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  1. So just to confirm this is not a piss take?
  2. Sorry only just saw this. Thanks for the offer though.
  3. I'm signed up to run the marathon as the 3:00 pacer but been sick now since Tuesday last week and have run a total of 5k (yesterday) since I came down with it. Planning to start at this stage but not sure I'll be able to finish. If you see some bloke struggling with some 3:00 balloons come say gday.
  4. The reality of the situation is Barry had to run in lane 2 exactly 4 times in his session. It's just like the car driver and the cyclist. The other runner had a right to be there cause he was running the "right way" but Barry was there first and felt more entitled to own that lane. This is a situation where you need to sit down and say did passing this person 4 times causing me to change lanes on those 4 occasions actually ruin my session or did my reaction to the situation ruin my session?
  5. Ummm the other guy was in the wrong don't you guys even read the original post?
  6. Where did you get it from and what sort of $$?
  7. Why didn't you stop him and explain you're a triathlete and have right of way no matter the situation?
  8. They also threw some spots at cairns. Reality is in Australia we are still about 15 spots short of what we used to have when melbourne was around. Even with the extra spots at wa and cairns.
  9. I reckon that period of 2-8 weeks post ironman is the Golden period for massive gains ( if that's what you're after) if you can manage to hook back into some consistency in that time. Not saying it needs to be as long or as structured as the lead up to ironman but if you're goal is improving then this is the time to knuckle down.
  10. I agree something needs to change but maybe it could be focusing on certain discipline a bit more. What if for a month you added another 5k swim set. Then for a month add a 20k midweek run. Then for a month add a 2 hour wind trainer session.
  11. So Nealo. Nothing good on TV tonight for us qld ers. You got that link to YouTube yet?
  12. Back in the lunar tempos and mental or not I feel faster after a few sessions.
  13. Not as much as I thought
  14. Wow how much is the bitelli?