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  1. Actually, just realised my shuttle prices in first post are wrong. $30 GV member, $45 mtba lic holder, $60 with one day lic. Those were a clinic price I think.
  2. No one else had a crack yet? We have been a few more times since. Young fella hitting the airbag now. DirtArt have just started doing some Illawarra Escarpment stuff for the council so good times ahead.
  3. They were a stray finger away in all honesty. Must just be bad juju.
  4. Oh dear
  5. That's fukd. Knew I shoulda done it this year.
  6. Best ad in a long time.
  7. Not sure why. Bro in law is (a high flying, every other week overseas) one plus come into contact with a few through work. Couldn't pay me enough to be owned by the firm (more than a few of his wedding guests arrived from UK and US only to be summonsed on business before ceremony and leave ASAP), work so many hours I don't know my kids and get fat and unfit living the life. For the record the BIL was non metro public school to post grad Harvard Law scholarship so it cant be all about the school. There are 5000 lives I'd lead before that one. Readily admits he hates it. Addicted to the status and the one luxury holiday a year they squeeze in 😕
  8. A mate has got his kid to yr10 via Private but realised he isn't a tertiary study candidate. Reckons that apprenticeships are so scarce, that some parents are pulling kids out of yr 11/12 and going back to public and using the saved fees to "buy" an apprenticeship opportunity.
  9. I think that is it.
  10. 18 holes of golf was coming in at 7k or so, but I reckoned it wasn't counting when my arm was anchored on the buggy handle. A few weeks of carrying my clubs instead showed it to be 14.5k carpark to carpark. 10kms of running is just over 9000 steps for me. Probably 3000 for a Kenyan.
  11. Is the whole thing a gee up? As a backstory, I got a (Rebel member) half price Garmin 630 a few months ago. The perfect balance between "Fu6k look at me I'm an athlete" and a normal watch. Battery life is good and it does GPS when I want. Anyways, it does the step count thing. So how to people not do 10,000? So far today I have walked into the pool and out (swam sans watch), done a few office laps, walked to and from Woolies a few blocks to stock work drawer. I parked about 500m from work initially and since been to retrieve car. Essentially done SFA and sitting on 8858. Feeling lazy coz I'd normally go for a lunch trot but watched TV instead. It can't be that hard. If I do a bit (and I am a 7-8hr a week trainer these days) I usually do 25000-28000. Anyone else tracking steps? I am not, but it just intrigues me now.
  12. Yep. I have eaten them 2 years post. Just sugar.
  13. They are good fun. I built a Planet X cx bike about 5 yrs ago and it is all I ride these days on the road, which isnt often. Mine has cantilever brakes so is a bit sketchy in terms of stopping power. They are the worlds best commuter bikes. My roadie has been on the trainer for about 3yrs. If there is a even a hint of single track "fun" use though, I personally would get a hardtail 29er. They still fly on the road if you have plenty of pressure in the tyres (which you can drop psi at trailhead). 1k in the 2nd hand market can get you some decent bike (forks being king).
  14. A couple of joints run TVT shuttles. One collects at Lake Crackenback resort. I agree an extra few trails would be nice but I also do the DH trail so can mix it up. It isnt quite no jumps. There is the tabletop halfway then the jumps park sequence shortly after and then the finish. I was going to ask how your arms were after 11 runs on day one. The AM is my fave too. 11 flows on day one would have got a tad monotonous.
  15. Hope you are riding today rory. Thredbomtb on instagram just posted the best snow/trail pic. Looks special.