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  1. he has an engineering degree he's not a professional engineer
  2. Hmm I got a 12.5 hour week
  3. I'm not so patriotic anymore, wife would like scotland as lots of extended family for the boys which would be nice. Though I am aware of the issues they bring. House prices are good for what you get especially if willing not to live in Edinburgh but commute. Some places many would not consider, but north side of the forth is ok, though, it would have to be bus or trainable to edinburgh, but there are plenty of places that would meet that bill. Type of places people who don't know the country that well would not consider. Having said that I have no idea what Sturgeon is going to do and I don't think we are much better off out of UK. England not London, don't have much idea of England but happy to trade some income.
  4. Ok, I get that. Really trying to get my finger on the pulse and separate my families views, heavy Scottish independence and the bits we get from the reality to weigh up the risk reward from a move.
  5. Note currently doing some job interviews for a move and interested in the landscape and the outcomes from brexit on income, house prices etc
  6. I don't live there, have plenty related who do and all they want is independence as they say they are not represented adequately by the choices presented. What exactly is the luvvie manifesto? What benefit does somebody not in the top fifth and at that the top bit of the top fifth get from voting for tories?
  7. and a large portion of that 80 % (though assume many of these don't vote) vote for policies that are guaranteed to hurt them. The great masses of average income aussies seem to do the same, suppose they in some way enjoy being poor, unhealthy and miserable., otherwise they would choose something else.
  8. what is the appeal of the tories. The top fifth of earners take half the income in the UK. This was true before and after the GFC. People in the top fifth caused the GFC and people in the bottom 4 fifths paid for the GFC. Corbyn speaks for the people in the bottom four fifths and proposes to have a more equal Britain. Somehow this in unpopular. Sort of like Australia though where people seem to like to vote for people who will demonstrably make them worse off and make rich people richer for taking no risk. Trickle down chicago school blah blah
  9. Thought the UK general election might get some coverage here
  10. Islam is not a problem. Christianity is not a problem. Dogmatic application of the respective books and practices are. See post above where Indonesian muslims are preparing to cane two men and the trial of a political opponent for blasphemy. Christianity has a poor track record. Right now fundamental christendom as represented by the USA is not applying this dogmatic practice. Some significant parts of the Islamic world are. Defending or distracting from the argument by saying but the other guy is worse is a well trotted out but low integrity response, generally reserved for corrupt and morally bankrupt. The caliphate mob are not called christian state. Assad is ironically head of a party that calls for moderate islam and secularism. And he pops chemicals on his own people. Human rights watch declared Bahrain record on human rights as dismal
  11. Niseko may have a point
  12. Maybe Perth was not the best race to use. While the running has gotten faster the swim seems to be the main difference. But back in the 90's the race was what it was the uber specialist swimmers had not come across yet. Willing to bet that croc, Miles etc would have changed their training to meet the swim demands of today and their bike and run times suggest they could have handled the pace. Croc was dominant in the F1 format and if not for Lessing and Smith (huge ?) he is a multiple ITU world champ. Circa 1993 Croc and Miles would have gone just fine
  13. Brad Beven three silvers at world champs and 4 ITU overall series wins. Dominant in the original super league format: The change over the years is mainly the swimming ability of the current crop. Hard to say if Beven and the rest could have gotten their swims to this level, given the focus on bringing elite swimmers to triathlon, but the certainly hold up with their run and bike times
  14. assuming they measure the people they catch
  15. How do you measure illegal border crossings? Do you go to the Post Office in an Arizona Border town and declare you made an illegal crossing