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  1. Nope, but I would do a good job. If Ironman were smart they would be on here providing info on all things Ironman related. They could pull the wool over our eyes easily.......
  2. A touch emotional I see. Though you missed the point of your own comment. What you essentially said was if a driving makes a mistake or a deliberate act ie: using a phone then they should never drive again. So should this apply to cyclist who take selfies whilst riding, run red lights etc etc
  3. Busselton from 2018
  4. A car driver owns his car. A cyclist owns his bike! Neither own the road!
  5. There are no plans to end Busselton from what I hear. It satisfies the WA market and a lot of Asia looking to venture elsewhere.
  6. This old chestnut again
  7. Also...... despite no rules at said would have to assume its always anti-clockwise!
  8. I have never seen a track or an event where they run clockwise..... no wonder te strange looks
  9. Anyone going to watch and does anyone know Samantha Gash (32) from Victoria - Ultra distance/Endurance athlete.
  10. One for Mythbusters I reckon.
  11. Sounds like a serial offender..... Not just in sport.
  12. I can't believe she has come out with this dribble. Everyone who does something bad blames it on a mental health issue..... This undermines the people who really do have mental health issues. its like with every footballer that does something wrong......they never take the's always because of some issue......and to escape they go into rehab etc etc...what a croc. Look at Andrew Johnwhen he got busted for ecstacy etc.. He wasn't just an idiot, he was bipolar and that makes it alright. For this girls apology I would like have seen her come out and say....." My moral compass is so far up my ar$e it's not funny....I am a conniving cheat and I have learned and won't do it again + and I accept Ironmans 5 year ban"!
  13. Also.... Saw a motor cyclist cop pull over a phone user this morning in the traffic........I smiled!!!!!! Got him yes!!!! They should do a full on blitz and blatantly come out and say it is definitely a safety thing and it's definitely revenue raising at the same time. I don't think too many people would argue. I like someone's earlier post saying they should get bonuses according to the number of people caught using phones....... It would certainly make people think twice.
  14. Silly post......... That's like saying a cyclist who doesn't do the right thing like, red lights, stop signs etc should never be allowed to ride again. How many people can say they honestly have never touched there phone in there car. I suspect not many.