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  1. Power meter for shiv

    Yeah this topic again. My quarq has officially died. Out of warranty and the option from quarq for a replacement unit is 700us plus freight plus duty. Does anyone have any experience with pioneer? I'd prefer to buy new but might have an option for a second hand unit at about 750. Any other options for a shiv? I liked the look of the powertap crank based one but it won't fit a shiv as per their website.
  2. Gelatin

    I cook bone broth which looks like brown jelly when kept in the fridge. I then add gelatin to it. I drink this with breaky each morning. There would already be heaps of gelatin in the broth but I figure a bit more can't hurt.
  3. Power meter for shiv

    Any luck yet? Is that on a shiv and if so where did you get it from?
  4. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    Training under Sean Williams for a goal 10k race i was regularly running 35km long runs avg pace was 1:15 per k slower than racepace.
  5. Sour Grapes or worth calling the Champ out?

    He isn't the only one... You said Felix should have called her out. On what exactly? She did everything expected of her in HER contract.
  6. Another AG race controversy

    You're living proof that using paid insta services can fix that.
  7. 4iiii power meter

    Well with quarq im currently organising an out of warranty exchange and if there is any issues it needs to be sent back to the US
  8. Another AG race controversy

    Yeah you're right it sounded suss.
  9. Another AG race controversy

    I'm looking for followers, send her my way I'll inspire her.
  10. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    I should probably stop calling all triathletes wankers as well.
  11. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    Oh come on where's that sense of humour.
  12. Another AG race controversy

    Of course we all agree with this FB. I'd suggest the company will distance themselves now this has come out...
  13. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    So you've always been fat?
  14. Another AG race controversy

    I'm pretty sure the comments clarified she was an ambassador.
  15. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    It depends who you ask. I do what a lot consider easy miles on the bike and seem to make steady improvement.
  16. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    Your coach has something that could help with that.
  17. Australian Triathlon Drug Cheats

    You got coached by him right?
  18. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    Honestly even long distance tri racepace is way too fast for everyday running. The majority of my running is done at +1:00min per k on 70.3 pace and +30 sec per k on ironman pace. I'd say the 80 percent would be done at that level.
  19. Your 'hardest' race?

    Malaysia is on my plan too. Might see you there.
  20. Hiatus from Triathlon

    It's important to understand its ok to stop. Some people do get trapped into thinking they have to do triathlon. Just do what makes you and those in your life happy. Sometimes training is a chore and that's just part of the process I think, but I also think it's important to realise when the whole process becomes a chore and not just the individual sessions. Enjoy the break and hopefully you land somewhere that can keep you happy for another 12 years.
  21. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    Ego is the worst thing for athletes in long distance racing. Once people get their head around that and can control it their performance will definitely increase. Taking your goal off a set min/km and targeting hr is a great way to learn how to control the ego.
  22. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    Agree with prizna. Don't chop and change run every run at Maf. Be strict and walk when going up hills. The pace will drop faster than you think if you're consistent.
  23. IM Frankfurt & Challenge Roth

    It is amazing how popular it is over there. Would love to do Frankfurt one day but both races look amazing. Looking forward to seeing who can come out on top.
  24. Your 'hardest' race?

    10k bridge to brisbane. Goal was sub 35 and ran 35.02. Well and truly let an opportunity go that day. The climb up the inner city bypass at 8k broke a lot of souls over the years. That race still haunts me.
  25. Boston Marathon

    Thinking of heading over next year. Anyone done it and have advice on places to stay and things to do?