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  1. What about the extras that were posted with it?
  2. Ironman flags are up in the main Street and town green. It's amazing how your motivation drops with 2 or 3 weeks to go then once you see the ironman logo it all comes flooding back.
  3. Yes but I'd suggest if your ride is 20w off race power you will run pretty similar once fresh for the race. I wouldn't have too many rides where I finish with avg power within 20w of race effort. Also packs can be surgey which can cause some spikes on power. I don't know your group of course but there is lots of variables. Would hate to finish a race and think "what if"
  4. How do you feel after the 14k run? I would prob do a max of 8k off the bike and very rarely do I touch actual 70.3 race pace. If you're able to manage that pace for 14km then I say just go for it. If you can hold on for another 7 with raceday adrenalin and a well paced ride then you might be able to sneak under 1.30.
  5. Bondi hotel. First one to the bar gets shouted drinks all day. At least that's how I think the rules should be.
  6. I think that post was a troll. How many people do you know who have run a whole ironman marathon without walking one bit... Well done on taking the bait.
  7. Damnit missed this. Entered yesterday. Meet at bondi hotel again. I've got preferred which is basically red but I get to warm up on the St in front of the start line.
  8. The 70.3 is just laps of the hill. So you will do it approx 90 times.
  9. Lots of random faces and tri kits around town. 2 sperm helmets already hitting the cathie straights. Not long till the ironman banners start popping up.
  10. Nope never had an issue. Been racing in wettie/sleeved tri suit and speed suit+sleeved tri suit for past 4 years.
  11. Any hints to other possible locations?
  12. #105 for me
  13. I saw his name at sunny coast 2 years ago with a similar bike split. The dissapointing thing for the rest of us in that ag is it appears he has now learnt to run.