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  1. Could have been anything your food has touched in the prior 24 hours or something you have picked up. If that's never happened before then it's nothing to be concerned about.
  2. I wonder if Courney has considered signing up for "1InARow"!
  3. Tinley?
  4. I like the fact that he's doing it for himself.........Well, he's not really doing it for himself is he...... He's doing for red bull ;). And in the red bull link he says he will be running through waist deep snow to red desert dust. A bit of editorial licence here me thinks!!! But I hope it is waist deep snow in April, because that will make it a cracker of a ski season!!!!! Also, I am not familiar with any of these peaks other than MtK but will it be that hard? I mean for Australia's highest point he is starting at Charlottes Pass (1760m) - that means it's about a 10k run up to Top of Mount Kosciuszko (2228m). That's a net gain of 468m. I've done it and it ain't that hard. So I am trying to work out where he is going to get his climbing of 11672m of vertical gain from. It's not like he will be starting at sea level. Am I missing something here! Anyway - a great idea and hope it goes well. May even try it myself one day.
  5. From Much more achievable and fun too!
  6. Woohoo...I now have a pic. I can't tell if it's me or Roxii
  7. Dig your heels in on this and get in touch with ebay by phone. If you have the pics to prove the suit was in good condition (without dubious rip).....then you should be sweet.
  8. How's John going....Is he up to 1 in a row yet? #1InARow
  9. I'll take that as an admission of guilt! But don't worry - took me a few seconds to pick up on it too.
  10. That's the beauty of the Ironman!!!!!! MFD - me too! Retribution!
  11. It's called psychological warfare! Not entirely stupid!
  12. Smart man.......Not just a pretty face!!!
  13. Who is doing it? The Merglers?
  14. Everytime I go back to this thread I have to scroll down.............and I keep seeing this: "Being over 60yrs is no excuse either - I am nearly 69yrs and WILL BE RIDING UP - you have to train for the course you'll be competing on - there are far too many people entering Ironman events these days and have not trained for them " And then I keep seeing the pic of AP walking. Very funny. And in compression socks too. I only laugh because we love you AP. I walked it last year for the first time. I was coming off a fractured tibia and only did 3 long rides.... 110k, 137k and 152k along with 1 x 10km run per week. The docs told me to not run til that following Sept. I did enough to get me around the course that day.......but as AP says you have to train for it. I didn't and paid for it with my own walk of shame - I was hammered at 70K (went a bit hard too early) and hammered again at 150k...struggled through to MFD and had nothing. Fortunately I was able to recover and went 11:57.
  15. Whistler is definitely on my list but I will have ski's on!!!