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  1. Great report and race mate, congrats. How did your standard training week look in the lead up to the race? What did the doc say about pissing blood? (Hard core by the way!)
  2. It's not a totally integrated headset. It was already essentially installed and I just had to move them from the folded position and tighten into place. It comes with a torque wrench to get everything set up and it was very easy although some of the Allen keys were a little fiddle to access. Importantly, the brakes are already connected and so is the Di2 connections. It was really just a case of install the wheels, pedals (which it doesn't come with), seat post and the bars and it's good to go. You won't be disappointed!
  3. Yep, go to Cairns! The only good thing to ever come out of Townsville is the Bruce Hwy!
  4. Great race mate and an awesome report. Congrats on your race and your first Bub!
  5. Great report mate and an awesome race. Great run leg too, congratulations and good luck in Busso.
  6. I just bought the next model up from this. The one with Ultegra Di2 and Zipp 606. Beautiful bike and Canyon were excellent and simple to deal with. The only problem I have with the bike is that the recharging port on the junction box is a little hard to access inside the storage compartment. I think that you'd be hard pressed to get a better spec'ed bike for that money than a Canyon.....
  7. I like doing these kind of sets as well. A solid pyramid set will work on your speed as well as your endurance, or your ability to maintain that speed as you fatigue. I usually do 50-100-200-200-100-50 and repeat that as a main set 2/3 times. Aim to have about 15 seconds max rest interval and speed so that your times for each interval are being maintained or, ideally, negative split.
  8. How's Ash Gentle going? she wouldn't want to be out done by Josh today!
  9. Still tinkering with options. The racing season is still a long way off where I am so there's plenty of time to experiment. I think I'll go with a BTA option and an aero bottle on the down tube. Maybe just hide some spares behind the saddle when I race.
  10. As a conservative plan, I always think along the lines of; IM - 70% HIM - 80% OLY - 90% Sprint - 100% Easy to remember that way as well!
  11. Great report mate. Still an awesome race despite your disappointment, congrats.
  12. Epic Queen stage today. Love the Stelvio especially as the snow line was still reasonably low, although good weather this year unlike last year's edition. Its been a long time since I've seen a rider pull over to the side of the road to take a dump!!! Especially the race leader and especially before the last climb of the day. I kind of expected Quintana and Nibali to go harder and earlier to really put it to Dumolin. disappointing for Dumolin today but I think he'll still be happy with his position. It's certainly made the last week closer than it was probably going to be. One would think though that Quintana would need 90 second lead going into the final time trial - can't see him doing that barring illness or accidents. Come on Dumolin!
  13. I thought of doing something similar but in the end I basically couldn't justify it. My bike for example comes with Ultegra Di2 and Zipp 606 straight from the factory. The Canyons seem really well spec'ed in comparison to most of the competition out there. For example, do a price comparison with a similar spec'ed Cervelo or Specialized, these things were pretty tough to beat.
  14. Is the spares compartment not big enough to fit all your desired stuff in there IP? Or is it just a bit too fiddle to get everything in there?
  15. Not for about 5 years but I've been to both Vancouver and Seattle a couple of times. I enjoyed the parks and waterfront areas in both cities. Weather is often a bit dreary in Seattle but on a clear day they are both beautiful cities. Vancouver is actually a city that I would be quite happy to live in and there's certainly not many North American cities that I would say that about!