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  1. Not many infringements, but the law is solid, and in the right direction. Decent penalty if you get caught. And the education campaign is probably key to improving safety. Cops aren't gonna drive around behind cyclists at 30kmh waiting for someone to drive close. we love to play the victim, but on this one I've got no complaints
  2. I might be wrong, but for distance, the match looks pretty close for the leg from Albatross to 1st turn, to the NSW Team Time Trial champs. So the big climb on the profile is a 240m climb over 17km, 1% grad. - which doesn't sound too bad. however, having done this a few times, it's not easy either. It just climbs up, albeit gradually, for that whole time, and the road has a rough surface. Looking at the climb alone, not many elites averaged above 38 kmh, and that is in a quite short 40km event with rolling TTT, so not easy. But coming back is very quick. Anyway, it's all done easily on a TT bike and in aero. And the event is draft friendly, right, ... so one could form a little TT peloton to get thru the tough bits. And The rest of the road is bumpy, but there are no major climbs
  3. I can see a course description, but no maps. Bike course being the biggest mystery. "2 loops of 90km, starting & finishing at the Naval base". So question is, is the ride the same as the Nowra to Sassafras bike course? There are certainly "2 good hills" on that course! And if true, this is a course for the strong men. TTing up for an hour and a half, then motoring back down for 45km, twice, will be fun, but dang it won't be easy. Else, I could be wrong, and only part of the course is on this road, possibly turning before the biggest climb up to Sassafras, which is, frankly, a bit nasty. either way Eno, looking forward to it
  4. Boonen, Van Avermart, Van Marke, Sagan and Gilbert all heavily involved, but luck always plays apart in those long cbbled races huh. I miss Cancellara and will miss Boonen. But these races are classics. Only the strong survive And Gilbert is a legend. 55km solo, full gas ... deserving win
  5. Excellent stuff. nice work ... Kristof's legend grows, along with Mike's
  6. Agree with all the above. Hard to turn the pedals in anger on the way home from work. Just caressed them softly and thought about that race. Not scared of cars ... but no longer driven to ride hard, motivated by those cyclists, like I was 8 hours earlier That event intrigued as all huh. Even at post ride coffee this morn I and a few others talked about how many inspirational stories there are from the last 2 weeks ... then pfffft! I arrive at work to find it's turned tragic Kristoff didn't even finish All contestants pack up and hitch and fly home No winner ... just a footnote in the cycling year
  7. Mike Tomalaris twitter ... He hasn't slept for 48 hours and @AllegaertK says he won't sleep again until after reaching Sydney Opera House tomorrow at 8am.
  8. Cold and wet in Canberra region, and yes a howling tailwind. I don't think Kristoff cares about anything anymore. He stopped in Bungerz briefly and is now pushing on ... along a desolate lonely back road into the Southern Highlands, where he will likely not see a soul all night! And I'm wondering if I can be arsed getting up in the morning for the 40 km bunch ride
  9. One minute he's struggling up Falls Ck, 1 1/2 days later he's bombed through Canberra, and via the back, mountainous route! 10 minutes at a dodgy set of shops in Canberra and he was off again. he's like the Terminator on wheels Less than 2 weeks to cross Australia, which includes the hardest, hilliest extras you could possibly include. I never would have thought it possible. meanwhile, Paul Ardill, still crossing the Nullarbor ... with Juju, in her 2nd start of this thing mowing him down, covering 420km/ day. good luck to Paul, but he must be getting sick of truck stops by now, surely
  10. Mike is goooone! 350km in the hills yesterday, a massive day on fresh legs, but possibly too much on tired legs. 12 kmh currently, but hopefully he goes on and finishes the job. stanwell Pk climb will be just a little speed hump on the way into Sydney.
  11. 4 km between those 2 lead nutcases. what happened to Kristoff on Falls Creek and Tawonga Gap! still a massive climb ahead, NSW side. If he repeats, Mike will win the day, but what a race into Sydney it'll be. incredible after all this time and distance they have put in.
  12. Some footage shows them out of the saddle just trying to keep the bike moving on the tiniest gradients. I think they've had some headwinds, well a lot according to Cycling Maven, but climbing through both the Victorian and NSW Alps is just sadistic with 4000km in the legs. Kristoff looks a light dude, and have you seen how light he packs. He's carrying almost nothing. Seb is a much bigger guy than the lead 2, but he seems to be able to just push on regardless. I'd be walking up Falls Ck and Tawonga Gap, guaranteed. And there is a massive climb on the NSW side as well
  13. Yep. Exploded big time, crashed and burnt .. 6-7 hours stopped in a tiny town. Else hopefully a GPS issue? Adam Hunter has ground to a halt as well now. i wonder if the racers that have 4-5 hours off each day might start to march thru the field. experience must count for so much in such an extreme event. I reckon maybe 10 will finish, and you'd expect Kristoff and Mike would have the experience to get them there
  14. Seb Dunne 470km , 2 1/2 hours stopped per day. How much of that is sleep ... 1hr!? unsustainable surely, especially with the rubbish they must be eating in those 1 horse towns
  15. No matter what time of day I look, when I wake up or when I go to bed, those same leading dots just keep moving. freakin nuts ... 10 hours stopped in the first 70 hours from a graph I saw. and half that stopped time would be spent eating and packing/ unpacking, so that's about 5 hours sleep!!!