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  1. He nearly suffered the indignity of his bike split being faster than his run split!!!
  2. I wonder if Starky will ever work out that a triathlon also includes a RUN leg!!! He must get awesome bonuses from his bike sponsor to win the bike prime or set new bike course records because he sure as shit can't put together a great IM.
  3. Nice report mate and congrats on a solid race.
  4. I can't remember the last time Smith bowled in a Test match and I certainly don't recall it happening since he became the national captain. Surprising and disappointing for someone who started their international career as a leggie. I think he either under-rates his own bowling or fears it may detract from his batting and/or captaincy. Additionally, he has also had some back issues so maybe not bowling is more of a preventative issue.
  5. Exactly, I've said this numerous times. Pick your 4 best bowlers, your best keeper and your 6 best batsmen! if one of your 6 batsmen happens to bowl a bit as well than that's a bonus but he must earn his spot as a batter first. Additionally, like you alluded to, we might bat very deep in the near future, Starc, Cummins and Pattinson all average over 20 in Test and First Class cricket which certainly provides a little bit of insurance.
  6. We've done a cruise through the inside passage and into Alaska which was absolutely awesome. A lot of the cruises leave from Seattle but a few also leave from Vancouver or Victoria BC which would work better for you. September is the very end of the cruising season up there though so you will have to check out the dates. The landscape and the glaciers is like nothing you will ever see in Australia so it was a very memorable trip and reasonably cost effective to be honest. At one of the cruise stops we also hired a car and drove up into the Canadian Yukon region which again was very memorable.
  7. Touché
  8. Surely Khawaja slots straight back in for the Aussie summer against the Poms??? Number 6 still remains a question mark although Maxwell did produce some performances in the final two tests that I didn't think he was capable of so maybe he has earnt another few opportunities? I guess that means Khawaja comes in for Marsh. If Australia is thinking of unleashing four genuine quicks against the Poms this summer (Starc, Josh, Cummins and Pattinson) then a spinning all-rounder makes sense at No.6. While that would be hugely unfair on Lyon (who I'm a big fan of) it does give someone like Travis Head a real shot of making his Test debut. His bowling was preferred over Maxwell in the ODIs all summer and his FC batting record is vastly superior to most of his contemporaries.
  9. I much prefer the intimacy of a hand guided LGB.......maybe in the 2,000lb class. SOW's like JASSMs seem so impersonal.
  10. The Khawaja debacle!!! We will never know if it cost us the series but considering our so-called all-rounders bowled a grand total of 12 overs in the entire series for a return of zero wickets it's fair to say that a specialist batsman would have been much more beneficial. Especially when one considers that the critical points in this series were two batting collapses that have been somewhat of a trademark of our recent history. Khawaja is a far different batsman now to his last tour of India and we needed his class.
  11. Longboards Burgers at the beachside of Q1 is a good, casual feed. Pretty awesome burgers and they're massive as well!
  12. Unless a miracle happens tomorrow, I'm gutted about this series loss. If we ever had a chance to win the series it was this match; 1-1 going into the last test, Kohli out injured, we win the toss, on a pitch that is more similar to Aussie conditions than Indian and we still can't get it done! I hope people don't end up saying this series has been a success because, although we performed above initial expectations, once we got ourselves into the position we did we should have won the whole thing. In the end a couple of bad sessions have cost us a series that we should have won. The Rahane/Purjara partnership and the collapse in Bengularu and today's batting performance. When the big moments were on the line the more experienced, hard-nosed, battle hardened Indians won the periods that mattered most. Hats off to the Indians, but f$*k I hate losing to those pr*#ks!!!
  13. I hate it when I'm right!!!
  14. I thought they were both fairly ordinary to be honest and not as big as I expected. In my opinion, the Disney World theme parks in Orlando are much better than the LA versions so if you have the means and the time then I would recommend heading over to Florida. I've also documented my opinion of LA previously, personally I think it is a shit hole so I would always choose another tourist option than it if I could.
  15. I hope Renshaw's dropped catch at the end of the day off Cummins doesn't come back to haunt us! 7 down with Saha gone should have seen us have a bit of a lead. Now it will be just about on par (hopefully) and it comes down to our batsmen scoring enough for our bowlers to roll them on a (hopefully) wearing pitch.