervals. 40x50m 20x100 etc. Build to 4x4k. Your time will come down then.
  19. RunBrettRun

    I can’t wait for Kona (Wurf)

    Would love to have a beer with him for sure.
  20. RunBrettRun

    I can’t wait for Kona (Wurf)

    Avg just under 4.00ks for a little over 45min. Not sure this is any indication of anything to come at kona?
  21. RunBrettRun

    IM Texas on now

    Is that what happened?
  22. RunBrettRun

    IM 70.3 Western Sydney (False Advertising??)

    I'm going to get all AP here but it's a mental run. Those long straights can suck the life out of you so fast. Mindset is everything in maintaining pace there.
  23. RunBrettRun

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    I don't want it that bad.
  24. RunBrettRun

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    How do I apply for paid sporting leave!?!
  25. RunBrettRun

    IM Aus 2018 Roll Down

    Hang on....