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  1. Like RBR said above...its easy to do if someone tells you to do it!
  2. And you have 22K posts...approximately 2% of all posts
  3. So why does Tri Australia have a background pic of the Hawaiian (World Champ) Ironman Swim Start - on the home page? They wish they were more involved in Ironman I would think.
  4. me too....sadly..... but I did love it. Great to see all the old faces in that video.... And we forget how good the big 3 were...Welchy, Bevan and Milo. Loved the St George/Tooheys Blue series on a Sunday afternoon after a hard training weekend. (relax time).
  5. How good is Bill Woods and Fewelly looking in there denim channel 10 shirts!!!! Not!
  6. I have had it done. In short - cortisone, massage and stretching did not work. It got to the point of not being able to ride more than 5 k's before it was painful. Once it was so bad I was riding back from Brooklyn and we were on the freeway. A big semi even pulled over and gave me a lift back to Wahroonga - I could ride with out serious pain. Quite a funny site....I held me bike up as high as I could and he tied it to the front of his bull bars So.... I got a release - left knee - it was a straight nick - They said I should take the 6 weeks off as follows" 2 weeks from swimming 4 weeks from riding 6 weeks from running. This was In April 1993 (diagnosed in Nov/Dec) with the Op in April. I basically gave up on Ironman that year....and had the Op. I doubled the recovery period for each of the swim/bike and run. Never had a problem for the next 10-15 years.....I still get a bit of ITB but its easily overcome by stretching....which I am slack at.
  7. That CEO loved the sport and competed. Sadly he passed away on the M7 a few years back (probably 2010) - taken out by a b-double truck.
  8. Retro for sure...... not too many 26 inch wheel bikes around these days. Side note: a friend of mine has just finished building a Thomas Hellreigal replica Centurion.
  9. The cocaine Cassie story just keeps on giving. Both Channel 7 & 9 are leeches..... and they know it! You have to asked when they start by asking the question....Are you being paid for this interview...... Its always a no.... But should be..... Not yet!!!!!, But I will be! And where did they get these two families from. And if I had to guess the two sisters are from different fathers.... And I think all of them must be Personal Trainers......just not the ones I would normally see conduction classes around Sydney.
  10. People fly into Busso? Maybe there upgrading so Ironmen can fly direct from Sydney, Melb, Brisb. Wouldn't that be cool?
  11. Sprint race with drafting for age groupers = carnage. Make sure your insurance is paid up and then take extra cover.
  12. I can't do's not owned by Ironman.
  13. But back then Nelson was just a political aspirant!
  14. Yep....he said 7000
  15. Dave.... The further apart the aid stations the faster you and I will be...... At the moment we run 2k....get to an aid station and have a walk and repeat....... Essentially everyone does this 20 times..... if it were 5km apart you would only stop for the aid stations 7 times.... More running. Well....that's the theory! Though it's a far stretched theory.