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  1. They are good fun. I built a Planet X cx bike about 5 yrs ago and it is all I ride these days on the road, which isnt often. Mine has cantilever brakes so is a bit sketchy in terms of stopping power. They are the worlds best commuter bikes. My roadie has been on the trainer for about 3yrs. If there is a even a hint of single track "fun" use though, I personally would get a hardtail 29er. They still fly on the road if you have plenty of pressure in the tyres (which you can drop psi at trailhead). 1k in the 2nd hand market can get you some decent bike (forks being king).
  2. A couple of joints run TVT shuttles. One collects at Lake Crackenback resort. I agree an extra few trails would be nice but I also do the DH trail so can mix it up. It isnt quite no jumps. There is the tabletop halfway then the jumps park sequence shortly after and then the finish. I was going to ask how your arms were after 11 runs on day one. The AM is my fave too. 11 flows on day one would have got a tad monotonous.
  3. Hope you are riding today rory. Thredbomtb on instagram just posted the best snow/trail pic. Looks special.
  4. Oh, if you do Tyrolean Mill Creek, skip the black trails on the lower slopes. It is not that they are too hard, it is my experience they are rarely ridden so often tight with overgrowth and dont flow so well. Very tight. The main trails flow really well. You will enjoy those.
  5. The Village Loop and Friday Flat loops are on the lower slopes. If you look at the map they pick up the base of the AM trail under Merretts chair lift. This gets you across the hill for the finish of Flow anyway. I have a mate who has ridden the entire Flow backwards before the lift starts in the morning to get a free run in when he hasnt had passes. Might be something to consider seeing as you have gone all that way. I would get to the top somehow if I was in your shoes. The Golf course loop has a connector loop back to the last bit of Flow which is a series of berms into a couple of tabletops. The kids do endless pushruns up this section so it may interest your young bloke. The TVT is scenic but not pure singletrack. Google "Tyrolean Mill Creek" and print the map if you want another single track option. If you have an eagle eye, immediately before you cross the dam wall at Jindabyne and again on the drive into Jindy itself you can see those trails on your right. Anyway, hope it clears for you and you get a full day in.
  6. Is there footy this year? I am having a gappy from it........
  7. Hope you got some rides in RD. Lifts closed today and probably tomorrow. Hope you hooked in yesterday. If not, push em to the top anyway.
  8. Both my bikes are now 1x. Not sure I am 100% it is all it is cracked up to be. I swear I can hear my chain wearing out on that inside chainline once a bit of grit is on the chain during the course of a ride.
  9. The new vapour trail is great fun. Rode it almost exclusively for descents three days in a row last week. You can roll what you dont want to jump. Great addition to the park and needed with the appeal of Thredbo down the road. Prefer Cockatoo Switchbacks to Wattle Happen for ascents generally.
  10. But Tom Mitchell would have been stuffed either way.
  11. Passed one at Yallah (south of Wollongong) about 5pm this arvo.
  12. Give up. Go to Dan Murphys. Can't be done.
  13. If I remember correctly TC likes doing pro bono work
  14. The mountain biking there is pretty sweet too if you like XC
  15. Yep. Good for 4-12 year olds. I was 23 and 37 when I went. Preferred my "Wonderpass" tbh. The 2nd time was fine with kids. Had a ball because they had a ball. 1st time as an adult with no kids was underwhelming. Just thought it was old. The 2nd trip CAP was new and exciting. Modern rides based on modern shows.