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  1. So the new coach is using training peaks and setting swim sets which I'd like to be able to upload for him. Just want some advice with how people use their 910 in the pool. Do you lap after every interval? Do you need to hit start pushing off each time?
  2. Cool. I'll jump in this arvo and just swim with it and see what happens. I haven't got strava so I guess the session or any i do technically won't count. At least I'll have an excuse for how shit I go in my next race 😊
  3. Understand there is plenty of people chasing cudos on strava but for those trying to help a brand new coach gauge where we are in the pool I figured this might be the easiest way...
  4. I only want to store my main sets. I'll give it a try tomorrow then go from there.
  5. He hasn't asked me to send him the sessions it just seemed easier than remembering.
  6. Depends on the power meter. Might be less with a stages. But you ride an Srm don't you IP? Fwiw I rode 5.20.00 on 194w(np) at 65kg 2 years ago.
  7. If my current fitness is anything to go off it'll be the last 37.
  8. Gold coast marathon. Who's in?
  9. Yep. I'd suggest we won't be running any ks slower than 4.15.
  10. I've never paced the marathon only the half. But I know Pat instructs us to bank time in the first half. Gold coast starts so late and the last 10k is hot and no shade so you'd be silly not to run faster while the conditions suit it. I'd say we will go out about 4.10-4.12 and steady back to 4.15 after 10k. 3.00 pace is actually 4.17 I believe.
  11. I'm not sure. I'm the only one on the current list.
  12. So just get it done already mate.
  13. Sorry I saw the sub 2 hour thread and thought I'd start one about gold coast. This was more a question of who's in for gold coast marathon where a sub 3 attempt is more likely for us mere mortals. For what it's worth I am the 3 hour pacer this year too.
  14. Just cut ties with the coach of 4 years. Sat on the email for 3 days. Fkn hard to send. Am I the only one who would find this hard or is it pretty comon? I am excited though, talking to some new coaches with different ideas and approaches. 4 down 1 to go then head down but up again.
  15. Re coaching I don't leave the door unless it's on a program so I really need it. Not sure why. Once it's in front of me I tick off a lot of work but unless it's laid out i stay in bed.
  16. I agree it's not the best thing to do via email. My coach has a shoot first think later type of personality so I wanted to be able to say what I need. I also did say that in the email. Hoped he might call but nothing yet. How did he take it I don't know yet as I haven't checked my emails. I still think he is a good coach, just not good for me with how he handles certain situations. He's also taken me from a top 20 kinda athlete to a podium in an ironman and 70.3 for my age group. I can't complain about where he has taken me but it was time. Yes I'm chicken shit for sending an email but I guess you have to read the situation and know who you're dealing with. A phone call I wouldn't have been able to get out what I wanted to.
  17. Any news on this?
  18. So would you guys suggest not to book accom for 2018?
  19. I suggest concentrating on trying to feel like you land your foot behind your body not underneath it. It's impossible to land behind so you will land underneath you. Also thinking about running with barbed wire between your legs to keep your hips and pelvis high. Then work on cadence.
  20. They definitely ship to Australia.
  21. That's all there is now. No aus distributor.
  22. Planning to work on the bike over the next 3 months. Going to learn to love big strength sets on the trainer and long easy riding. Exploring some trails around port mac sounds like fun too. Shuffla will you be my guide?
  23. Not this year. I swam 38 min and was 5th in ag out of the water
  24. I've decided I'm too soft for port.
  25. I hope this is incorrect.